Here’s Why Grand Theft Auto V Is So Amazing Four Years Later

After all these years, GTA V remains one of the best selling games ever. But there are several reasons behind its success.

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The game is still amazing I still enjoy playing it to this day. What absolutely blows my mind though is that the game's been out for 4 years the older I get the faster time flies

bloop1365d ago

For me it does feel like V has been around for some time now, but I can't believe GTA IV is almost a decade old now and GTA III released 16 years ago. Time certainly does fly the older you get.

princejb1341365d ago

I'm still amazed I haven't played this game. Been waiting for 4 years for a price drop lol.
Might have to just suck it up and buy it

UnSelf1365d ago

This game is beyond a doubt, the greatest game I've played in the past 4 years bar none. I only plat'd Second Son, HZ:D and FFXV in the interim but i still play this thing every single day and its not even close to plat'd

roadkillers1365d ago

Lol people are still holding back to purchase. I think it sells for $30 now, but yes that is expensive for a game. The last game I purchased for 30+ was PUBG and that's because you can make your money back.

medman1364d ago

I appreciate that people love Rockstar and GTA, but GTA V did nothing for me....I bought it, and after about 15 hours in, I was finished with it. It just didn't resonate with me personally.

Loktai1364d ago

Thats ok. I really liked GTA5 and its still not in my top 10. So I get what you mean...

GTA 5 is fucking awesome, well made, awesome world they built its just that I played it, finished it and
walked away.

I think the game is AMAZING dont get me wrong, and its not that GTA isnt my thing, I just had more fun with other games.

1365d ago
Profchaos1365d ago

I've finished it roughly 4 times now and achieved 110% completion but the multiplayer just doesn't interest me I'm having for a sequel

Kuma1365d ago

Not to mention great music and hilarious PC commentary on the car radios.

mezati991365d ago

i think i am the only one on this planet who hasn't played this game yet

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The story is too old to be commented.