For DOOM, 30 FPS and 720p is Just Fine

The biggest third party announcement for the Nintendo Switch back at its reveal event in January was that EA was working on a FIFA game. That was it. After virtually no third party support on Wii U, and a generation of cash-in games from third parties on Wii, I had made peace with the assumption that third party support for the Switch would be like the Wii at best and like the Wii U at work. Everyone was surprised when Bethesda announced DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the Switch; past Nintendo systems had rarely, if ever, received support from a third party like Bethesda in the way of mature first-person shooters. There is a catch, however, and it has some folks up in arms despite it being totally inconsequential.

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PhoenixUp416d ago

"There isn’t a single first person shooter available on Switch. The closest thing is Splatoon 2"

A third person shooter is the closest thing to a first person shooter the console has!

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michellelynn0976414d ago

I am getting it, to me, a consistent frame rate is more important than going for 60 fps, and Destiny 2 runs at 30 fps and looks very good.

Sm00thNinja413d ago

It runs consistently at 60fps on competing consoles. You can argue the Doom on the Go bit, but this news is a little disappointing no matter how you spin it. I mean the Switch can't handle 1080p or even 900p, 30 FPS docked???

michellelynn0976413d ago

I saw the video and the fram rate was very good. I did not notice or care, I don't on PS4 or X-Box one. To me, it is the game, the specs mean nothing.

Sm00thNinja413d ago

I mean if you don't own either console why am I wasting my time then. DOOM in 60 vs 30 FPS is game changing. I can't imagine playing this at 30 FPS. You are right though. Certain. Games like Destiny 2 run and look just fine at 30 FPS. But DOOM is a twitch shooter I feel like they'd have to lower the number of enemies on screen as well as other aspects they haven't gone into. Plenty of great titles to buy on Switch obviously, but this doesn't seem worth the price of admission

cleft5413d ago

The point of the Switch version is playing Doom on the go. You know, a huge feature that the other versions can't do. Obviously, if you just want to straight up play Doom on your big screen tv you arent buying the Switch version. I find it funny that people are even implying that you would simply buy the Switch version for docked mode.

Sm00thNinja413d ago

I believe I stated DOOM on the Go I could see being great but at 30 FPS. Ugh you're telling me Bethesda couldn't pump out 720p 60??? I don't think anyone is grabbing their pitchforks but it's disappointing to say the least. At 30fps you could easily make the case DOOM is a different game entirely. Certain games come to mind that wouldn't be effected by FPS. THE last of Us worked in 30, and 60. GTA, etc. But DOOM is a twitch shooter. Release an UNREAL TOURNAMENT game in 30 fps and watch the uproar.

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EddieNX 414d ago

Yeah handheld and mobiles were easily running cutting edge games that released in 2016 in 2010 we all remember that!!!!


spicelicka413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

The Nvidia Shield tablet can run games better than the Nintendo Switch. It came out almost 4 years ago and costs only $200.

Switch is a good handheld console, but you can't just ignore the price when making that point. At $400 it's not justifiable.

Prince_TFK413d ago (Edited 413d ago )


The Shield uses K1 processor, and the Switch uses X1 processor, so that make the Shield better than the Switch right? Lol.

You know which other device use the X1 processor? The Google Pixel C tablet. Do you know how much it cost? $500 for the base 32GB model.

spicelicka413d ago

Perhaps. But it also came out 4 years ago and is half the price. If it can run For Honor it's a damn powerful tablet.

Prince_TFK413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Look again. In the video you had posted the Shield ran For Honor via streaming, Not natively. There is nothing powerful about that, even my iPhone 5 can do that.

I used to own the Shield tablet and it struggled to play games like Bully with stable frame rate. So there is no way it can run games like BOTW, or in this case, For Honor.

spicelicka413d ago


Hmm you are correct about that part, so i take back what I said. It may not be as powerful, but at this point all the games I've seen on the Switch look only marginally better than last gen consoles. For me personally that's not worth $400, but maybe if I played one for a decent period of time I'd reconsider.

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Perjoss414d ago

Most of the highest rated games of all time are 30fps

dantesparda414d ago

Its not about that, its about a game that runs at 60fps everywhere else only running at a unstable 30fps at only 720p with the lowest possible settings on the Switch and then wanting $60 for it while the game can be had for far less everywhere else. But keep on deflecting.

KwietStorm413d ago

That's probably because a game designed to run at 30 frames isn't deducted points for not being 60 frames. Be serious.

TheOptimist413d ago

Edit that statement- Most highest rated games of all time on consoles are 30 fps

spicelicka412d ago

Do you mean to say they are highest rated BECAUSE they are 30 fps?? Surely they would be even better if they were 60 fps.

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scarface0121413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

I'll take goldeneye over doom any day and that's nowhere near 720p.
These fake gamers havin orgasms over pretty pictures. Lol seems like the entire gaming community have turned feminine. My graphics is prettier than yours lol

Michiel1989413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

would you take goldeneye that runs at half the framerate with lower resultion and lower quality textures over goldeneye?

You don't get the point. This isn't about the game looks better on switch, it's a game that changes drastically 30 fps compared to 60 fps and they ask full price for it while every other superior version costs 20.

ErogeMaster413d ago

Old man times have changed you either get with it or get in the back of the line.

scarface0121413d ago

@ Michiel1989 half the resolution and frame rate of goldeneye compared to doom is a ridiculous comparison.
Doom looks fine, it's just the spoilt gaming community making out to be a big issue just because it's nintendo.

@ErogeMaster it's not my fault that I'm not gay. What have you got against straight people? I can never "get with it" and what line are you taking about? Lol

Benjaminkno413d ago

Wait until the game comes out and play it first.
Then get on n4g and gripe if you have to.
It's like these pansies have nothing to play, so they get on n4g and whine about whatever is happening with Nintendo

SR388413d ago

That's n4g for you, specheads ...

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Jinger414d ago

"For DOOM, 30 FPS and 720p is Just Fine"

Riiiiiight... I can't imagine going down to 30fps for DOOM.

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