Dragon Ball FighterZ: A New Beta, An Open Beta Announced

This past weekend, FighterZ gathered in the ring to exchange blows of Dragon Ball proportions in the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta.

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tayz2206d ago

excited for the new beta!

thejigisup2206d ago

Lmao, this is probably the best gaming news ive had in months

lxeasy2205d ago

Damn January is far away lol

Fullmetalevolust2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I got my *ss handed to me and I served some knuckle sandwiches right back, it was so much fun.
I'm glad it'll be an open beta, wasn't easy to play according to fixed hours, but man was I eager.
It truly is a great fighter :)

Cyro2206d ago

I've been watching people play the closed beta and looks so freaking good. January is so far away ._.

Lexreborn22206d ago

I enjoyed the beta. But like with all fighting games if they don't have characters I like fighting with then it's no fun. I need Tien and Yamcha to complete my team I wanna run with Krillin being Anchor.

Krillin is so damn good and has such an interesting move set. From destructo disc to throwing rocks hes a butt load of fun.

I can only imagine how fun wolf fang fist will be.

nevin12206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Wouldnt those characters be useless vs the Sayians, the Friezas, Cells types?

Oh, the bottom of this page mentions Yamacha and Tien.

Quetzll2206d ago

This isn't the show.

If I can't play as Mr Bubbles, Icarus, or Yajirobe, then I will be ALMOST disappointed enough to skip this game.

Lexreborn22206d ago

Fighting game shouldn't equal to the lore of the show.

Majin-vegeta2206d ago

Yamcha&Tien were revealed along with Android 21 over the weekend

Lexreborn22206d ago

I'm aware, I simply said I need them to complete my team and make the game more enjoyable for me. As a fighting game is only as good as the characters you like unless your a tier hopper

KwietStorm_BLM2206d ago

So all the bench warmers then?

Lexreborn22206d ago

Naw all the actual martial artist who have style and technique. Not just a flurry of power punches and energy blast with back flips

PurpHerbison2205d ago

If Satan doesn't make the roster then you will have assembled the lowest tier team possible. Canon wise.

KwietStorm_BLM2205d ago

Naw all the actual martial artist who have style and technique. Not just a flurry of power punches and energy blast with back flips

Haha also the guys who never do shit, ever, in any battle, just play the sideline like I said. Actual martial artists with style and technique lol did Goku and Krillin not train under the same sensei? Just say you go against popular opinion and you like the weaker less popular characters. It's your prerogative.

Lexreborn22205d ago

No Style and Technique is a concept that negates raw power period. Just because you train under the same person does not make you equals in their teachings. That's martial arts 101, some people can utilize 1 technique and do it masterfully while others can do other techniques masterfully. It's the reason if something is useless to someone they discard it but in DBZ the ONLY reason that yamcha, tien and krillin aren't elevated is for story context of power levels. If it was a straight martial arts show they would still be some of the best.

What good is a human when they have aliens and androids that continue to outclass them? Humans are some of the weakest characters in DBZ and everything takes place on an Earth Like planet. That is some crazy ish when you think about how the story destroys the human race.lol

KwietStorm_BLM2205d ago

It negates raw power if you don't know what you're doing. But you're making it sound like Goku and Vegeta and Gohan and the rest of them have lesser martial arts skill than Yamcha and Krillin, which is..no. Everyone uses energy blasts, but the characters you said you like just have a lower ceiling. To say something like "actual" martial artists with technique is really demeaning what the other characters do, just because the ones you like are not capable of the same power levels.

Lexreborn22205d ago

It's story telling the characters are capable of anything. Just because they are written poorly by the writers doesn't make them poor characters. And yeah if you actually look at people like vegeta, gohan and goku they really don't use technique. Goku is WAS a hardcore martial artist but now he has been reduced by his writing to a character that just get's powerful forms dumped into him.

The last great fight they had with goku that showed substance was against majin vegeta. Dragonball universe is all about forms and power levels at this point. Get a flurry of punches that look ridiculous, get a flashy show of fireballs and then obliterate the enemy with a KI blast. No more punching holes through the enemies or punching someone so hard they blow up.

So yeah in my eyes critiquing these fictional characters on how they are written is not a contribution to life. It's fan service that has gone beyond it's limits. Super had moments they started re-developing the forgotten characters but that still seems to be falling flat

KwietStorm_BLM2205d ago

Now you're being silly blaming it on writing and all that. You said yourself those weaker characters are humans. They're not capable of "anything." They have limits, and with reason. Hell Yamcha voluntarily stopped fighting because he's a pussy. Always was. But you're making it out to be like they're some master martial artists who do things Goku and Vegeta can't. They all do the exact same hyper realistic attacks, and I'm not even talking about energy use. Those punch flurries you keep bringing up is common throughout the entire series. What's special about when Krillin does the EXACT same thing? Because you root for the underdog? Nobody cares if those are the characters you like. Nobody is judging you for that. But don't make up false claims to make them look better.

Lexreborn22205d ago

I'm silly for stating the writers screwed up the humans in a fictional tale about aliens and interdimensional beings? Bruh you are funny without a doubt. Also, I never once said they were better, I said I prefer them since the beginning of my statement. You on the other hand trying defend the crap writing of dbz. Also, you clearly care because you are still here talking about it go damn figure

KwietStorm_BLM2205d ago

Nah man. I'm saying you're using your opinion on the writing, which you didn't bring up til later, as an excuse to defend the human characters. I'm not defending any crap writing, I'm just saying you created your own perspective on what you wanted the series to be. Yes, it's a fictional anime. That's irrelevant, yet ironic at the same time because you're judging the application of martial arts in a show that can barely be classified as martial arts in the first place. The thing is it was always going to be about the evolution of power levels. The reason it seemed more grounded in early Dragonball was to give Goku characterization, like Clark Kent. And when I said nobody cares, I meant there's nothing wrong with you having favorite characters. That's why I said nobody is judging you for that, immediately after.

Lexreborn22205d ago

Gorky never needed grounding. He was always based off of monkey King there was no bases for them to always focus on power levels. The show got lost on the hype and fan demand. From my first statement I said I need Tien and Yamcha to complete my team. For MY FUN factor for MY REASONS.

And you are telling me I'm trying to change the overall concepts of the entire anime when the overall post I made was for me. How does that make any sense to you to argue with someone over something that is to their liking and try and make it as if they were always generalizing? Because I clearly wasn't, I have clearly been stating exactly what I like and dislike while you are challenging my preferences as if you can.

That's a silly thing to waste anyone's time on. Also, the crap writing for humans in the show is a huge issue period even for context because in that universe humans are legit the weakest beings yet somehow get wiped out every other story arc and still can seem to manage someway to exist. With Goku having a half human son humans should have way more capabilities then they have been shown to have. Even Uub has been shafted by dbz lord which initially set him up to be something special

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