Square Enix Seems To Be Hiring For a New NieR Game

Square Enix has just announced that they are hiring on their recruitment page for Business Division 6 for NieR.

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PhoenixUp2011d ago

Nier: Automata is Nier 2 noob

Berenwulf2011d ago

He's just posting to be the first and to get some upvotes. Ignore him and some other people here on N4G ;)

DarXyde2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

NieR: Automata is no more NieR 2 than Metal Gear Rising is Metal Gear Solid V. Canonical, but not quite a sequel.

It's a spinoff. In this case, a spinoff of a spinoff.

PhoenixUp2011d ago

@ Berenulf


@ DarXyde

That's a really shoddy example to damage control on his behalf.

Nier is a spinoff to Drakengard, but Automata is still a sequel

DarXyde2011d ago


NieR: Automata is a sequel to NieR. On this, we agree. But it's also set very far in the future so as not to interrupt any story Square wants to place between that. It uses themes, some characters, and references to NieR in the same way that Metal Gear Rising does. That was originally supposed to take place between 2 and 4, but ultimately it was decided that it would be after the fact to avoid influencing games taking place after 2 chronologically. Automata is similar in that it subscribes to the events of the series, but it doesn't even play the same, nor is it numbered and includes a subtitle ("Automata"). Not really different from Metal Gear Rising.

Call it what you will. It IS a sequel (I dont deny that), but I wouldn't call it NieR 2 either.

PhoenixUp2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

And Drakengard 3 is set in the past. That doesn't stop it from being called Drakengard 3. A game's place in the timeline doesn't effect its numbering.

Your MGR comparison falls flat since it uses drastically different gameplay from MGS so obviously it couldn't be considered MGSV, especially since an actual MGSV was being made at the time. Not to mention that Kojima once considered Peace Walker to be MGSV before actually making MGSV. Nier: Automata is a new NieR game true to the spirit of the original with better gameplay rather than being a downgraded title(PW) or something made to be entirely different(MGR:R).

Nier: Automata isn't officially numbered because its subtitle has a similar meaningful naming scheme to its predecessor. The two Japanese versions of Nier were named Replicant and Gestalt in reference to significant entities in the game's story. The sequel continues the trend with a title referring to automatons.

Nier: Automata is basically as close to Nier 2 as you're going to get.

_-EDMIX-_2011d ago

@DarX-what are you talking about? Metal Gear Rising is called that because it is not Metal Gear Solid...

Just like metal gear acid had one in two because it's not actually a continuation of another series that is seen as a side game. Smh there's so many examples that actually prove this that I'm not really sure how you don't understand.

Neir Automata is Nier 2, like Red Dead Redemption is the sequel to Red Dead Revolver.

But clearly it would be called Nier automata 2 , like how Red Dead Redemption 2 well....has a 2

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plmkoh2011d ago

Square Enix are smashing it these days.

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bigmalky2011d ago

As long as it's direction is left in the hands of Yako Taro, and the clever suits who have managed to bugger up Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts over the past 10 years keep their grubby mitts off of it...

I'm ready to pay for it, day one.

PhoenixUp2010d ago

After Drakengard 2 Square Enix has decided to leave the entire franchise in Taro's hands

Sm30002011d ago

Make it happen captain

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