Xbox One X/PS4 Pro Graphical Differences Will Be Visible In Big AAA Games – BetaDwarf

Ever since Microsoft shared more details about the Xbox One X, there's been much discussion about the differences between graphics on the console versus that of PS4 Pro.

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crazyCoconuts402d ago

With the assistance of a magnifying glass

GamingIVfun402d ago

The difference is noticeable with the naked eye, but it's not a night and day difference. If you have a TV with HDR that's where the real difference shines, but it's not like the games on the standard systems are going to suddenly look bad or even hugely inferior.

Ju402d ago

And you know that because you have first hand played those games on your Pro and your XoX, of course. Oh wait...

SierraGuy402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Pro handles HDR processing natively unlike 1X and your 1X lacks rapid packed math capability (Vega tech). I'll deal with the slightly less resolution/textures, better games until PS5 annihalates this thing. Come next July and we will be talking about how there is no difference between visuals and asking ourselves how Sony did it again with "inferior" hardware.

Septic401d ago

Haha now people wont be able to tell the differences? Amazing!

Get over it people, X1X games will run the best on consoles and unless you're Stevie Wonder, you will be able to see that.

Bigpappy401d ago

The higher resolution will result in a cleaner, sharper image. But the real differentiators here, will be the level of textures and lighting used at these high resolutions. The X1X more VRAM and faster bandwidth is what will make it tower waaay over what the Pro can come close to achieving. Those who have convinced themselves that the average gamer wouldn't be able to notice the difference will be surely disappointed.

CernaML401d ago


Kinda like how you guys can suddenly spot the differences now? lol

Septic401d ago

"Kinda like how you guys can suddenly spot the differences now? lol"

Well I'vealways maintained that the difference is real . I can back it up.

itsmebryan401d ago

You can't compare apples and oranges because they are different games.
But, when you compare games that are on both systems it easy to till the improvements over a handful of" exclusives" that don't interest me.

fiveby9401d ago

Not sure this should be considered a "News" article. At this point, it is considered opinion.

GamingIVfun401d ago

Don't give Septic attention he is the biggest troll on N4G. You all have noticed he is a trouble maker.

rainslacker401d ago

HDR on the PS4P is just as good as it is on the X1. So probably won't see much difference between the two due to that.

letsa_go401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

@Septic BULLSHIT. You and your xbox buddies constantly said for almost 4 years that 900p vs 1080p was "slightly better" and you can't even tell the difference from 10 feet away. PS4's 40% more GPU horsepower was "slightly faster". Now that the specs moved in the other direction, all of a sudden you can see the difference between checkerboard and native rendering, and 40% more power is "beast" to you. Like what the hell? How can you not see how much of a hypocrite you are being??

Also, how does gamingbolt manage to pull these no-name developers out of the woodwork to make their clickbait articles? What the hell is minion masters?? haha

OffRoadKing401d ago

And Pro is capable of HDR so wheres the difference exactly?

401d ago
frostypants401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

@GamingIVFun: "If you have a TV with HDR that's where the real difference shines"

The Pro does HDR every bit as well as the X. Perhaps even better. The X's advantages have nothing to do with HDR.

@Septic: "X1X games will run the best on consoles and unless you're Stevie Wonder, you will be able to see that."

Oh geez. LOL. No. If that were true, DigitalFoundry wouldn't be necessary. It takes larger orders of magnitude for people to see a major difference as hardware improves. Most people can barely tell the difference between 4K and 2K at normal viewing distance, and anyone who claims otherwise is a liar or hasn't actually tried it. The X will be the better version, but 9 times out of 10 it will be extremely minor to the naked eye. There's a reason why Sony isn't rushing to get another PS console out.

Realms401d ago


LOL. Ever heard of the law of diminishing returns the difference won't be huge but I guess you already know that. With each generation the gap or leap has gotten smaller this is no different and as we move forward it will be less and less. We get it you desperately want MS to win something anything but the truth is a PC makes X obsolete if power is what your after.

rainslacker400d ago

lol @ all the disagrees about my HDR comment. Would be curious how a function of HDR, which in itself is processed by the TV, with next to no rendering processes applied to it other than to export the pixel meta data for said TV, is somehow better on the X1X.

HDR differences are seen based on the TV and the actual format of HDR used. Since both X1X, X1, PS4, and PS4P all use HDR10, what exactly does the X1X have over every other console on the market?

HDR will indeed be more impressive than the bump in resolution if one is coming from a non-HDR system, but it's not something for one console's fan boys to lord over the other sides, as this benefit is there for all but the stock X1 owners to enjoy.

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-GreenRanger402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Of course you can tell the difference between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, otherwise developers wouldn't give a shit about the extra power in the Xbox One X or native 4K, and just stick with that amazing checkerboard thingy on every game.

