The Sixth Axis Pressured to remove 3/10 score from NBA 2K18 Review By 2K

2K games are really off to a bad start with their NBA 2K game. Everyone agreed that their microtransactions system is a complete ripoff, now, according to Neogaf, they pressured The Six Axis website to remove the review where they gave 2K18 a 3/10.

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porkChop756d ago

And they gave in. That's the opposite of what journalists are trained to do. You don't bow down and give in to bullies, neither do you essentially censor your own work. The reason publishers get away with this is because so many journalists allow them to, so they know this tactic will work.

roadkillers755d ago

Bullies? Publishers give good reviews and in exchange the sites get information on upcoming releases along with review builds of their games. They can easily blacklist a company from receiving their games early. 3/10 is outrageous in today's age when everyone looks at reviews before purchasing.

EatCrow755d ago

Its a problem with the review system.

/10 scale is just simply outdated.
It should be /5

3/10 4/10 5/10 6/10 2/10 and 1/10 all say the same thing.
Bad game. Avoid it.

yomfweeee755d ago

@EatCrow, that doesn't exactly make sense. if 2/10 - 6/10 all say the same thing. On a 5 point system that would basically mean 1/5 - 3/5 all say the same thing.... what's the difference?

vallencer755d ago


Its a psychological thing. A 3/5 looks better then a 6/10 because it has a smaller numbers gap. Plus a lot of people are just bad at fractions.

wonderfulmonkeyman755d ago

Shhhh, you're not allowed to question the status quo of a bad review system here on N4G.
People have been using it so long that they'll downvote-nuke you for even suggesting it's flawed.

yeahright2755d ago

@yomfweeee, I'm with eatcrow. It does make sense primarily because of how we're graded in schools. you don't get a 50% on a test and consider it average, but if you see a 3/5 star review you think "ok". Of all the outlets and youtubers out there I think I've only come across angry who sticks by the 5.0 = average. the rest see it as bad. Some of the worst scales are at places like IGN where they have a 100 point scale. That's just too much. what's the difference between an 8.6 and an 8.7? A twenty point scale is better but has the same problems as a 10 point that eatcrow mentioned. a 2/10 and a 4.5/10 both mean it's a bad game, no real difference. But a 1/5 and 2/5? That tells me one is a bad game and one is one of the worst games ever made. similarly, 3 would mean it's ok, 4 that it's good and 5 a must buy if you like then genre.

SegaGamer755d ago

@Roadkillers. Give good reviews in exchange for goods......why bother reviewing a game at all then ? If you can't be honest then there really is no point in a review. Also, not EVERYBODY looks at reviews before purchasing a game, i don't need somebody else to tell me what is good and what isn't.

Bleucrunch755d ago

You sound like you would bow down to them as well. A review is an opinion, you are advocating for these reviews to just regurgitate what the publisher wants (lie) because they will get upset?? Yous a punk!!!

roadkillers755d ago

If dont care about reviews then why the hell does this bother you? It shouldn't because you dont care, but you are here posting your problem with it.

Kleptic755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

^just guessing, but probably because a content creator pressuring critics is kind of a big deal, even if you don't care about the review or game.

Many of us haven't read reviews in years...many still do. If you can't see the conflict of interest within a publisher making a public media outlet a puppet...then that is very sad. That influences the industry; makes more shat games become acceptable, and removes any degree of integrity between the parties involved.

I'm tired of comic book movies. I don't read reviews about them, and I don't go to see them in theaters (if ever, actually)...but when all the bs exploded last year about warner brothers pressuring critics because of Suicide Squad getting raked through the coals...It got my attention. I didn't care about the movie, didn't care if it failed...but if it was bad (which was obvious to me without needing a review), I most definitely didn't want the distributor walking around getting critics to pull the critique...isn't that like the most ethically obvious thing in all of entertainment? This is all very different than 'news media', owned by conglomerates that skew information while also money hatting political figures. No game site is blasting other games and turning around giving a publisher money with 'vote for this change in Halo's multiplayer'...there is NO reason for any subjective relationship between a game publisher and a media site. ever.

755d ago
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yeahright2754d ago

@ceo 1.5 is still a 10 point scale, he's saying it should be a 5 point scale. so either a 1 out of five or a 2. So maybe lighten up on calling him too lazy to do math before you can accomplish that little task yourself.

roadkillers754d ago

Yup that's exactly what I'm saying. 3/10 is setting a bad precedence for games. This game is a 7/10 at worst, so how would you rate the shittier games coming out. 2/10 and 1/10? Setting a very bad precedence.

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BenRC01755d ago

They didnt give in. Read the effing article

porkChop755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

I looked at the actual review where they had in fact taken down the score. They did give in.

rocketpanda755d ago

Here a quote:

"Update: In discussion with 2K Games, we’ve temporarily removed the score pending a statement with regard to our criticisms, at which point it will be reinstated. Additionally, a draft conclusion was posted that incorrectly characterised our score as a protest vote, and has been reworded to reflect that our criticisms are rooted in the effect that VC and microtransactions have on the gameplay."

