Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Which is Better for 4K?

When the Xbox One X launches this November, the world will have two consoles that offer better-looking, more detailed games than the consoles they replace. Get ready for a lot of questions about whether the Xbox One X is better than the PS4 Pro for 4K.

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TRU3_GAM3R392d ago

Is that a question? Of course the stronger system is Better for 4K
"After all, this represents is a 2x increase in the native rendering resolution between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, from hardware with a 43 per cent increase in compute power and a 50 per cent uplift in memory bandwidth"
"but certainly based on the titles we've seen so far, the delineation between the two models looks far more clear cut - Xbox One X is the console for your 4K screen, "

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Septic391d ago

Lol I love the fact that people on here can't even stomach the obvious fact that you're absolutely right. For 4K, it's painfully obvious that the 1X is easily the better console. Your comment says nothing wrong but them disagrees 😂😂😂

jrshankill391d ago

My Commodore 64 also has some killer exclusives.

LastCenturyRob391d ago

Meh, just some bitter Pro fans with nothing better to do.

Wallstreet37391d ago


I debunked that frivilous claim the last time it popped up. Just because xbox x is ahead on top best seller list doesnt mean it has sold better. That is a fallacy and not true so stop trying so hard. Amazons top seller list doesnt mirror quantative overall sales through the year, quick google will tell you that. It "means the product has "recently"sold more" lol so of course a console that is just released shoots ahead smfh. Some of you guys are just so thirsty with your fanboy bs.

ImGumbyDammit391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Yet there is a 2017 total sales for the year list as well at Amazon. There are more than one sales metric you can look at Amazon beyond the hour sales numbers list you seem to be fixated on. The X has been climbing that total sales of 2017 list. And this is even considering the limited pre-order numbers made available to Amazon The X has made good dent so far in sales in total video-games for the 2017. Even if you believe that the X has very small numbers for preorders (taking a page from the Nintendo playbook to force an easy sellout) the data still shows it ahead of items we know that were released this year and sold quite well (e.g. games). In fact the total numbers for 2017 pre-orders for just the Scorpio edition (in just several hours) easily outsold the total number of Pros sold for the past 268 days using the total 2017 sales data you are ignoring.

As someone recently told me, "knowledge is power"

rainslacker391d ago (Edited 391d ago )


If that were the case, wouldn't X1X move down the chart over the weeks it's been unavailable, while other things moved up?

Part of the 2017 best sellers is figured by how quickly an amount of an item sold. Hence why some games shoot to the top early on, but they don't outsell other games on the same list.

KionicWarlord222392d ago

DA X is a sledgehammer next to a toothbrush in this comparison.

Goldby392d ago

thats not a very good comparison, as someone using a sledge hammer to brush their teeth arent very smart, and just like someone using a tooth brush to break concrete isnt very smart.

KionicWarlord222392d ago

How About Da X being Negan`s Lucille Bat to PS4 Pro Glenn?

Good enough for ya?

DarXyde391d ago

The funny part of this comparison is that everyone loves Glenn for many reasons and the only reason that anyone cares about Negan's bat is because it overpowers Glenn. Ironically, I'd say most hate Negan and/or his bat.

...Well, far be it from me to dispute your well - constructed metaphor.

OffRoadKing392d ago

Just like Sony's game selection and real exclusives is a megaton bomb next to a Microsoft's pathetic fire cracker.

DarXyde391d ago

Oh, brother....

These guys. These silly console upgrade junkies that spent or are spending close to $1,000 (or, in fact, $1,000) between consoles, only to play the exact same games they could 50% of the cost ago.

Double dipping isn't really worth being proud of. It means they dropped the ball and you're paying for what was, apparently, a screwup on their end. Pretty sure that makes you a sucker.

But at least you're happy. Right on, dude.

Kribwalker391d ago

so what about those that bought a pro? are they suckers? or those that buy a new model of a cell phone? are they also suckers?

DarXyde391d ago


What do you mean, "what about those that bought a pro?" I thought I was pretty clear in talking about both Pro and Xbox One X. A few things I said to make it clear what I meant:
"Console upgrade junkies " is a very general term that does not target XboxOne X, but does include it.

"Spent close to or spending $1,000" refers to both people who double dipped on PS4 since that puts you over $500, which rounds up to $1,000 or launch Xbox Ones which is actually $1,000.

