What's Wrong With a Little Mystery?

Leaks and teasers are everywhere in the video game industry. Let's bring back and celebrate the unknown!

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FallenAngel1984396d ago

You can already tell it's a dispatches article just by the look of the thumbnail

drizzom396d ago

Well I'd love to have mystery back in games after purchase but after stinkers like FFXV and Aliens: Colonial Marines I cant trust marketing anymore with how terribly they lie to the consumers. I used to not have to wonder but when they start pulling these misleading marketing trailers for games I cant be bothered to take their word for anything anymore.

Fullmetalevolust395d ago

I come from a video gaming era where all the references you had where either in a magazine or the cover box of the game. And that's all one ever knew about gameplay and how it handled til a friend or a neighbor had the game, better yet some stores would have demos (genius marketing at the time).
I'm glad we know everything there's to know about a game and the magic is still there if the game is amazing. I am in my third decade and I'm still in awe with the games coming out.