Xbox Boss Sets Battlefield 3 As An Example For Why Backwards Compatible Titles Are Still Relevant

There's no doubt Microsoft has done an excellent job in following what the community pleases. From enabling backwards compatibility from last-gen titles, to announcing their Xbox Play Anywhere program that allows you to play your purchased title on the Xbox One and PC with a single purchase and play with cross-play enabled between PC and Xbox One players.

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franwex483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Really? I cannot get the multiplayer to star. I downloaded playpass (EAs dumb attempt to stop used game sales) along with all the other separate updates. It's not like it matters anyway I saw like 4 people online.

Keltech483d ago

...and i bet more people are playing on the PS3

ocelot07483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Currently just under 8K playing it on 360 now. With just over 2K on PS3 and 2K on PC.

Completely different story for BF4, Hardline and BF1 with PlayStation having more players playing followed by PC followed by Xbox. BF1 currently has more players playing right now than PC and XB1 combined.

Keltech483d ago

damn i hate someone proving me wrong. But at least i was kind of right about BF1, BF4, BF:BC2, Hardline, MOH lol

Kingthrash360483d ago bc is nice and has been relevant since ps2 days....but they have 1 AAA game this year and it's forza...focus on Making the xbox great...not living in the 360''s greatness.

Gman32483d ago

Yeah yeah samething people like you always say

Kingthrash360482d ago

People like me?
Who gamers?
I mean gamers want
I mean since bf3 there has been 3 battlefields and 1 battlefront.
All gamers should want new experiences. Going back to play old games is nice but with the lack of new games it been the worst generation for xbox so far. The focus is all wrong.

Gman32482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

You're a D**K

Yohshida483d ago

Im just happy I can play Daytona USA with my friends, good stuff