Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite isn’t the same without arcade-era pixel art

A look back at the Marvel vs Capcom series and the evolution of pixel art to 3D.

It's just a pity the magic that Capcom captured in the '90s with their hand-drawn sprites has been lost to generic, plasticky 3D models. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is fun, but that world-mashing graphical charm just isn't the same.

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DivineAssault 1215d ago

Capcom should team up with arc system works..

Lexreborn21215d ago

For once can we like just let a franchise change without holding it to nostalgia?

3-4-51215d ago

No because it looks worse. If it looked better, then yes.

Lexreborn21215d ago

Looks are 100% objective the game does not look ugly. If that's the biggest gripe is the looks then ain't no reason to talk about this with people like you

FallenAngel19841214d ago

On its own merits MvC: I still looks off in some places

Lexreborn21214d ago

So because some places look off in some individuals opinion it ultimately means the game looks ugly? The game looks great I just got done playing it the last 6 hours. The style they chose is simply different that's it.

FallenAngel19841214d ago

It certainly does in comparison to past titles.

Some of the characters weren't made to be in this kind of art style