Does Bungie Hate Halo 2?

Amidst widespread reports of dissatisfaction with Halo 2, Bungie Clears the air.

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Harry4911d ago

Dunno about bungie but I hated Halo 1.5 oops make that 2.

f1r3waII K1LL3r4911d ago

Why even post this I mean bungie hate halo 2 I mean sure it maybe wasnt as good as they would like it to bet but, 8 million copies best online game ever to grace a console, its pretty hard to hate that.

Skynetone4910d ago

in halo one there were some large scale battles which i loved

i thought in halo two they would have topped this but no we get to play a stupid alien

MaryJanePMS4910d ago

I think it is crazy to say that they HATED it, but from the article, I can see they were dissapointed in it.

Halo 3 will be amazing tho, I know that much! =)