I Changed My Mind about Final Fantasy XIII

Destructoid: "If you didn't enjoy Final Fantasy XIII, I am by no means telling you that you are wrong, wrong, wrong and should sit there and think about all the ways in which you are wrong. For the most part, I can still see where some people's problems with the game are coming from.

The big question with Final Fantasy XIII is this: are you willing to put in a few hours of playtime before you see the fruits of your labour? If not, I don't blame you. But if so, then you're in for a pleasant surprise."

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DevilOgreFish394d ago

I enjoyed the game too. more as a standalone though.

RememberThe357394d ago

Me too. I enjoyed 13 more than I enjoyed 15. Once I got over the town-less world I had a good time. 11 is still my favorite though.

TeamIcoFan394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

It's as I said before, whenever a new entry in this series comes out, it's the worst thing ever and all the sins of the previous installment are forgiven.
Unless it's FF14 online in which case it doesn't count in this fanbase's eyes.

Expect the same to occur when FF16 comes out, suddenly FF15 will be hailed as a timeless classic and FF16 will be considered the work of satan himself...

Razmiran394d ago

And here we have the perfect example

343_Guilty_Spark394d ago

FF13 was a solid entry. It was linear in 3/4 of the game which is like the most overused term in gaming aside from "draconian DRM" but being linear isn't necessarily a bad when there is an interesting story and characters which I can't say about FF15 which is devoid of character diversity and a satisfying story - it's terrible. Sure it wasn't perfect but it was decent. Contrary to other opinions I very much enjoyed the battle system. It was like a faster ATB. I enjoyed switching paradigms and mixing various combos. Was it perfect? No but it's better than FF15s mess of a battle system with wild camera angles and horribly complicated controls.

Godmars290394d ago

No. FF13 remains the worst example - attempt - at story telling in a game. By warrant of what FF15 is becoming, proof to Square that they can offer anything so long as they can hype it.

FinalFantasyFanatic394d ago

TBH, I appreciate 13 more after 15 came out, I know I'm the minority here, but 13 did better overall than 15.

InKnight7s394d ago

Good game, boring progress, weirdly one character gameplay mainly Lightning, one of most underrated original stories of all time but it will never reach to what we saw (the fantastic gravity + time abilities) in 2007 trailer that was gonna be the grestest jrpg battle system ever and maybe equal to or even better than Persona 5 battle system. XIII 2 better overall, LR different and special RPG game. Lightning now is best female character in the industry but the 13 series itself not really. Thats why mainly Fabula Nova scratched and we saw how that would fit in XV. I mean the idea of ring and power of crystal that gave everybody power could be easily replaced by the L'Cie Fal'Cie thing. Thats why Xzv suffer from plot holes.

PhoenixUp394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

I played through it. It was frustrating at times but it wasn't the scourge of the underworld that the internet props it up to be.

FFXIII-2 has the best gameplay in the trilogy

CrystalFantasy394d ago

FFXIII is my favorite game of all time!

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