You clearly misinterpreted what I said. I don't criticize anyone upgrading from one generation to the next and I blame myself there for not specifying. I'm talking about iterative hardware. It does higher resolutions and more stable frame rates, but you're not getting any exclusive software (unless, of course, we were lied to). Cell phones are not the same. Some apps simply do not support older hardware (aka, exclusive software, which the Xbox One X and Pro do not have). Updates often hit the performance of cell phones because of variance across devices, but console updates are tailored. An update for PS4 is not going to harm PS3 because they aren't the same and use different operating systems. Even when the operating systems are the same, an update for Pro is just that; PS4's updates are just that. You're jumping to interesting conclusions regarding my statement. While we're assuming, I guess it's safe to say you felt triggered by my comment. I encourage you to read what I wrote again and see that my wording was phrased globally; you attached precision. Additionally, I don't think your cell phone argument holds any weight.

Axecution391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

gotta disagree here

I had a PS4 and upgraded to the Pro. (I bought it with 50% points from a store - Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada haha. Years of collecting points) and got 10% off for being a student. Obviously that doesn't apply to everybody else, but one thing does- I sold my old PS4 for $200, knocking the Pro price down to $299. Take off another $50 for student discounts.

To me it was totally worth it. Playing games in 4K and watching Netflix in 4K is fantastic. Obviously dropping $500 on a new console that you already have in 1080p is silly, but you CAN sell your old one and if you benefit from the upgrade it's totally worth it and you're not a sucker for double dipping.

Actually i did the same thing with the XB1 to the XB1S. Sold to my friend for $200 and bought the S for 4K support and especially the blu-ray support.
It's not a big deal. People with 4K TVs are going to want it. To say the companies "dropped the ball" by not providing 4k support yeaaaaars ago is super dumb. Even in 2017 it would make no sense to force everybody to pay extra for a 4k machine when most people dont need it

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Apocalypse Shadow392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

So, reading the article, it comes down to the console and games you support as both do 4K one way or another. Just one does more of it after releasing 12 months later after being announced almost 18 months ago and should be able to do more with that extra development time. Ooh wee! Captain obvious.

Funny thing is that Sony never claimed PS4 Pro was a full 4K machine. Only that it *supported* 4K televisions for those that have one. Nothing more. Same as when Sony announced PS3 as *supporting* 1080P/60FPS but some gamers jumped to conclusions and spread FUD that Sony claimed ALL games would be 1080P/60FPS. Could someone point me to a link where a Sony executive said all games will be 4K?

Microsoft first claimed no compromises and *true 4K*. Later having to backtrack from those statements clearly in the video.

"The highest res. "The best frame rate." "No compromises."

That's what she said. But the company later backtracking as they always do and said it's up to developers. When gamers with common sense KNEW that it's up to developers to support that. And even then, there's ALWAYS....** compromises**. Not one developer can get away with not compromising something.

And as a side note, Microsoft claimed "high fidelity VR." And well, looks like they backtracked on that too. Captain Obvious again.(with all the work he does, he should be promoted to Major Obvious) My guess is they'll offer low end VR on Xbox one s with limited games and experiences. While have better looking VR on Xbox one x that plays all the VR games similar to PC MR of low end and ultra PC high end. Which would be another compromise from a previous statement.

343_Guilty_Spark391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

They haven’t backtracked from no compromises and true 4k because for the majority of games it does deliver the promise of native 4k.

yeahright2391d ago

no compromises... how many of those are running at 30 fps? that sounds like they compromised the framerate to get to 4K.
true 4K, how many new titles coming out aren't native 4k? Assassin's creed, anthem, etc. Almost all the major titles releasing are checkerboard, upscale, or dynamic...
When confronted on any of this, they backtrack to "up to the devs."
You like xbox? great, then don't let them do this to your favored platform. don't defend them at every turn, demand better. Honestly, take a look at your community, I've seen xbox fanboys on here defend microtransactions, games as a service taking over, saying it's fine to not have exclusives because multiplats sell more... MS actively destroying one of their favorite hobbies and their fanboys do worse than nothing, they cheer them on.

rainslacker391d ago

I think you need to learn the definition of majority.

While "dynamic 4K"(as sony calls it) is indeed a native 4K format, despite the numerous xbox fans who claimed it wasn't before all these reports came out that most games being shown were using sparse rendering(aka checkerboarding), that wasn't what MS was implying when they said "true 4K", and I can't see how they could so easily lie about "uncompromised 4K" when sparse rendering in almost every game coming is already reported.

