Project CARS 2 Review - IGN

With its refined new handling and piles of options, this is about as good as real racing gets right now.

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talocaca490d ago

Good luck Gran Turismo Sport 😅

As a former fan of the franchise, I hate to say it's really fallen behind Project Cars and Forza in many ways and early previews haven't been all that positive.

badz149490d ago

why even bring GTS in this discussion? based on previous records, GTS will sell several folds what PC2 will ever be capable of.

"early previews haven't been all that positive." - seriously? so all early previews for PC2 and Forza 7 have been positive? I don't think so. GTS is not a traditional GT is scope but PD has stated that they are aiming for something else this time around. so I'm looking forward to it

PC2 is looking like it has gotten good reviews so far but after the clunky control of the 1st one, and I'm still pissed they decided to make a sequel right after the 1st game launched while the 1st game still ladden with issues that need fixing, I refuse to buy it. GTS it is for me


While I would normally defend GT to the death it does seam light on single player content and more focused on multiplayer. I plan on getting GT, PC2, and forza 7. PC2 has me the most excited, a plethora of options and choices.

UltraNova490d ago

I bought PC GotYE at a bargain price la couple months ago and to this day I must have played 5 hrs in total simply because the game is unplayable with a controller. Too jerky or too soft... you never really get the chance to adabt.

Has this issue been resolved in PC 2?

Fishy Fingers490d ago


Yes, apparently so. It’s been mentioned in quite a few reviews.

badz149490d ago

I've been tempted to buy PC on PS4 but heard of many issues. so when they released the free Pagani version of the game on Steam, I downloaded it and holy cow the control is bad. using a controller is useless and I use my G29 for it, I still find the control very sloppy. I've been playing Dirt and GRID and Forza Apex just fine and even Dirt Rally and Driveclub with my G29 on the PS4 just fine but somehow PC was not. so I guess all those complains were true afterall

LexHazard79490d ago

Thats always the comeback, it will sell more. ok but will it be better..

Knushwood Butt490d ago

Support for GT6 was stellar.

GT Sport for me, but each to their own.

DarXyde490d ago

"based on previous records, GTS will sell several folds what PC2 will ever be capable of"

Why does that matter? Before anything, you should be focusing on your experience with the game, not sales. What is this?

There's a reason why we specify "commercial success" (sales), but that's not what this is about. I'm sure Sport will be a commercial success, but why stop there? Make the game great first. Because when you don't, it it loses consumer faith.

yeahokwhatever490d ago

We're like the same person, badz. I too find PC's controls the first time around to be absolute garbage with a controller. It basically makes the game completely unplayable. GT3-6 > project cars. I'm going to be getting GTS and I can't freaking wait.

steveo123456490d ago

out of the box the control were rubbish but after calibrating them I was fine on my game pad

Bronxs15490d ago

got it for free with games with games for gold.

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yeahokwhatever489d ago

Forza and PC are both light-years behind GT in the one category that matters. DRIVING. I intend on getting Forza 7, but mainly for the same reason I had fun with Forza 4. Pretty fun arcade racer with easy as pie drifting with hilariously loud cars that sound like your head is inside of the exhaust pipe. Plus I can engine swap to make stupid cars that make me smile. When it comes to serious time, GT or GTFO.

DarXyde490d ago

Yamauchi is an interesting fellow. He has mentioned in the past that each Gran Turismo is building on the previous entry and treats it as one game with multiple revisions. It's a very strange approach. Additionally, he mentions that Gran Turismo is a driving simulator first (as opposed to a racing sim). It does in a way restrict what the games can be. A bit more flexibility in his vision would go a very long way.

bloop490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

He could do with a lot more flexibility in his vision. There's so many things that need complete overhauling in GT but Yamauchi can't see it. GT will have 1000 "scenes" that we can take photos of cars in. Great!! But they'll still sound like hair dryers and bounce off walls at 150mph taking no damage. Apart from upgrades to handling physics and a new lick of paint, GT hasn't progressed all that much since the first game 20 years ago. PD have fallen behind the competition big time. I would like more than anything for GT sport to prove me wrong, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.

Knushwood Butt490d ago

The sound seems pretty awesome to me.

Bouncing off walls?

Watch out for dem walls!!

bloop490d ago

Watch out for dem walls?? Ok, whatever man, let's just keep GT in 1997 then, and have everyone knocking 5 seconds off their lap times by riding guard rails around corners taking no damage.

steveo123456490d ago

serious question ive not played any flavour of gt since my ps3, but is there damage modelling yet?

I can only remember the god awful music and engine noise, hopefully things improved since then

yeahokwhatever489d ago

GT5 and 6 have some form of damage modeling (real time deformation, though not too effective) Serious answer: I don't play racing games for the damage. That's what games like are for. :-) Go 200mph in Forza and hit a wall, you get a bent hood. Who cares? Might as well have absolutely nothing at all. I want solid control, realistic driving physics, and 1 or 2 tracks I can spend all my time on. I've spent thousands of hours in GT just trying to shave milliseconds off a lap time. Damage doesn't even enter the picture. I'm A-OK with the damage in GT1.

Knushwood Butt488d ago

Ah, I see what you mean about the walls.

I very much doubt that will be possible in this game.

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CyrusLemont490d ago

Hard to say if this review can be trusted given that it's the only ad that's been playing on IGN's site for me for the last few weeks.

yeahokwhatever490d ago

Project Cars will have to be free before I try another one. The first one was a complete waste of money. I don't forget THAT fast.

badz149489d ago

they made a the sequel faster than people can forget. that's the problem.

g-nome490d ago

The lighting looks terrible in IGN'S video , not sure if it is the game or the platform , but from what I saw GT has nothing to worry about.

steveo123456490d ago

is gt as pretty as drive club though? surely not? that the best looking game ever ever so I hear?

badz149489d ago

Driveclub still is arguably the best looking racing game to date. yeah it's 30fps but if were're talking graphics, IMO it's still unbeaten to this day