Intel Core i7-8700K - First Gaming Benchmarks Leaked Online

It appears that the first third-party gaming benchmarks have been leaked online. While Intel has not lifted yet the embargo for the third-party benchmarks, Expreview has hit the ‘Publish’ button sooner than anticipated. Expreview has taked its article down, however the benchmarks have already been leaked and can be found below.

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Nybz387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

Wowee! Another mediocre step forward in CPU production from the leaders at Intel.

This is absolutely pathetic. I work for big ole' ASUS and i'm going to have to market the shit out of new motherboards and a bunch of bullshit with RGB lights attached to it, talking about some "new architecture" and more blah blah blah nonsense when in reality, someone could just go buy an old 4790k Quad Core and gain the same performance more or less.

It's actually disgusting how they can get away with this nonsense - and it's also insane how theres a pay wall to break the Quad Core barrier for people who are really interested in streaming and want to use x264 encoding but don't want to have severe FPS drops with a single PC setup (I've done both, and the audio setup done properly with an XLR mic and making sure it all works nicely with the capture card, along with rocking 2 keyboards and 2 mice on your desk which may or may not have enough room for such is very, very annoying and not to mention feels almost archaic like it shouldn't have to be this way in 2017), not to mention those people who do video editing and would benefit greatly from more than 4 cores.

We're being literally muscled into a corner and no one seems to care because I feel the vast majority don't know any better, which is unfortunate.

We should be demanding more out of Intel, especially since we're already paying so much for these overly marketed, overpriced motherboards with lights and 3d printed face plates attached to them acting as if they give you more performance in games when it does LITERALLY nothing since the 4/5 series of Intel's chipset.


tee_bag242387d ago

Way to market your products then ;$