No retroactive Trophies for Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Speaking to during a recent presentation of the game, associate producer Brian Morrison said that the publisher has "no plans" to introduce PS3 Trophies after the game's release, unlike some publishers who have added Trophy support retroactively to their games.

Morrison also confirmed that there won't be any downloadable content or a demo made available for the game.

He said: "There are no Trophies in the PS3 because during our development cycle the SDK for the Trophies came in late from Sony and we didn't want to chuck them in at the last minute without a lot of thought going into them. So the team was more confident just focusing on the Achievement side for the 360 which we planned for all along."

He added: "I think going forward Trophies will be a big part of the future of a lot of games Activision is delivering on now that we're in development further."

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Sony Rep3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Hope this game turns out good. I loved Spiderman 2. If they nail the web swinging, then this game will be great.

Off topic: Spiderman 4 coming soon. Sony + Marvel

TheDuke773755d ago

I cant believe how badly the PS3 is getting the shaft this generation. No one is showing them any love. I think I bet on the wrong horse.

devilhunterx3755d ago

uh yea. they can easily add trophies into the game. Sorry mate, you just lost a customer.