Destiny Has Surpassed Halo

Destiny has surpassed Halo in every way possible. The gameplay is better, the story is better, the lore is better, the multiplayer is better. Bungie outdid themselves.

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guywazeldatatt2197d ago

I'm so glad Bungie cut ties with Halo.

IamTylerDurden12197d ago

Halo and Destiny appear to be going in different directions. Halo 5 under performed and was seen as a general disappointment while Destiny 2 is surpassing expectations and setting the world ablaze. I just don't understand how MS can replace the talent that made the franchise and expect the same quality. Hence why Halo and Gears are no longer what they once were. Imagine if Halo, Gears, and Fable were thriving like they used to?

porter4702197d ago

D2 isnt setting the world ablaze tho, early sales numbers point to selling 60% less than D1 for launch week numbers that is.

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ForeverTheGoat2197d ago

Idk about all that. Destiny 2 is what Destiny 1 should have been. Halo 5 was only a disappointment on the campaign side. The mp was a different story as most would agree it one of the mp and post launch support.

EatCrow2197d ago

As far as I can tell...It's as bad or worse then Destiny 1 with all the corporate BS added to the game.
So I doubt its much of an improvement.

Apparently people hate the only raid available to for end game.

thekhurg2197d ago


Such a troll. Destiny 2 has higher player counts and more digital sales. Doesn't have the 360 and PS3 to artificially boost sales and is tng even out on pc yet. The game is a booming success.

NewMonday2197d ago

the story of Halo was stolen from the Ringworld books anyway.

IamTylerDurden12197d ago


D2 is a massive success actually. Especially considering D1 released on 4 platforms and D2 has yet to release on PC. Also, if u understood the financial structure you would understand that D2 is a far less costly venture than D1. D2 also released just 3 years after D1 all the meanwhile a whole other games worth of dlc launched. As well, D2 was less resource demanding considering Bungie had already laid the foundation, engine, mp/co op/game infrastructure.

If u honestly expected D2 to have a bigger first few weeks than D1 u are a fool. The amount of hype and marketing behind D1 was uncanny. But D2 is selling very well on only 2 platforms and more so it's being received exceptionally well by virtually everyone.


I'm not sure what you're talking about because Halo 5 multiplayer is as good as every. Maybe the single player needs work but it still feels like Halo to me.

Sircolby452197d ago

Sorry but D2 isn't "setting the world ablaze." I just finished the company and was HUGELY disappointed because based on the trailers I actually had high hopes for this campaign. The trailers were way better than the actual campaign. D2 is basically a D1 DLC with a 2 slapped on the end. How anyone could play that campaign and be anything but disappointed is beyond me. They obviously haven't played good campaigns such as Horizon, Halo 2/3, and Uncharted/The Last of Us.

thekhurg2197d ago


So the trailer was better? The trailer was made of cutscenes from the game. So somehow it magically got worse even though there was more?

Oh wait. You're a destiny troll. Nevermind.

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bumbleforce2197d ago

Last I checked halo 4 had an awesome single player and halo 5 had better multi player than destiney. Let's not forget about everything destiney did wrong but they are diffrent games. This is a troll article. Both games are good

Skull5212197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Lol, the talent of bungie stayed with halo and make up 343i, bungie is a shadow of its former self. Destiny isn't even a fraction of what Halo is. Halo is massive and spans all forms of entertainment, Destiny is still just a video game, and a pretty mediocre one at that.

The comments on that website are much better than here. The article is obviously trash not based on any sort of reality, and certainly pointed out.

subtenko2196d ago

no, D2 is better than D1 but not like everyone and there mom has it.

Glad Destiny is multiplat unlike Halo (if you dont count other consoles)

AngelicIceDiamond2196d ago

I'm not the biggest Halo fanatic but even I can see that Halo with each and every iteration has seen massive improvements over its successors, some Halo's are better than others but point is Bungie put huge effort with each sequel and yes Destiny even took from Halo when it comes to perks, customization, different spartan classes etc Bungie did that with Reach 7 years back. Destiny 2 took 3 years to make? Sorry but a 3 year game should be Night and day compared to its successor no excuses. Sorry but Destiny as a franchise has very long way to go still especially when the first game didn't even have a story, one step at a time I guess.

morganfell2196d ago

I love HALO. I have played it since the original launched. Its the reason I have two X1s Master Chief bundles. (Yes one of the digital codes is still valid). Saying I own a few HALO books is like saying Freddy Kruger has a few issues. I have HALO loot crates stacked taller than me.

But 343 has destroyed HALO.

343's main error was instead of quietly taking the reigns and overseeing the franchise, they sought to eradicate the past developers and put their own, egotistically perceived superior stamp on the game by trying to out Bungie Bungie. It is almost as if they grew tired of hearing the word "Bungie" and they went on a tirade. Suddenly it wasn't about making a game they loved but rather trying to beat Bungie.

