The Nintendo Switch Storage Management is Horrifyingly Cumbersome

The Nintendo Switch is a console that has seen nothing but success. But one of the biggest issues regarding the console has shown its ugly head with multiplatform releases.

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FallenAngel19842016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

How much will these third party games sell on a console that flat out requires consumers to buy additional storage just to experience certain titles?

Not to mention that some NS multiplats will be more expensive than on competing consoles.

-GreenRanger2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

This needs be fixed ASAP. Nintendo can't just go around assuming everyone has an extra Micro SD card laying around.

Pantz2015d ago

They assume everyone had a compatible smartphone for their online app.

MeteorPanda2016d ago

l keep getting downvoted when l keep highlighting the insane prices the switch has on 1/ storage and 2/ games

it does my head in, it's getting praised and the vita got shat on. if people had this same reception for the vita, a still good handhold with oled screen it'd be more supported. Ah well. Sheep

Prince_TFK2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

The Switch uses micro SD card, while the Vita uses expensive proprietary card.

Guess which one is more cumbersome.

InKnight7s2016d ago

When human being blindly biased its become a really horrifying and pathetic story.

2016d ago
DankSinatra2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Because for under $100 I could buy two 128gb micro SD cards for the switch where as the Vita i could buy buy 32gb for $100, which one do you think is worse?

UletheVee312016d ago


I don't give a damn about how many SD cards I can or cannot buy with 10 dollars. It's still a cumbersome way to handle storage.

Prince_TFK2016d ago

Oh yeah...go out, buy a memory card, come back, put it into the Switch, done.

Very cumbersome indeed.

2016d ago
Servbot412015d ago

It's extremely stupid on Nintendo's part, sure, but the Vita memory issue was above and beyond just stupid; it downright dragged the console down to oblivion. I can't fathom why Sony was such a stickler on the issue of price when it clearly was killing the console.

DankSinatra2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

So it's too cumbersome to place an SD card the size of a finger nail into the storage slot? Especially when it's costs far less than what the Vita had to offer since that's the comparison being made?

Not really, the Vita was the worse I've ever seen or had when it came to storage for any console, it makes sense for the switch considering it's ment to be more portable and doesn't cost as much as company branded and made memory cards, that's like saying external Sd for consoles and PC are too cumbersome and don't make sense, AAA support depends on how many people that own the console buys the product, so far there's AAA support but it depends again on how many buys the product.

nitus102015d ago


You can buy a MicroSD adaptor for your Vita it's pretty cheap.

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PhoenixUp2016d ago

Holy crap this article just reminded me that Switch
owners can't transfer save files from the console to an SD card. That just makes data management even more cumbersome.

If a game's save file takes up 5GB like NBA 2K18 for example, it's going to be an extremely difficult choice to delete that save file if it's a game you love that you put a lot of time into just to clear up space for more data.

God save you if you have multiple people with different profiles trying to manage data across one console.

nevin12016d ago

[email protected] trying to debate me old school vs new console/game.

VariantAEC2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

You mean how old consoles worked to make save game data a hassle?
First of all, all of the console manufacturers moved away from measuring storage in blocks using proprietary memory cards with needlessly tiny amounts of storage space... Even Nintendo moved away from this! But now Nintendo are back at it the only difference is that they no longer measure things in blocks and aren't using proprietary media... It the same old problems on brand new hardware. Where everyone else has decided to move forward, Nintendo took what will no doubt be defended as some kind of strategic back-ward step.

UletheVee312016d ago

And this is why I stick with Steam... AT the very least my save files go to a cloud for whenever i want to clear goddamned space in my goddamned computer... Goddamn.

DigitalRaptor2015d ago

There's no way that a save file is 5GB in size. That can't be true? Can it?

DigitalRaptor2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

But how...? And why...?

Not even PS4 has save files this large. I think the biggest one I've seen is Final Fantasy XV at around 600MB. Well, I'm not gonna be buying that game anyway, but I hope this isn't a common thing on the Switch.

nitus102015d ago


For Doom.

For NBA 2K18.

Not sure about Skyrim but it will have the three DLC's which should make the storage size about 20GB. It should be noted that the DLC should be optional since if you install all three at once you may find you have issues.

As an example, if you install "Dawnguard" you will get continuous vampire attacks pretty much every time you enter a town and you may end up with some important (this is subjective) NPC's being killed. If you are not careful your main character could become a vampire as well.

spdygaming2016d ago

Shades of the early days of the PS1's memory card rearing its ugly head.

nevin12016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

[email protected] Phoenixup up.


Switch- 2017

At least you still can play full PS1 games without the memory cards.

VariantAEC2016d ago

Pen and paper was also kind of a hassle... I remember those days!

nitus102015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Yes, you can play PS1 and PS2 games without a memory card although it does get rather annoying when you switch off the machine and find you have to start again from the beginning after you power up your machine. 😉

Of course, you could have a PS3 to play your PS1 games or a BC PS3 to play PS2 games and all you need is to create a virtual memory card on the PS3's hard drive.

PhoenixUp2015d ago

@ Nevin

At least with PS1 & PS2 you could store saves on as many memory cards as you want.

On NS you're limited to only the limited internal storage for save files.

MattDavisIP2016d ago

I agree 100 % and this needs fixing ASAP!

-Foxtrot2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I don't see why they couldn't have added a 250-500GB storage to the Switch Dock. The SD cards could have been for on the go

Want to make room on you Switch SD card, move data to the dock

UletheVee312016d ago

That's what I thought the dock was going to be used for... Then again I thought that using cartridges would be unlimited storage so.. yeah.

PhoenixUp2016d ago

Cuz that would've still raised the price. Nintendo knew Switch would have trouble selling if the base model costed more than $300.

UletheVee312015d ago

The PS4 Slim costs the same price and it has 500GB of internal storage though...

nitus102015d ago


Actually, you are going to have a difficult time purchasing the PS4slim without a 1TB drive unless you opt for second hand.

Even if you have a 500GB PS4 you can easily and relatively cheaply replace the internal storage for a 1TB or larger HDD or just use an external drive.

PhoenixUp2015d ago

@ Ule

PS4 isn't a mobile device. Mobile devices usually cost more to make than equivalent stationary devices.

Sony can easily increase the storage in their SKUs while Nintendo unfortunately will mos likely keep NS at 32GB for its entire lifespan

Servbot412015d ago

I can't see why you can't transfer save data to the SD card or a cloud server in order to free up space, but Nintendo gonna 'tendo.

nitus102015d ago

Saves don't normally take up that much space and therefore could easily be saved to cloud storage but that becomes problematic if you wish to upload DLC and patched files.

A PS+ member gets 10GB of cloud storage for saves and the like but there is is no facility for DLC and patched files. You can backup your storage if you have a larger or equivalent sized disk though.

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