PS4 vs Xbox One in the US – VGChartz Gap Charts – July 2017 Update

In July 2017 the gap in the US between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One grew in favor of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 sold 119,255 more units than the Xbox One in the last month. The PlayStation 4 sold 607,816 more units in the last year. The PlayStation 4 currently leads by 2.43 million units.

The PlayStation 4 launched in the US on November 15, 2013, while the Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013. The PlayStation 4 has sold 19.63 Million units, while the Xbox One has sold 17.19 million units.

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PhoenixUp398d ago

That's the smallest gap I've seen in the U.S. market between heavily competing platforms since the SNES vs Genesis days.

Chevalier397d ago

It's still a mountain to climb. If MS beat PS4 sales by 100, 000 a month it would still take 2 1/2 years to even the score. Its hard to imagine Xbox could win 30 months. The years not done too, it could be 1 million on the year by December.


Silly question but wut does one winning over the other do for us as gamers? They are both sustainable, and they both have new consoles in development for "next gen". What does who won mean to you and why?

GrubsterBeater397d ago


Let me enlighten you with some logical information.

When you have a console that's "winning", it means more support from developers, more titles, and with a greater install base comes an increase in software sales which can result in the possibility of sequels. Considering some people don't WANT to have multiple similar consoles, then their console of choice "winning" gives them a sense of hope for the future and also lets them know that they will have more support for their console of choice.

So your "silly question" is answered by simple logic and deductive reasoning. That hopefully also answers your question to "what one console winning means to me and why".

KillBill397d ago

@GrubsterBeater - actually not so much. Developers, for the most part, will support a console as long as they have a good base to draw gamers. Neither Sony nor MS are going to be of such a lesser point against each other that they won't be a draw to developers.

The more titles will depend on a lot of different factors with install base being just one aspect to look at. There will also be accessibility (which PUBG has utilized with MS preview program), ease of programming for, competition and more. For the most part when developers have the capability to launch on multiple platforms they will... when they don't then they start looking at the feasibility to pick a launch area. And being a small fish in a big pond doesn't necessarily get you that positioning you are looking for.

It really is more so Sony and MS seeking out new developers that get the exclusives on their systems. Though regional development can greatly influence a team by the demand in their region if they are trying to cater to a region versus a world launch.

MegamanXXX397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Just wait until Spider-Man and GOD of War come out

steveo123456397d ago

and the x1x drops....

All those in store forza demos on the new 4k oled big screens

It'll be hard to resist for some people wanting to treat themselves for xmas

MegamanXXX397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

So basically over $2000 dollars for an oled and One X right? I guess it will be hard to resist for the hardcore fans but not the casual gamer. Tbh Microsoft should already be winning in their home turf

steveo123456396d ago


Well yeah.

Within a few months I bought a new TV (2k's worth), an av receiver (£600) and if I didn't have a PC hooked up to them, I'd be looking for the best gaming hardware to take advantage of it.

If MS wanted to they could market the x1x to the audio/videophiles out there with some of its lesser known but top of the pile specs eg hdmi 2.1, dolby atmos audio etc.

You've got a point about the casual gamer, but there are plenty of casual gamers in the mid 20 somethings with piles of cash, it would be hard to resist for some. Just to get bragging rights out having the most powerful bit of kit.

It'll all go down to marketing, something I think sony does a lot better than MS.

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PhoenixUp397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

@ Chev

I'm not saying Xbox One has a chance of overtaking PS4 in that region, I'm saying the gap between the winner and the runner up in this region has usually been a lot bigger in past generations.

@ Mega

Even so I don't see this gap reaching 10+ million units.

@ niko

No shit the gap is growing. Who said it wasn't? I'm saying the gap being 2+ million is smaller than the gap between 3DS vs Vita, 360 vs PS3, DS vs PSP, PS2 vs Xbox, & PS1 vs N64 in the U.S. market

Chevalier397d ago

Yeah probably, but, the gap grows even with Xbox being even price, cheaper and many times with games added to pre-existing bundles. When the PS4 hits $200 you can see that growth come exponentially. The gap will be over 3 million by this years end in the U.S. Its insurmountable.

PhoenixUp397d ago

Well of course the gap is growing but even if the gap grows to 3 million, that total isn't as large as gaps tend to be in other generations.

Heck just look at how much PS4 outsells XO in other regions by an insurmountable gap

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Felsager397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Microsoft, do you know why that gap widens?