Any time a publisher contacts you because of a review score, it's pressure because they obviously didn't like the score. It. Can be in the most friendly way possible but it doesn't matter. Rather than read the criticism in the reviews they want to take it a step further and have direct influence in the reviews.

Why would any outlet need to liaise with a publisher after a review goes up? They did cave in, and because this went public very fast and also something called the Streisand effect. If anything, the review should have need been taken down during the exchanges.

indyman7777755d ago

PorkChop what do you mean they gave in? They reinstated the score after the reviewed the complaint according to the article. Of course I'm reading it 15 hours after your statement so maybe they updated it after you read it?

porkChop755d ago

Yup. When I read the article, the score was gone. They reinstated it after.

RommyReigns755d ago

If everyone behaved like the reviewer for NBA 2K18 did maybe Shadow of War wouldn’t have happened, and maybe Overwatch wouldn’t have set a new standard for how much a game can get away with.

conanlifts755d ago

"Update 2 1PM BST 22/09: Our 3/10 score has now been restored to this review, with all but the wording that suggested this was a protest vote also kept intact."

porkChop755d ago

Yeah, I saw. This was done after I saw the review.

TejasTV755d ago

I'm not sure they are journalists and having gone through journalism school myself I can confirm they basically teach you how to make money as a journalist and not how to be a good journalist.

porkChop755d ago

I have also gone through journalism school, and my course must have been very different to yours. They hammered us with ethics, the pillars of journalism, loyalty to readers, etc. They taught us how to be good journalists, very little of the course had to do with money at all.

subtenko755d ago

So basically they teach you to lie and extort literally teaching you that in your face or subtly suggesting it? So what are your assignments? Lie to the teacher? Do they expect the lies and bs or is this a game of trying to outsmart a liar? What kind of scummy class are you actually describing here?

Seraphim755d ago

so called gaming journalism has been a huge joke for at least a couple decades. Though from the sounds of it this was a childish score based not off the merits of the game itself but microtransactions etc.

That being said, I'm sorry but any game that functions properly and plays good receiving a low score is absurd. idk what exactly their scoring system is and nowadays it's often a challenge to find the scoring system, if you even can, which enables you to put the score in context based off the particular site or reviewers values. Of course even giving imperfect games a 10 is a joke. Anyway, any given game that plays well with minimal bugs or problems should score between, at the very least, 6-7, probably more like 6-8. The article itself is where you knock the crap out of a game for management decisions you don't agree with or they fact they're pushing DLC, microtrans or whatever else that doesn't sit well with the reviewer.

porkChop755d ago

I agree that the score was a bit ridiculous. But I don't even like scores tbh. Play, Wait, or Skip is much more useful information to me than some number.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan755d ago

On the other hand, gaming journalists are kind of shit to begin with.

porkChop755d ago

Unfortunately I can't argue there. There are some good ones, but many do certain things that journalists just aren't supposed to.

warriorcase754d ago

Why even give review copies if you can't handle a review?

a formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary.
"a comprehensive review of UK defence policy"
synonyms: analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, examination, investigation, scrutiny, enquiry, exploration, probe, inspection, study, audit; rareanatomization
"the Council is to undertake a review of its property portfolio"
a critical appraisal of a book, play, film, etc. published in a newspaper or magazine.

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gtxgamer2755d ago

What the hell? Aren't reviews based off of opinion? If 2k really feels threatened by people's reviews maybe they should've put more time into the switch version. Does anyone have nba on switch? How does it compare to other versions?

BlacKJesu5755d ago

It'll prob be Garbo like you'd assume basketball on a handheld would be.

G3ng4r755d ago

You're right though. It was dumb to test switch waters with a degraded and custom built sports game when a shinier port of black ops 2 would have likely sold better to nintendo fans. The wii u version sold .41 million which meant like 3 copies per Wii u owner.

The 10th Rider755d ago

I don't have it but I hang around a few Switch sites and have heard from people that do. From the sound of things all versions have some minor performance issues in some areas, but on the Switch it's sometimes so bad it's nearly unplayable. From what I understand that's in the open world career mode or whatever it's called. The save files can be a ridiculous 5gb, which is a major issue since Nintendo still hasn't allowed us to transfer saves to an SD card. There's also a few bugs, most notably ones that can corrupt your save file . . . a huge concern considering how riddled the game is with micro-transactions and if you buy any and your save corrupts, you just lost all that money.

There's enough there for it to eventually be a good game, but it clearly needed some more time for optimization and bug fixing, as well as some work to fix the astounding size of the save files.

someone72755d ago

I have the switch version, has some issues, but plays beautifully in handheld mode. One of a kind really. Its a bit muddy on the big screen though, and the save file is a bit insane. Overall though, id say its pretty solid, easily on par with last years and if theyd just patch in the option to skip cutscenes itd be golden.

