The Evil Within Director Wants To Port Sequel To Nintendo Switch

Shinji Mikami says he would like to see a Nintendo Switch version of The Evil Within 2.

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Neonridr2081d ago

Wow imagine that.. another dev who wants to support the Switch. Make it happen Mikami.

PurpHerbison2081d ago

Yeah, imagine them wanting to make money. Woah right?

whothedog2081d ago

Well of course money but I imagine that is said because of what happened with Wii and Wii U, wasn't much third party support, this is showing change and not some stupid big heads mode of a game. It's a good sign that third party seems to be on board and I hope it stays that way.

roadkillers2080d ago

Imagine having sand in your vagina.

EddieNX 2081d ago

Yes please. This is what we want :D

wonderfulmonkeyman2081d ago

I'd be down for that. RE Rev Collection looks like it's going to sell well, based on reactions to it, so that might act as a gateway for more horror games like this to come on over.

MeteorPanda2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

horror on a handheld never really works does it? small screen, a sense of detachment. try playing on the train, immersion is a key factor and hand helds can't deliver that as good as a console/pc

scarface01212081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Wow you seem very uninformed about what the switch is. Are you still living in caveman times or something. Switch can be played as a console on TV or as portable, it's a hybrid, it can do both. I thought everyone knew this by now lol.

TheColbertinator2081d ago

People only read headlines these days to learn anything.

MeteorPanda2081d ago

then...get it on a more powerful console at a cheaper price then? why pay more for less?

l'm not even attacking the switch here holy shit calm down

Prince_TFK2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Why pay more for less? can be portable? It can be docked? How can it be any less than a PS4 or an Xbox One, when both can only be played if connected to TV?

Is it your fault or Nintendo’s fault when you want to immerse yourself in a horror game but you play it in the train or other crowded area?

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TFJWM2081d ago

Going into bed and covering your self with your blanket with good headphones would seem more immersive than playing it on a tv or computer monitor.

MeteorPanda2081d ago

being in bed with headphones is the best way to play XD l do that with the ps4 or pc when the game has a controller setting.

whothedog2081d ago

VR would be the most immersive :D

Prince_TFK2081d ago

Yeah its not like you can attach or dock the Switch to a 60 inch TV and play it from there.

MeteorPanda2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

@Kun_ADR you are ignoring all the points l made regarding my opinion. I found handheld and horrors to not go that well, so why would l be interested in the portable side of the switch for this? The games already out and you bet when it hits switch it's gonna have a higher price tag (in aus they're 90 dollars. other consol games go for 70-80 on release) oh and at shittier why would l buy this for the strictly docked version?

And lol. l made a strong point about portability and horrors. you cant really travel with it. You think l'm gonna buy a portable handheld hybrid and just leave it docked or use it in my house?

Enjoy the popularity of the thread cause you fanboys want to attack someone having an opinion in a comment section rather than discuss

Prince_TFK2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )


While I understand your point, your case against the portable nature of the Switch doesn't stand at all. You want immersion, you want scare, but you said it yourself that you gonna play it on the train. Is that Nintendo's fault? The term here is "portable," which mean you can choose to play it anywhere for "immersion". If you choose to play it on the train and losing the immersion, then its your own fault for doing that.

Like others had said it, if you want scare in portable mode, try playing on the bed with the light dimmed or off, or playing it somewhere quiet with a headphone. That is the easiest solution.

MeteorPanda2080d ago

Which lead to my second point of.. if it already exists cheaper and on a more powerful hardware how many are they expecting to sell? You're not seeing the tiny ass niche l'm seeing here?

Erik73572080d ago (Edited 2080d ago ) can play it docked at home in a dark room and when you wanna play it on the go you can.

That's what sells the has a game thats everything the ps4/xbox one version is but you can take it on the go and its the only device that can do that.

Bronxs152080d ago

There is a sense detachment in the portible screen. And playing on tv with dock would be no better. It would run in 540p.

Also if the game is big you may need to purchase a sd card for it.

Switch is foolishness as a home console. It's a stellar portable tho

G3ng4r2080d ago

The train = the only place to play switch. Which is unfortunate because yeah, it's a train and not the most immersive environment for gaming. Bumpy and loud and drunk people rolling around. Lol, at least the only place I can play ps4 is right in my living room with my enormous tv with a controller and almost the best gaming graphics period until xb1x comes out. Switch doesn't have big enough speakers for the train.

MeteorPanda2080d ago

and no bluetooth... mean while vita >.>

as someone who travels 3 hours a day for work via train...the switch is kinda not getting my attention. l thought it would but it's trying to be a jack of all trades yet master of none.

G3ng4r2080d ago

Train seats = sore butt = immersion broken. As someone who rides the train seven hours a day to buy ps4 exclusives I'm not interested.

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SR3882080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

So fuckin do it! Lol don't think, act! I'd buy it defo! ... Even if it is a bit less graphicly impressive and runs at 30 FPS... Who cares? I want to play the game!... If it's the same game but it runs 30 on Switch instead of 60 does that make it awful and unplayable? No it dont. People need to get out of spec crap and just enjoy games, like in the old days.

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