Can Xbox One X really run Quantum Break at 4K?

DF: "Remedy's Quantum Break was announced for Xbox One X back at Gamescom and we managed to get a few minutes of time on the game, where first impressions were positive. The resolution upgrade was palpable and performance looked relatively solid. A couple of weeks on, and we managed to get a more extended hands-on with the X port of what is undoubtedly one of the generation's most technically challenging games. In some respects, the conversion is even more impressive than we thought, but in others, we hope to see some improvement before the title update releases alongside the console on November 7th."

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Nyxus420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Wow, what's going on with his hair at the start of the video?

Edit: also at 2:24. Left is One X, right regular XB1. Something went wrong with his hair it seems:

JaguarEvolved420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I thought this system is supposed to be very powerful. Doesn't seem that powerful by its performance. I can't wait for the people that'll try to spin this and the moderator that'll try to silence or ban people for pointing out the truth.

Uncharted 4 on the regular ps4 looks better and runs better than this game on xbox one x. I know some fanatics will be preparing statements and excuses for why a game that's not graphically intensive to perform poorly at such low resolution but it'll be pointless. The xbox one x is a pointless upgrade that Microsoft wasted resources on instead of just making a lot of exclusive games and open new gaming studios to make games

Nyxus420d ago

I assume this will still be fixed. There were also some performance issues with One X but it's still a work in progress.

OpenGL420d ago

Quantum Break is extremely demanding graphically, it's one of the most graphically intensive games out due to its realtime lighting model. That's why it runs at 720p on the Xbox One and 1440p on the Xbox One X. It was a poor choice for current-gen hardware and looks worse than using pre-baked solutions the way Naughty Dog did in Uncharted 4.

Neonridr420d ago

I guess it depends on the level of effects and what else is going on. Resolution isn't everything. Plus I think Remedy is a very good team but not to the likes of Naughty Dog.

Again, while this may not impress you, it is still running at 4-5x the performance of the base Xbox One. Sure it's not native 4k, but the game definitely looks a lot better now.

XStation4pio_Pro420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I have 2 4k tvs, an Xbox one s a PS4 pro and I played the one x (worked on e3 marketing and promotion for it and went to e3 and ms’ presser). There is a clear difference in presentation on MANY titles. The thing is you need to see the stuff in 4k on a 4k screen as it was intended. 1080p games look downright soft in comparison. Compressed internet videos in 1080p or less don’t let you see that. People are so quick to downplay the fidelity based on crap internet videos which are the complete opposite of fidelity on the x vs pro comparisons.

And also I own uncharted 4 on the Pro and while it is indeed a beautiful game, it’s not running in 4k and some of the stuff I’ve seen on X just looks better. Sorry. Even Tombraider. Is running in 4k hdr and has better atmospherics, aliasing and lighting etc

B1uBurneR420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

When Uncharted gets a title like this "One of the generation's most technically challenging games" then your comment would make sense.

I'm sure if "Weaker" PS4 Pro Can run it then beast can lap it.

DarXyde420d ago

Pretty sure it's a matter of optimization.

yeahright2420d ago

Well you can give a talented chef some chicken from walmart and give joe schmoe some prime wagyu beef and I'd say the chicken would probably end up being a better meal.
Simply having access to better hardware doesn't mean it'll look better. Remember ryse? ran at 900p and looked better than 90% of the games that came out around the same time. As talented as naughty dog is, even with the "beast" they're going to be hard to top.

chris235420d ago

i am telling the truth all the time on here and haven't been banned. maybe they resorted to namecalling or direct insults in order to get banned. as long as you bring in your opinion it is as valid as every blog post that gets published here.

uRaDecepticon420d ago

I think a lot of these people commenting on anything 4k, really don't own a 4k tv or haven't seen anything in 4k. I've recently purchased a 4k tv, while not the best out there Im sure, I just hate going back to 1080p or less, the difference is that significant. The only problem I face is the lack of content through streaming services that actually take advantage of the tv and most of whats available being stuff through youtube. UHD digital rentals are $8 for new releases(yikes!), so having an XB1s is rather vital and I'm glad MS included a drive in their hardware and baffled Sony didn't, not even in the Pro let alone the slim. I've been looking at Gears 4 in 4k 60fps a lot on youtube and it looks sublime. I'm having a hard time finding a better looking game and Im all for any suggestions.