Also, ive no issues with microtransactions. Pretty easy to acquire both types of currency. I do feel a bit annoyed by the packa only including 1 player though. Give me an all player pack option!

Nintendew755d ago

Just wish there was more then 2 basket ball games each year.
Playgrounds is good. Have switch version and no problems.
But seems like you play 2k or nothing at all.

The 10th Rider755d ago


Glad to hear it's working well for you. From what I heard the gameplay on the courts was fine, but the open world stuff or whatever was a little rough around the edges frame-rate wise. Then again, some people consider 20fps unplayable and others find it perfectly fine. Either way the port seems fine outside of save files. If they can fix that and optimize it a bit better it sounds like it'll be a good game.

someone72755d ago

@The 10th Rider - I can see that in mycareer. Also had the save corrupt issue this am, wiped my progress in mycareer. Still stand by my thoughts though, the gameplay itself on court is amazing. Ill definitely concede though that the open world is a slow and needs what id call quality of life adjustments to make things smoother.(a map would be nice, havmt found one yet)

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yeahright2755d ago

Yeah, but reviews in general are starting to carry less and less weight now. Look at Jim sterling with hellblade. he got emotional about a bug most would be unlikely to encounter and gave it 1/5. Or games where the online component works great while only game journalists are playing their preview copies but then the online breaks when the masses hit it. Now with this, EA just called up Jimmy bone crusher to "talk" to them and the review score magically gets changed. the irony is reviews are easier than ever to find now but I never know if any of them are worth my time.

Relientk77755d ago

Stupid, 2K don't have the right to do that

Also heard nothing but bad things from this game and the microtransactions. Make a better game with no ripoff microtransactions.

nowitzki2004755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Its not as bad as people make it seem. You can earn everything its just that if you pay you will acquire it much faster. Should be that way if people are willing to spend more imo. It also doesnt affect every game mode. The gameplay is probably better than its ever been so 3/10 is complete BS.

PlayableGamez-755d ago

It's people like you why MTs are getting worse.
Stop defending bullshit dude. Please?

nowitzki2004755d ago


I have only bought DLC for any game maybe twice in my life.. Microtransactions? about $0 spent in my life lol. Im not defending it. Im defending the game getting a 3/10 review. Has nothing to do with MT.

ifrit_caress755d ago

You say "You can earn everything its just that if you pay you will acquire it much faster."

Let me ask you: Which do you think these publishers, 2K for example, want? For the players to grind through the game without paying or to pay and get better quicker?

If you know how corporations work, you know they, 2K in this case, want you to pay. So they will get the game developing studio to increase the grind and make the in-game currency more attractive in an attempt to psychologically batter/force you to pay.

Also take note, if 2K didn't want the players to use microtransactions, they never would've put them in the game.

nowitzki2004755d ago

I have played 2k games since they have been out on Dreamcast, I have no problem with the way it is. I personally used to hate how easy it used to be to get to a high rating while playing. Theres still an advantage if you play and get the rating up through badges.

Michiel1989755d ago

U get less credits to buy stuff in game because they want to sell those for real money. So yes it isbad.
Dont try to justify this money milking.

PlayableGamez-755d ago

Sidenote: Why do you have to pay "Virtual Coins" to change your hair style in a video game?

rocketpanda755d ago

Oh go away with that logic. People paid full price for what should have been accessible as soon as you boot it up. I don't care if you can everything the with need the VC, the is why is it riddled with micro transactions

Content locked behind virtual currency belongs in f2p models.

3/10 is fully justified.

UCForce755d ago

Dude, that's microtransaction is a scam system. It take away the meaning of grinding and reward. It's make thing feel less satisfying and more hollow.

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FloydianAndroid755d ago

I've played every 2k basketball game, and there are some major major flaws with this game not even counting the reliance on micro transactions. The narrative in the my player portion is laughable. The character that's supposed to be your friend is so annoying and pointless. The graphics are bad in the my player portion. Also the after game reactions make no sense. I had 40 pts, 11 rbs, and 12 assists yet after the game the narrative was that I had a terrible game. Once again the play calling when playing through a season is very unintuitive, by the time you cycle through to the play you want the shot clock is almost at 0 and you end up having to force shots. Lastly and most frustrating is the server issues and how your my player won't show up at certain times forcing you to reboot the game. In my opinion it's a 5 out of 10 at best.

gbsrnctaln755d ago

Sounds like you need to practice and get better.

MrFisher21755d ago

Yeah, your just trash it sounds. Game is amazing. And very well done. And that's just my opinion

Sgt_Slaughter755d ago

Sounds like you two need to take the 2k blindfold off and actually look at what he's saying.