Xbox One X Killer Instinct delivers the first 4K console fighting game

Head to head with PC and base Xbox One.

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KionicWarlord222548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

4K fighter added to Xbox One X belt on console.

It stays locked 60

It's a damn 4K festival out here

Bring in DA X!

"Is it the best looking fighter on console then? Certainly by the numbers, it hands in the cleanest image quality possible for an ultra HD display - it's unmatched. And given the wide use of 1440p for fighters on PS4 Pro, it'll be fascinating to see what Injustice 2 runs at on Microsoft's machine, not to mention Tekken 7, which tops out at 1080p on Sony's supercharged console" - Digital Foundry

Dat low key shade at the end.

Kingthrash360548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

Lol a launch game running at a almost locked 60fps (drops to 50 fps when special moves happen....where a similar 6tf card has no drops and more effects) at 4k is great....but not too impressive. Tekken looks way does injustice. I mean you brag about this old ass free to play launch game like people supposed to be impressed. Yes it runs games at a higher res...but it's supposed to seeing it's more powerful and more expensive.
Enjoy KI bro...its a great upgrade, but until I see new games coming I'm unimpressed. It's been 2 full years of no new AAA ips announced, I don't see any lure to pay 500 bucks for the same old games.

KionicWarlord222548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

Digital Foundry explained the drops were during special moves and not during any other part of the fighting that has player input and remained a locked 60 FPS. During the video during combos the game stayed 60 FPS. Even specified it would probably be improved later.

Its unimpressive according to you but the ps4 pro cant run any fighter game as Digital Foundry noted in 4K.

Thats a bit too crazy for my blood.

Kingthrash360547d ago

I was just correcting your said
"Stays locked at 60fps" when it doesn't
Sony never said all games will run in did however and hasn't delivered. Sure they retracted their comment but clearly they compromised the game.
Fact of the matter is tekken and injustice are more demanding is a launch game. The only thing you wanna do is brag about the obvious. It's unimpressive to have the "most powerful console ever created" have the least attractive and looking games. KI at 4k don't look as well as tekken at 1080p . Resolution is only the sharpness of graphics not the actual graphical look of the game.
Sea of thieves and crackdown look very last gen...but will likly be at 4k. While games like death stranding spiderman god of war and days gone will not be 4k but blow sot and CD out of the water ... easily. Hell name me a game the looks better than horizon....smh power means nothing when you have no talent.

KionicWarlord222547d ago

There`s no arguing here Digital Foundry already said Killer Instinct is the best looking fight game.

Unless were arguing over autistic screeches. There the ones who saw the game running on Xbox One X in 4K.

aconnellan547d ago

Digital Foundry, whose careers revolve around this type of analysis and content:

"Killer Instinct will be the first console fighter to ever run at a native 4K. With that, Microsoft can well and truly put any criticism of image quality in Killer Instinct to rest - the game looks amazing. Compared to the 900p image on a standard Xbox One, the vault in quality is highly impressive"

Kingthrash on N4G:

"Not that impressive"

I think I know whose word I'll be taking over the other

Kiwi66547d ago

Why does it bother you whenever a game is said to be 4k/60fps for Xbox X as all you and others do is find something to complain about

Kingthrash360547d ago

Look I'm sorry but resolution is only part of what makes a game look best. A small part at that. It's just sharpness. If that were the case then minecraft looks better than horizon because it's 4k.
Yes I'm not impressed, with old games getting upgraded..I mean it's a givin for a launch game. I want to see new AAA ips. Hell they don't even need to be 4k...just impress me with something new and great looking. Man its been 3 years of yall drooling over old games. It's far past due for new games. This is just another distraction from what's really needed from xbox. Smdh...down vote the truth all you like. It just shows who's about gaming and who's about the blinding console war poison.
Wake up.

Kingthrash360547d ago

@ kiwi...
No I just like the truth.
It's not locked 60fps and there isn't a 4k festival anywhere accept pc.
Just tired of MS lies and it's fans lying. It's only hurting gaming.

Black0ut547d ago


Really dude? Can you seriously get a grip for one day atleast? Just be happy for others getting this and the new console for once and cut out the downplaying. its really not that hard once you put all that hatred behind yourself...

dcbronco547d ago

"Look I'm sorry but resolution is only part of what makes a game look best. A small part at that. It's just sharpness."


People formerly considered legally blind rejoice. Lack of sharpness doesn't mean your vision is worse than anyone else's. What you see is very, very pretty.

The king of the north! The king of the north!

bumbleforce547d ago

He even said its the best image quality of any fighter on a console. pretty impressive considering the game is so good to

hamburgerhill547d ago

MS needs to show some exclusives soon. It would appear Xbox one X is going to make ps4 pro look like a joke performance wise. If they start bringing the games back then it's game over from a visual standpoint.

546d ago
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ProjectVulcan548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

It doesn't stay entirely locked. It drops the odd frame. It also has crushed blacks which was a problem with the Xbox version for a long time but not the PC version for some reason.

Much like the Forza 7 demo Xbox One X is almost on the performance level of a mid range PC here.