343 sought to eradicate the Chief and install their own machination as the hero. The first rule of Special Operations is Special Forces cannot be mass produced. But 343 turned SPARTANs from rare hand selected warriors into mass produced troops where there is no selection process and anyone can be a SPARTAN. They went from professional troops entrusted with missions that determined the fate of the galaxy to high school jocks that brag about their sexual prowess. Playing HALO 5 it is easy to see the difference between the two teams. Blue Team is Bungie's creation. Quiet, determined, professional. Now look at 343's train wreck led by Locke. Ridiculous.

343 took the great multiplayer we loved and transformed it into a twitch shooing Call of HALO. I like Call of Duty for what it is but I do not want COD chocolate in my HALO peanut butter. They claim to have learned their lesson after H5 but I doubt it. They have their head up the backside of professional gaming and that will forever rob gamers of the experience they once had. Noble Team wasn't the only great HALO related entity that perished at Reach.

Sircolby452196d ago

@thekhurg Actually there was quite a bit in the trailers that was not part of the in game cut-scenes. Did you even play the game?

"So somehow it magically got worse even though there was more? "
Yes...the more was the worse part.

"Oh wait. You're a destiny troll. Nevermind."

Oh get out of here with your idiotic fanboy drivel. I simply call it like I see it. If the game is crap I'm going to call it crap and vice versa.

Black0ut2196d ago

*reads ridiculous comment about D2 being the next greatest thing*

And then I check the user... NEVERMIND folks, carry on. Just another troll 😂

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lelo2play2197d ago

I'm amazed how Microsoft let Bungie go. Unbelievable!
They should had let Bungie do what they wanted to do, which was Destiny. Microsoft could have had Destiny as a console exclusive along with the PC version.

gbsrnctaln2197d ago

As an exclusive it would definitely have been a system seller. D2 is amazing!

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mcstorm2196d ago

I think what I get from all the comments is both Halo and Destroy are good ips some people like one over the other. For me I'm just happy to see a different type of fps games that are not cod or bf wannabes as for me there are to many of them.

MegamanXXX2197d ago

They made the right choice to go multiplatform

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XStation4pio_Pro2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

they didn't cut ties. ms bought bungie and when bungie became successful enough to afford it, they bought themselves back but ms still owns the Halo franchise from a previous deal to make the exclusives - hence why there are still halo games. they didn't make a conscious decision to just say "hey i don't want to do halo and work with ms anymore". it was a series of business maneuvers the netted out where it did.

NecoTehSergal2197d ago

I'm so glad Bungie cut ties with Microsoft*

Corrected. Although, them then partnering with Activision isn't really....you know, an evolved step to take.

S2Killinit2196d ago

it makes sense that Destiny is better than halo. After all the original vision for halo was Bungie's. Every other halo is just an imitation of that vision. No matter how much they try to improve halo, it keeps getting further and further away from that vision. Its like making copies of an original masterpiece painting.

Destiny is better than halo in every way especially where it counts in the gameplay mechanics.

Kribwalker2196d ago

Sounds like a genuine, unbiased comment from someone with plenty of experience in both games......🙄

S2Killinit2196d ago

As a matter of fact it is. But even assuming its not, it doesnt make it any less true.

UltraNova2196d ago

"Destiny is better than halo in every way especially where it counts in the gameplay mechanics."

Destiny doesn't have an Icon like Master chief. MC gave Halo and MS an icon young gamers recognized and adored, including yours truly.

Destiny has nothing of this sort.

Granted, 343 drove that icon and the franchise to the ground to the point of near irrelevance in the shadow of BF, CoD, Battlefront and Destiny, but that doesn't mean Destiny is superior in every way.

joab7772196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I am and I'm not. I kinda wish they were big enough to do both, and owned it lol. But I guess they don't own anything I don't think.

Anyway, it has definitely surpassed Halo in many ways. But there are still quite a few things that I wish they would bring into Destiny. First, dedicated servers. Second, this would lead to more varied PvP. Don't get me wrong PvP is good and Trials is great, but I would love more open maps with vehicles, leaderboards, custom maps etc.

And I would LOVE for the Lore to be in game. Add a tab that has all the different geimoires and scan able. It is a game with amazing lore. Why isn't it in game to be referenced?

And there are gripes because it's an mmo-like game and a looter. Would love more social elements etc. And they did vassalize it a bit too much this time as everything is tokens, tokens, tokens. Maybe some crafting etc. It's like they want to be the game you play 3 days a week for the next 3 yrs, not the WoW you play all day every day. They eliminated a lot of the things ppl spent a lot of time doing in D1.