Angel911420d ago

You're an idiot.

Have u tried running this game on PC. Even Gtx 1080 struggles to run it at 60. Go check Digital Foundry QB PC videos. It's very demanding game.
One X reaching 1440p is impressive plus it's work in progress.

Also port is done by one guy not entire Remedy studio

Tko1111420d ago

One development crew on a AAA game enhancement. Show me anyone else who could do this on another system

TRU3_GAM3R420d ago

The Xbox one x which able to run games like gears of war 4 Forza 7 shadow of war and rise of the tomb raider at 4k native resolution is a pointless upgrade"

Eurogamer- Gow4 "A technological masterpiece for both Xbox One and PC.

While the ps4 pro which run the same games like ROTTR and Titan Fall 2 At 4k upscale with res like 1440p isn't a pointless upgrade?

Can you tell me what price you need to spend on PC that can run Forza 7 at 4k native 60fps ultra settings?
Pretty sure it will cost more than 500$!

And Quantum break is one of the best looking game's, saying it's not graphically intensive and not demanding is a dumb thing

Remedy's Quantum Break possesses a level of rendering technology that is supremely impressive. This game is doing things we've not seen in a mainstream title before

While Quantum Break remains visually impressive - stunning in many areas, in fact - the core pixel count is clearly a factor in the presentation.

Characters are a particular high point, appearing highly lifelike and closely matching their real-life counterparts. Here, Remedy performs a complete scan and performance capture on the actors before applying the data to the in-game models, resulting in realistic skin and surface shaders, and some of the best lip-syncing we've seen in a game so far. It's impressive stuff

pinkcrocodile75420d ago

@jaguarEvolved Hearing your opinion on the Xbox One X is like hearing ISIS's opinion on wheelie bins. Pointless.

conanlifts420d ago

This game struggles at 1440p on a pc. As it is pointed out below even with an overclocked 1080ti you cant get 60fps. This is a very demanding game. Also try watching it on a 4k tv.

shloobmm3420d ago

Anyone who has played this game on PC knows that it ridiculously hard to run on pc at native 4k. It's damn near impossible. I am running sli GTX 1080ti's and when you turn off their rendering method and go for tru Native 4k it brings my pc to a crawl. I don't think it's an optimization issue tho. I think it's a matter of everything in the world having physics that react in crazy ways based on the time powers being used. I could be wrong tho about that. I just know I can run almost everything at 4k60 and I can't even run this at native 4k30.

Smokingunz420d ago

Your an idiot! Did u see how many dislikes you've got? U need to understand that it was the developers choice to take the route they have taken with the game smh u have better looking games on Xbox one x that looks better, plays in 4k and 60 frames in native 4k so think about that.

DJStotty419d ago

So is the PS4 Pro a more pointless upgrade as its weaker?

zerocarnage419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Seems like your one hell of a fanboy with a lot of hate towards ms. Did you watch the vid?

We will see how many people actually agree with you and how many buy the console and see its worth, the latter being the most best result prooving you entirely wrong. Even if one million buy the console just shows how wrong you are and everything you have said.

If the Xbox one X is a pointless upgrade then so to it the pro since its weaker than the X and that is fact.

No one needs to make excuses as you call it the only excuse and plain mirage you keep pulling over with the same old boring pointless thing is the fact you can't stop trying to point out that a console needs exclusives. Tell you what ask the millions of Xbox live subscribers if they feel that there console needs exclusives and they will tell you to get your head out of the clouds. It's simple games just need to be games and appeal to people and there are more than enough games on all consoles before the silly exclusives lark some of you small minded people keep jerking off about. I mean do you wake up every day and say to yourself exclusives are the only reason consoles sell, do you say to yourself this game isn't exclusive I'm not buying it and do you only purchase exclusives for your console, bet the majority of everyone library is mostly third party games.

