Buying the SNES Classic Edition Lineup Game by Game

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): We just found out how much it costs to buy all of the SNES Classic Edition games separately. Time for that second job! You hiring?

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dennigo2260d ago

this article is such bullshit,
those games don't cost that much because they're good (they are though) they cost that much because of collectors value.
this is like comparing an autographed item, vs a copy of the autograph on a copy of the item.


The Witcher Interview with Sebastian Kalemba

LegaNerd interviews CD Projekt RED's Sebastian Kalemba at Milan Games Week 2023.

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With Cyberpunk 2077 having completed its redemption arc, CDPR senior writer Magda Zych speaks with GamingBolt about the game's journey and what the future might hold for the property.

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