BECAUSE YOU NEED TO INVEST IN EXCLUSIVE TITLES AND DEVELOPERS. STOP BEING SO STINGY and start investing in games instead of clumsy hardball advertisement.

HINT: People purchases NEW consoles for their exclusive games.

Two Japanese consoles sells better in your own turf than your own native product. Wake up microsoft.

jokerisalive397d ago

I agree Felsager but with Phil in charge we won't see any new studios or ips anytime soon as he has closed down studios, cancelled games and now delayed CD3 til may of next year and I have a feeling he will cancel that too at the last minute and say it was better for Xbox like he did Scalebound. Phil is the reason we have no new ips and he openly stated that online community based games are what he feels ar relevant to them going forward so forget about great sp offline games that many of us enjoy and prefer. The X will sell to the hardcore fans and that's about it maybe a few will convert but it is not going to make that big of a difference because the exclusive games will not be there to push it more than just third party.

Felsager397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

>Phil Spencer becomes a full time dumbass retard closing exclusives and new studios.
>Microsoft looses billions in sales.
>Microsoft chooses between game division closure OR a different game director for that division.
>The gap in sales between the PS4 and XBOX1 widens in favor of PS4.
>Sony sells in US turf more than Xbox One.
>Switch sells in US turf more than Xbox One.
>XONEX becomes the new 3DO with a 500 dollars price with no exclusives.

See the problem?

jokerisalive397d ago

Exactly Felsager. All valid and very accurate points. Phil has completely ruined Xbox one imo with no identity from itself due to defining exclusives and no new investments in studios as well showing a piss poor effort. BC has become the scapegoat for him so they don't have to invest in new projects. All the talk of investing in first party games and studios was all bullshit PR from crooked smile Phil and he has outdone Don Mattrick at this point. At least under Mattrick there were games and third party deals. Now all the Xbox has relegated themselves to is looking for studios who will offer to develop for free so they don't have to invest anything and just push out the same mediocre bare minimum halo gears and forza titles. Phil should have been canned as soon as he decided to surrender their exclusives to pc and not show any desire for sp first party games and new studios. Just a bullshitter.

KickSpinFilter397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Spencer actually had the balls to say just go to our BC catalog to get your single player on. FU!
Sure, sure a lot like last gen when Sony just said get a second job to afford the PS3, FU!
Your supposed to learn from your and others mistakes!

Felsager397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Microsoft must make decisions between PC and their console. That compromise is holding them back in many areas. They want to justify Windows but they sacrifice lots of XBOX players with a phantasm of progress with no exclusive titles. Their SKU is just another charade of a cheap PC.

Microsoft must accept that consoles are merchandising objects when such objects shows EXCLUSIVES games. Microsoft doesn't want to commit and they don't want to accept their responsibilities with their clients who purchased the XBOX 1.

Sony risked the PS3, they lost a lot of money introducing Blu Ray, they made dubious bets supporting regular developers. Now these developers have names in the industry, Ninja Theory, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games. Sony took a lot of risks and they lost a lot. Now the PS4 is the harvesting season. A three play move was their main plan.

Sony did something basic, LISTEN to what players want. They did and now look at them printing money. Microsoft wanted to take a different path but for such divergence now they are paying dearly. Microsoft must recognize that Japanese entrepreneurs are smart and bold with their decisions. That stubbornness Microsoft has is costing the whole game division.

Is Microsoft this slow? Are they?

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mcstorm397d ago

Good numbers for both tbh. Yes Sony have great numbers world wide but Microsoft are not to far behind at home is good for them considering the xbox one state over the last few years.

Will be interesting to see if the Pro or X can push on the 2 consoles later on this year.

steveo123456397d ago

Wow! I'll confess I pay no attention to sales figures. I obviously knew PS4 was ahead my the rhetoric of the fan boys, but seriously this is such a small lead! I thought it was outselling xbox by 5-1 the way some people go on.

A 2.5 million lead is practically nothing on circa 20 million units sold. Its barely more than 10%

Interesting times ahead with the x1x launching....

MegamanXXX397d ago

People looking forward to XB1x are existing owners mostly

akaFullMetal397d ago

US only stats, wold wide numbers to be belived is 2 to 1 in sons favor.

Don't know if xbx1 will upend anything, but based on price alone it seems it wont.

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