Secret of Mana: A Welcome, Yet Underwhelming Reveal

After many years, Square Enix is finally revisiting an old classic. But does it receive the grand treatment it deserves?

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XtraTrstrL2081d ago

Yea, though I'm happy they're acknowledging such a beloved classic, it's definitely not the treatment it deserves. The 3D models are super low budget and kinda ugly. I'd rather HD Bastion type gfx if they weren't gonna go all out with the 3D models. Plus, they dropped the ball with not having online multiplayer, since the game supports 3 players.

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Fist4achin2081d ago

Has there been any word of a physical release? Ive only heard of the digital.

DivineAssault 2081d ago

The game deserved better treatment but ill take it either way

bigmalky2081d ago

I'm not even going to read the article. The answer is yes.

Played Secret of Mana so many times in the past 20 years or so that I can say it's probably my favourite game of all time.

So much fun playing as a kid, 2 player with my sis, all the way to last year.

Timeless classic.