So, I'm sorry, while the X1X is capable of native 4K, it's capable in the same way that the PS4P is. It will be in some games, but no all, and probably nowhere near the majority if what we're seeing now is going to be the ongoing trend....which is likely as games only get more complex in the graphics department as the gen goes on.

ShottyatLaw391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Please don't defend the shadiness of the pro's advertising. Go fire up the PS4 Pro announcement and play a drinking game. Take a shot everytime they say 4k and see if you're standing 20 minutes into it.

If you want to bitch about back tracking, let's also talk about statements like "Dynamic 4k gaming and 4k entertainment*" that Sony plastered on their ads. They literally put the damn asterick on there.

Yeah, those of us with common sense know full well that such a statement means checkerboarding and scalable resolutions for games plus 4k streaming for movies and TV. Do you not think lesser informed people might think that means 4k gaming and 4k bluray? Full stop?

The uncompromised and true 4k is more of the same bullshit. If you're against one, be against them all.

Apocalypse Shadow391d ago

Sony didn't make promises of no compromises with "true 4K."They didn't promise "high fidelity VR."

Sony put out Pro and stated exactly what it would do. Just like they didn't over promise on VR. They stated exactly what you get and it's limits.

The difference between one company that misleads, lies and manipulates its base to get what they want. And another that gives you exactly what is capable.

That difference has resulted in one selling as fast as a freight train. And the other hiding their tail between their legs and hoping that 4K somehow changes game development when the platform with the most sold controls where development leads. Cry me a river dude.

rainslacker391d ago

People were going on for a year about how the X1X would deliver "true 4k"(as in native) due to MS making it's claims. At no time did MS clear it up that it most of the time it wouldn't achieve that. Even when sparse rendering cropped up, they kept on going about "uncompromised 4K". They were more than happy to allow the narrative to continue on the way it was, and actively made it seem that it would deliver most of the time.

MS didn't start to back track until they had to show the games, and developers started talking about what their games would be bringing. Now, the people who kept on going on about it being native 4K most of the time still act like it will do that, and even act like MS wasn't misleading in their own marketing.

While Sony did say "dynamic 4K" and plastered 4K in a lot of places, the definition of "dynamic 4K", and what it would entail(checkerboarding) accompanied the press release which coined the term in the first place. Sony followed up in several interviews, and were always upfront that native 4K as most people meant it wasn't going to be a regular occurrence. At best, they said it was capable, which it is, but never made it out like most games would achieve that.

What is this constant need for people to change the course of events to try and make a valid argument? Assume Sony did do what you said, does that make it OK for MS to mislead the public? Does it make you feel good about MS that they may do the same misleading marketing as their competitor? Seems you should be upset that MS mislead, and not so worried about the hypocrites that may exist in an online forum.

ShottyatLaw391d ago


No, Sony didn't make the same claims, but they still mislead and took advantage of the "4k" buzz through asterick-filled advertising only to fall back on "well, technically, what we said and wrote in the fine print is true."

Your post excuses that practice by saying Sony "supports" 4k TVs. No, they said, and worse, they allowed the perception of something greater to be conveyed to consumers for a year now. Hell, my Switch is plugged into a 4k TV. Would you support Nintendo talking about its 4k capabilities?

If you defend your advertising through technicalities, it's misleading.


I stated that the "true 4k" talk is bullshit. Most informed people know that the X1x won't be native 4k on everything, but I couldn't tell you what "true 4k" even means. Most also recognize its marketing BS aimed at the Pro. I won't defend that garbage, and I won't defend the BS thrown out by Sony. Thats my expectation for others, too.

Don't forgive the poor practices of Shadow's clear system of choice while complaining about the same advertising BS of the competitor.

As far as backtracking, I think your timeline is off. They backed off of those claims before a single game was shown. Backtracking all the same, but they did it before they got called on it. That may be worse.

But Pro is basically 8tf, right Cerny? My point being, we get fed a lot of half truths and marketing BS from all companies.

Hypocrites who forgive bad practices should be called out. I didn't argue against his critique of the MS practices despite being offtopic. I take issue with something you actually touched on: Does it make you feel good to complain about one company doing wrong because it seems worse than the bad things another company is doing?