Amazon discounts PS4 version of Batman: Arkham Knight and Lego Batman 3 to below $10

Amazon has discounted a pair of Batman digital games for the PlayStation 4 with Batman: Arkham Knight and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham dropping to $9.99 each. The season passes for both are also on sale.

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XXXL1459d ago

Wouldn't pay $10 for arkham knight. Game was awful. Terrible batmobile forced segments and a story that was no where near on par with the first 2 games by rocksteady.

1459d ago
Minimox161459d ago

Below 10$!!! ...9.99.....! -_-

phoenixwing1459d ago

Dang. I would have bought it off of amazon had i seen the deal. Instead I bough it off of psn. My loss i guess, usually like physical. I'll have to remember to wait for amazon to price match next time