Pokken Tournament DX Review - Nintendo Enthusiast

The best version of the only Pokemon Fighting game adds the 4 arcade fighters missing from Wii U, another exclusive Pokemon, 60 FPS gameplay AND a new battle mode.

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Prince_TFK397d ago

Great score. Looks like another smash hit for the Switch.

MeteorPanda397d ago

l mean..yeah sure it's good on the switch but a smash hit? they're asking the fans to pay for the game twice with no loyalty rewards like carrying over saves. it might not sell as much as you want it to.

l wanted breloom.

Erik7357397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

It's rated higher than the average ps4 or xbox exclusive...

Prince_TFK397d ago


Pokken Tournament DX includes new graphic and additional contents such as new fighter. Plus, not alot of people had played it due to failure of the Wii U. I say that is enough to warrant a purchase.

MeteorPanda397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Erik7357 ...what a...useless statistic to throw around. I could reply with a negative post but no. I want you to really sit down and think about why l found your comment a waste of words.

@Kun_ADR yeah it has that going for it but most of the fans would of had one due to smash which is similiar in genre? l want it to sell don't get me wrong but eh. probably not going to go crazy on sales.

a brand new pokemon like pokemon revolution with the evil lugia. now that. thats some role playing pokemon game l want happening on the switch.