I tell you this as well, be it when I had my ps2, ps3, xbox360 or Xbox one, most of my library of games has always been thirds over first and by a good margine. This whole exclusives chirade designed by you fanboys to try and make it look like that consoles can't do without exclusives is absoloute joke and pure stupid, the Xbox one has done fine without a massive supply of them and ps4 would of done just that too. So long as games pull people in that is what matters, not a daft tag next to it saying exclusive, if that was the case third party's wouldn't be outselling first party's at all, in fact third party's dominate exclusives and it takes very good exclusives to sell by the millions.

You also compare two games that run different engine, designed in a complete different way, you mite find uncharted had a ton more backing than quantum break. Not only that but uncharted is a name that has had previous games the devs know what they're doing. Quantum break devs mite of made games like max Payne and Alan wake but for a game as demanding in assets as quantum break which even good pc's can struggle with it to be run perfectly, this was all new development ground for the devs and your arguement is void really.

The Xbox one X is a powerful machine for the price it has been set at, anyone who buys one is getting more than a deal. Good luck trying to get a pc which costs 300-500 to looks as good than the X, goodluck getting a pc that costs 300-500 more than the X to look that good.

You really should do a bit more reading on the games that are getting enhanced for the X and up and coming games being developed for the X before making stupid comments. I mean you only have to read all the threads from various developers about how games that have already have been made are being enhanced nicely and games that are being developed for the future are looking sweet compared to other versions out there. Sorry I would rather take developers words over yours any day, experience and all from the devs over your inexperienced fanboy view makes all the difference I'm afraid.

Time will tell anyway, and I'd put a bet that your highly wrong in at least 100% of what you said above. To me it looks as though the only spinning came from you. I don't even know why you would think people would get banned/silenced by mods just for talking truth, it's usually people who are a lot more toxic that get banned, not for talking game related stuff.

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MegamanXXX420d ago (Edited 420d ago )


Well said. Tbh the PC version didnt look or perform that great at launch either. Maybe it was just Remedy but Alan Wake did look great on PC so I can't say that

420d ago
OpenGL420d ago

I am not shocked by these results, I own the Xbox One version and the Steam version and with my overclocked 1080Ti I can't get a locked 60fps at 1440p with the upscaling feature disabled. It's just an extremely demanding game and while the realtime global illumination tech is cool, it was a very poor choice for current-gen hardware. Smart use of pre-baked lighting in combination with realtime elements would have been a better choice, as was done in Uncharted 4 and Gears of War 4.

Even the PC version on maximum settings exhibits image quality issues like occasional dithered and blocky shadows, something that should not be happening based on how demanding the game is.

Fishy Fingers420d ago

Absolutely agreed. At 1440p I cant get close to a stable 60fps with a GTX1080 (obviously if you can’t even with the Ti). Great looking nonetheless but just ridiculously demanding.

No doubt the X will provide a substantial boost over the S but this is one game that people should definitely keep their (4K) expectations well in check.

darthv72420d ago

Do you think something like an xbox 2 would be able to do the game justice at 4k? Provided the hardware keeps the trend of being backward compatible with games that are slated to be forward compatible.

If this game is demanding on a 6tf setup (like the X) then maybe the next xbox will be double that @ 12tf to really run it the way it was intended.

Eldyraen420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Dedicated next gen Xbox probably could fine, but will they still have framerate and resolution limits on old games? I doubt we get patches for every old game next gen so they'll probably run like they do now, if BC works as we assume it will with architecture of today. Built in console limits likely won't magically disappear but it likely could at least theoretically run it at 4k/60 next time around as it should be a beefier system outside of gpu too (a new CPU chip, not just clock, etc).

I'm assuming a true next gen system will be closer to 10Tflops than 12. X for example runs plenty at or very near native 4K so it won't need a huge boost from the gpu but just enough to hit 4k/60 with some new bells and whistles as well (pc advantages and more: fur/hair/cloth physics, better AO, more polygons which are slowly becoming a little less of an issue anyways, and some better textures here and there (as games on Pro can already look gorgeous up close, but just a bit more here and there and fix the "weak" ones and it would already be pretty close to what should become standard next gen). Dedicated hardware could make 10Tflops plenty (as that's also 7x base Xbox one specs? Leaving 4 full Tflops compared to X for solid Native support and extras, which are not as big of a leap as last gen to next really (imo--we have room for more but don't need a double down on an x imo once Devs can focus entirely on that extra power anyways).

