FF XIII Report: Development status, and Future Multiplatform Final Fantasy

The FXN crew dig right into recent news on Final Fantasy XIII's progress, include scenario and art. The crew also hit up news from Xbox Japan and discuss future of Final Fantasy being multiplatform.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5531d ago

Final Fantasy XIII will be on the 360 in Japan as well.Expect the game to suck because the PS3 version will get shafted due to the 360s DVD9.White Knight Chronicles will the only true next-gen RPG.

ShinMaster5531d ago

Square-Enix already said that the Xbox 360 will not interfere with PS3 development.
And that they will TRY to make the 360 version CLOSE to the PS3.

Expect 360 multi-discs and content cuts.

P.S. You forgot FFVersusXIII.

slpknt6sic65531d ago

dude they also said it was only possible on ps3 and that it was exclusive... jesus i hope your right tho. plus expect versus on 360.
but hey its ff they will be good on 360 and ps3.

SixTwoTwo5531d ago

should we also expect Star ocean on PS3 then?

kimi_maro305531d ago

that's what we call damage control

UltimateIdiot9115530d ago

I agree with kimi. If you are a developer and you knew that the game will go onto another system, tell me. You can't honestly say that you won't have the idea of cutting down quality to make it easier to port in mind.
After all, to earn trust takes time, to lose trust it takes just one big lie. Whatever happen to only possible on PS3?

Pain5530d ago

they F&^% this game up because of that pile of Sh!t PC box 2 they going to get Burned Alive.

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ShinMaster5531d ago

Square-Enix already said that the Xbox 360 will not interfere with PS3 development.
And that they will TRY to make the 360 version CLOSE to the PS3.

Expect 360 multi-discs and content cuts.

juuken5531d ago

They also *said* it would have stayed exclusively on the PS3 and look what happened.

I don't trust them on their word. Square wants money and I wouldn't be surprised if they screw over PS3 owners even more.

5531d ago
hay5531d ago

Flawless Victory.

I hope that X360 development won't actually hurt final version of the game and Square won't f**k their customers again.

Man_of_the_year5531d ago

I am suprised that Juuken actually made an unbiased comment - however Juuken i am sure that the content on the PS3 will not in any way be scaled down - what will happen is MS will pony up the money for the extra discs.

DanteLinkX5530d ago

nice work there arrrgh and and hay, that really cracked me up. Flawless victory indeed.

gaffyh5530d ago

Anyone who has listened to the podcast care to summarise it? I don't have time to listen to it.

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crazy250005531d ago

because if they do anything to p!ss me off, i will buy the game used and wont support with a new sale

so it all depends

Sony Rep5531d ago

That's exactly what MS wants you to do.

crazy250005531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

because i refuse to pay for half-*ss games anymore

Fishy Fingers5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

If a game is good I buy it, I dont care what or how many platforms it's on, I don't care if one company forked out a load of cash for it.

Good game gets a purchase from me, simple as that. People seem to have become far to concerned with the "politics" of gaming and forgot it's all about the games themselves from our point of view.

crazy250005531d ago

you are definitely right about that.....maybe im just letting all this get to my head =/

ive loved the FF series, but this gen has all been about comparisons...etc and its really annoying, but at the same time sometimes i do get mad that we get the end of the stick

Sony Rep5531d ago

That's how most PS3 owners feel, for the most part. It has come to a point, where every other game is irrelevant except for SCE branded games.

This is definitely blamed on developers, companies like MS, extremist (who lie about Bioshock pics), and Sony to some extent.

kimi_maro305530d ago

the picture of the big daddy being pixelated is true download the demo and ill guide u where u can find the big daddy with a pixelated armor

Sony Rep5530d ago

I've played the demo 4 times, and you never are able to interact with the Big Daddy. I don't know where they got that fake pic from-- showing a downed Big Daddy.

UltimateIdiot9115530d ago

I know how you feel about the short end of the stick. So far after seeing GTA4, DMC4 (hugely disappointed at how underwhelming it is), and whatever title I maybe forgetting has all been disappointing, I fear for the result of FFXIII.
I don't enjoy all these multiplatform comparison either. It's getting annoying especially at the fact that developers do not optimize for the PS3. I would love to see more sixaxis control like wipeout, lbp, resistance, and mgs4. I know my CoD4 experience would have multiplied if they add some sixaxis.
Most of the games I look forward to these days are first parties and second parties and any third party exclusive. Many multiplats are just half ass works.

kimi_maro305530d ago

just like u i tried to find the big daddy 4x and there it is a big daddy corpse near the broken stairs after the scene of a big daddy drilling the splicer, you'll found the corpse stuck behind the gushing water with a two splicers waiting to attack u and a flying robot too

RememberThe3575530d ago

With the past few big name titles coming out multi-plat(GTA4,DMC4) and being very underwhelming I fear the same thing will happen with FF13. I don't really trust Square to put their best foot foreword, when I comes to quality, anymore.

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MajesticBeast5531d ago

FF13 is the last chance for square to redeem themselves in my eyes they have screwed sony over this whole gen in favor of M$ moneyhats im sorry but wkc actually will be released in 2009 and i already think ff13 is getting a 2010 release all because of this 360 bullsh*t. Sce should just start a rpg division so they don't need SE and sony still has stock in se just sell it and screw se backstabbers.

VMAN_015531d ago

I can see Sony purchasing Level 5 after WKC hits and also they have there Japan Studio.

UltimateIdiot9115530d ago

I wouldn't mind if Level 5 become second party. I do mind if they become first party. It's just that I love the Professor Layton series on the DS with the touchscreen.