Not far off the performance of a mid range RX580 graphics card and dual core test machine which didn't drop any frames at all. It's not too bad a result.

KionicWarlord222548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

Stop cherry picking as Digital Foundry says

"Take the frame-rate for example. Xbox One X's performance at 4K is absolutely bang on 60fps 99 per cent of the time, with v-sync engaged as well. It's not a completely solid read-out though as there are drops when those heavy alpha effects kick in for special moves. As an average though, 60fps is largely what you're looking at. And to cherry pick some worst-case moments during those intensive special moves, you do momentary get drops to 50-60fps." - Digital Foundry

It matches the PC version in quality and framerate and runs at 4K.

Seems Da X is on a roll.

ProjectVulcan548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

Cherry picking? You said it was locked, I read the article, and that isn't what was said. It is said that the game drops frames. Dropped frames does not = locked.

Please don't argue with this fact it makes you seem desperately dishonest.

X1X version then falls ever so slightly short of what is accomplished on a mid range PC, but it's fairly close.

If they fixed the crushed blacks and sorted out the small frame rate hitches it would then be as good as the PC version on a mid range machine.

KionicWarlord222548d ago

The game does not drop any frames during player inputs i did clarify in the second comment i made if you noticed.

It does seem a bit cherry picking as Digital Foundry stated is something that will be fixed close to release here.

We watched in the video two characters fighting back and forth trading combos no frame loss at the 3:54 mark specifically.

ProjectVulcan548d ago

Yes I noticed that you edited your post. The game isn't locked then. It is either locked to 60FPS or it drops frames and it isn't. There is no in between So it isn't locked then, thanks for agreeing with me and we have now clarified that.

It's not cherry picking it's called 'THE FACTS'.

Oh and the HUD is low resolution on the X1X version as well, I didn't mention that. So if they can fix the crushed blacks, the slight frame drops and sort out the low resolution HUD it'll be a match for the PC version on a mid range PC. We cleared that up now.

Tko1111547d ago

What mid range pc you know does 4K locked 60. Please my high end pc struggles sometimes due to developers not be able to code specifications of by pc. I usually get 50 -55 FPS on a high end pc. Yes it does depend on the game. Check any card benchmarks for 4k

ProjectVulcan546d ago (Edited 546d ago )

'What mid range pc you know does 4K locked 60?' Seriously?

Do people not even read? The test PC machine was a dual core i3 processor and a radeon RX580 graphics card.

That's a pretty low end processor with a mid range video card. It ran this game locked out 60FPS and 4K resolution.

There is nothing top end about that PC at all.

Please read. I know the downvotes were because the fanboys are crazy about making out this console is as fast as a high end PC. So far Killer Instinct and the Forza 7 demo prove this is simply not the case and a midrange PC with old hardware had no trouble matching the console.

Get over it already and stop acting like children downvoting facts

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corroios547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

Why go after the ps4? Ki can run at 8k. Really after 4 years still dont understand. Not the same league. One got worldwide appeal and another sells well in two countries.

The pro is a 399 2016 console the x is 499+ 2017 console. There isnt any comparison. Of course it will run at higher rez and effects.

hit17388547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

Still guilty gear rev 2 is the best looking fighter ever. No way ki beats guilty gear in terms of style, gameplay, n graphics.

547d ago
OffRoadKing546d ago

You know at some point it starts to come off as you trying to convince yourself and not the rest of us. Just another day another hot air comment from KonicSlumlord, the biggest M$ A-kisser of them all. You should give it a rest you're starting to believe your own hype.

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gangsta_red548d ago

The game was already gorgeous before, even at 900p. Loved the particle effects and the backgrounds.

I can only imagine how it's going to look in 4k.

Black0ut547d ago

Indeed 😂

Seriously cannot wait to try this come the November launch.


B1uBurneR547d ago

But but but it's only a fighting game with not much going on in the back ground. Shut up and sit down 1440p dwellers.

Good to know I'll be getting a bang... bang.. bang.. bang, bang' for my buck.

Rude-ro547d ago

And to think... it only took you 4 years and 3 consoles to get to 1080p + gaming.
Welcome to this gen

B1uBurneR547d ago

@rude-ho Still it doesn't change my original comment.

To option to get a more powerful console was always there. Your option to get the most powerful console midgen is also up to you after Nov.7. Join the most 4K having community on consoles.

Rude-ro547d ago

Nah... I have no interest in seeing Xbox one games with a patch... they didn't sell a console then, and it will not do it now.

ForeverTheGoat547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

“I have no intrest in seeing Xbox one games with a patch”. But you’re here though LOL.

Rude-ro547d ago

Yup. I have spent money on Microsoft products, this and open forum, and sharing my opinion just like anyone else does and can...
Do you have an issue with that?
I mean, if it is ok to be trolled by corporations with false promises of things like cloud gaming, Kinects abilities, games, graphics do matter, do not matter, and matters again, true 4k experience but announces dynamic resolutions at e3 etc etc etc...
I think I can voice my opinion.

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