4Sh0w420d ago

Well that makes sense, the QB is very demanding according to DF:

"To illustrate, a Titan Xp GPU - the fastest single-chip graphics card money can buy - running the game at close to max settings can lock to 60fps, but only at a 1440p resolution with reconstruction active."

-Loved QB, so t will be nice to see it upgraded at whatever resolution, I mean its free anyway.

ProjectVulcan420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

It really annoys me when the likes of Digital Foundry crow over Quantum Break's rendering technology. I pointed out many times that the technical choices in the game are terrible, terrible sacrifice of image quality and so forth just to shoehorn the real time lighting engine into the game.

Except while that's nice, far too much is sacrificed and the overall result is just.....bleh. There are much better looking games that use whatever performance is available to FAR greater effect and the games look way better overall. THOSE are the games that should be praised for getting their visuals choices and balance right, Horizon Zero Dawn for example, Gears of War 4 as another.

I am glad I'm not the only one to think this.

To me Quantum Break is a blurry rough edged third person shooter with a failed jarring TV experiment interrupting the fairly mediocre game play. It's not even as good as Alan Wake. I adamantly refuse to acknowledge that it's a technical tour de force, that is nonsense.

If your game only runs in 720P natively on these consoles then you have made bad choices, end of story.

conanlifts420d ago

"If your game only runs in 720P natively on these consoles then you have made bad choices"
Or they are ahead of their time and this tech will be useful as GPU's get stronger.

OpenGL419d ago

I agree, the image quality was very lackluster given what they were trying to achieve. The kinds of hardware we need to achieve the precision that would eliminate these issues simply isn't here. Maybe when Volta rolls around but we won't have a console with a 21 billion transistor GPU in it for many years.

@sd11, the GTX 1080Ti when overclocked slightly, as mine is, is a 12TFLOP GPU. It's still not able to play Quantum Break properly and at many times it looks worse than Uncharted 4, Gears of War 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and even Knack 2 on my regular launch PS4 and launch Xbox One. A game on a console should be designed to make best use of that console today.

darthv72420d ago

On a side note... I wonder if the new system update will allow a person to remove the bulky video files from being installed for this game? Seeing as the update is supposed to allow you to uninstall content you dont want taking up space on the hdd.

Concertoine420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I was thinking the video files were already separate downloads. Dont own the game anymore but i thought this was the case.

darthv72420d ago

They are separate downloads (why they werent on the disc is just...???) but they take up a lot of space. I understand they are needed to progress the story but after you are passed a certain point then you should be able to free up the space from the videos you have already seen.

Just curious if this new system update will allow that.

GearSkiN420d ago

the video were separate DL since day one, and i believe you can just watc all online. you have an option to DL it or not

Bobafret420d ago

Perhaps Remedy aren't all that talented in the graphics department? Anyone think of that? Microsoft lacks a Naughty Dog or a Guerrilla Games to really showcase the X1's power. I wish they did.

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Concertoine420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Remedy games look great - and more importantly they look all their own. They focus more on using unique effects to produce a game that doesnt look like anything else.

Max payne 1 and 2 were among the most technically impressive games of their eras.

Alan wake still looks great on PC with the moody fog and shadows and stark lighting.

Quantum break isn't near as good in the gameplay department but it's still impressive to look at with the heavy focus on effects and visual gimmicks.

Eldyraen420d ago

QB looks great, but it's pretty physics intensive with the way time powers work which is probably part of why it's lower res (cpu probably holding it some depending on how they coded it all--anyone remember dedicated physx gpu card option on pc?)

sk8ofmnd419d ago

I agree, they need some fresh new talent to make new experiences... This is not the xbox of the 1st or 2nd gen. Things have become stale and its almost like most 1st party games they have released this gen are ok but not great... So then you hear ppl say things like "ms is best mp experiences where sony exceeds at single player" or "we dont need single player experiences".

This gen alone the only amazing great 1st party single player experiences were titan fall 1, and sunset overdrive... Thats it

Movefasta1993419d ago

Naaa Alan wake was a looker on 360

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corroios420d ago

This isnt a racer. Going from 720p to 4k The x should be 8 times more powerfull then The s model.

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