Brand New Halo Wars Trailer

Ripten writes:

"A new Halo Wars trailer has popped up out of New Zealand. I think I heard something somewhere about this whole "Halo" business, so I thought maybe somebody might be interested in watching it. We've plopped it here on our site just for those few."

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Twizlex4030d ago

Damn huge companies and their lust for money...

Twizlex4030d ago

Eh, still not excited for this game.

TheColbertinator4030d ago

I am excited for this game actually.I am a huge RTS fan but I can't help shake the feeling this would be better on PC.

Fishy Fingers4030d ago

Well RTS and k/b & Mouse have always gone hand in hand, but console versions have been getting better. Personally, I'll wait and see how it turns out, I enjoy the odd RTS but they never really "excite" me.

TheColbertinator4030d ago

The only RTS games that appeal to me right now is Starcraft 2 and if gow willing,Age of Empires 4.Other than that,my gaming PC gathers dust

fufotrufo4030d ago

This video is OLD as hell

Twizlex4030d ago

You seemed to have missed the point. Ripten was kinda making fun of the site Scoop because they just posted it as a "brand new" video.

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