Valve Solution for Steam ‘Review Bombing’ Doesn’t Go Far Enough

J Station X: Valve attempts to fix Steam's review bombing problem, but the solution doesn't go far enough to fix the toxicity and harassment issues.

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MaxiPower90417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

just remove steam reviews. they dont have to fix shit. the developer acted like a child. Yea he was wrong to state the N word but what right have they to take down his videos, videos that no doubt they were happy with him having when the game came out and they needed the exposure. Pure publitcy stunt. and to those who in 2017 get offended when the words used get over yourself. the irish were discriminated against years ago too and how often do ya hear us getting slagged about potatoes. yet we dont complain. potatoes as in the great famine that wiped out a huge portion of the population. there hasnt been slavery in years. wise the fuck up

Mr Pumblechook417d ago

developer Campo Santo abused the DMCA takedown system to make a protest vote against PewDiePie's use of the N word. Now some gamers are abusing Steam's review facility to make a protest vote against Camp Santo - what's the difference?

Tiqila417d ago

If you cannot see a difference you are either ignorant or stupid

Gh05t417d ago


Went to name calling rather than answering his question. So you would rather leave him ignorant rather than try to educate? You took the time to reply and hurl insults but can't be bothered to add to the discussion... You are the problem with society today. Too many people name calling at others trying to have discussions.

Tiqila417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

You really think I am the problem with society today for calling people like Mr Pumblechook out on their ignorance?

You rebuked me for not educating Mr Pumblechook on the topic, yet you didn't explain to me why you think that absurd statement of his was true.

Gh05t417d ago

The hyperbole in your articles are nothing short of "toxicity and harassment."

You also call the consumers ignorant and want Valve to stop the problem. Putting zero personal responsibility on the consumer and blaming Valve for not solving the issue.

All I hear from articles like this are "Only I am allowed to use a system to protest what I dont like (even though it had nothing to do with my game), how dare others find ways to use a system to protest me."

wirapuru417d ago

Companies love the vicious contagion caused by the "Internet generalized freedom" (after all, free publicity) until something like that happens, then tries to censor it someway.

It's like when we have 10yo and get a nickname we hate at our new school: you don't get to change it. Live along and try make the best of it or die fighting it. The price of being/creating public anything in a no-man's-land (at the end, it is).

Psychotica417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Change the system so that the only way to comment is to use your real name. ESPN did that by changing their comment system to Facebook. People tend to be less vocal and vicious when they can't hide behind some anonymous name.

Gh05t417d ago

Wouldn't that just lead to harassment off of steam? I'm no fan of keyboard tolls and warriors and do believe it is a problem but to me that's inviting people who don't agree with you or trolls to start finding other areas of your life they can try to find and disrupt.

I think another solution (if this already exists great) would be to only allow people who bought the game through steam to leave a steam review.

staticall417d ago

To be fair, you can use fake name on Facebook, nothing is forcing you to use your real name. And you can register ton of accounts if you REALLY want that. And as Gh05t pointed out, it will actually lead to a major backlash for people who don't abuse the system, when either trolls or SJW (or both) will start attacking the person they don't agree with for any reason (or just for lols).
Imagine, you didn't like the Undertale (or Five Nights at Freddy's or any other game with... let's say "strange" fans) and wrote a negative review about that. And now whole Undertale fandom knows your name and they can find you on Facebook/G+/Twitter/whatever. Does that sounds fun to you?

wirapuru417d ago

At some point in time the indie devs favorite platform to try, test, sell and (most often than it should be) f* users off had to fire back, right?

Sorry game developers, you can't win EVERY.SINGLE.SIDE of it. Steam tools seem a bit unprepared, yes, for this kind of issue (yet) - which let's agree: it was a "off the curve" episode to start with. So be patient, you're dealing with a huge platform that has tons of data, users, clients and investors to take care of things like that.

While they try to find the best solution for it enjoy your ability to develop, sell, publish, sell, alpha-beta-celta test, test, test, miss, sell, junk, abandon, sell and sell, sell your games to huge amount of users instead of having to waste a ton of money on publicity you don't have to fight against AAA companies - which you would be doing if Steam didn't happen in the first place. And they decide how they live and evolve - don't like it? Don't use it.

If you had a problem that started with OTHER element at ANOTHER platform don't you think you are trying to solve it at the wrong place? Internet is a huge organic place, if you don't know how to play don't come down to the park.

opinionated417d ago

What is "far enough"? I was going to click until I saw jstation. I could only imagine the outrageous shit they would deem justifiable. Like lifetime bans for anyone that poorly rates anything involving the social justice issue of the day.

How about firewatch sucked and it deserved the poor reviews?

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