MrFisher21402d ago

Did you enjoy Horizon Dawn?

Kribwalker401d ago

I haven't, which is why I've been at lvl 11 since mid April

343_Guilty_Spark402d ago

You don't need a magnifying glass to see 2 million more pixels on native 4k vs checkboard 4k.

KickSpinFilter402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Look at it this way:
Checkerboard 4K rendering to native 4K is of diminishing returns. Let's look at a beach it's boulders versus rocks for an (extreme) illustration, that was org XB1 to PS4, now we move to XBX vs PS4 Pro. To illustrate we start looking at sand in Hawaii compared to sand in CapeCod, USA. From the same distance that we were looking at the boulders and rocks. While the sand in Hawaii is much more fine than the course sand at the Cape we can't tell the difference really from that same distance as we were from the boulders and rocks. Sure if you get on your hands and knees ya it's a big difference from 6 inches away! Most sit at least 6 feet away from their sand errrr TV. So if XBX gives us more people on the beach, trash, umbrellas, coolers, shells, sand blowing around into peoples faces and dead starfish now your talking! Or will we get parity with XB1? So there ya have it…your pounding sand.

crazyCoconuts402d ago

I think most people would. Look at the chart on this site:
You'd need your face right up against a 60" to tell the difference

x_xavier_x402d ago

@ KickSpinFilter

Uhm, what?

Death401d ago

It's amusing to see the people that could spot the difference between native 1080p and upscaled 1080p, but are blind to native 4K and upscaled 4K.

Realistically, upscaled or checkerboard 4K will look very similar to native 4K. The biggest difference will be in the amount of games taking advantage of the more powerful platforms. Sony's parity clause with PS4 and the more time consuming porting process will make a bigger impact than the displayed resolution.

notachance401d ago

no but you need 2 TVs side-by-side with 2 copies of the game each on a different platform

I imagine not many people have that kind of setup

Gh05t401d ago


Its almost as if I walk into a store to buy a TV and there aren't multiple TV's side by side playing the same video... Will I be able to tell the difference once I take the tv home? Nope, but that doesn't mean I don't know deep down there is someone else out there playing a video in more detail than what I have. It's up for people to decide whether they want that or not.

That's really the whole point of premium products. The return is diminishing but it is still there.

notachance401d ago (Edited 401d ago )


but the TV analogy often have competitive price with similar if not the same feature, here we have $100 more expensive products with far more inferior game offerings compared to PS4Pro, with vastly more communities everywhere except NA/UK, maybe even including those two region now.

people would rather play with friends than choosing slightly better graphics, that's why XB pushed crossplay like mad now, so that people won't choose other console simply because the majority of people play there.

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XStation4pio_Pro402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

It’s not just resolution... and 4k is literally double the resolution. When you have a 4k tv, blurring and aliasing are nonissues. If a game is running in true 4k it’s near impossible to see chatter. But beyond that it’s better frame rates and more effects. Things like more particles means things like more environmental effects, more and better smoke effects. Better explosion effects, better water, higher fidelity animation cycles, cube mapping, higher res 4k textures etc.

if you want to see even a modest piece of evidence of more power mattering, play gta5 in boost mode on PS4 pro and tell me the added fluidity in frame rates doesn’t make a difference.

The fanboys were laughing at the Xbox one doing 900p vs 1080p PS4 games and people swore they could see the difference of of 320 x 180 pixels, yet doubling the resolution, improving texture quality and frame rates is an imperceivable difference. Lmfao. You obviously don’t have a 4k tv or experience with higher fidelity gear.

crazyCoconuts401d ago

The part a lot of people keep missing is that resolution alone is reaching a point of diminishing returns because your eyesight has limitations. So 900p to 1080p will be more obvious than 1600p to 2160p. The additional memory the X has opens the door to more than just resolution (like better textures) which I think will yield a bigger difference than resolution. How much 3rd party developers take advantage of it remains to be seen. The reason the best looking ps4 and Xbox games are typically exclusives is because the 3rd party developers rarely do...

steveo123456401d ago

"The fanboys were laughing at the Xbox one doing 900p vs 1080p PS4 games and people swore they could see the difference of of 320 x 180 pixels, yet doubling the resolution, improving texture quality and frame rates is an imperceivable difference. Lmfao. You obviously don’t have a 4k tv or experience with higher fidelity gear."

Totally agree. I do laugh at the hypocrisy. I believe we are looking at fan boy karma...

Don't worry though, in a few years when sony releases ps5 it will go the other way again, then rinse and repeat..

Like I tell my children when one of them moans to me that the other one is picking on them 'IF YOU CANT TAKE IT, DONT GIVE IT, NOW SHUT UP IM NOT INTERESTED'


Some of y'all still don't get it... RAM folks! PS4 = 8gb GDDR5, PS4 Pro = 8gb GDDR5, X1 = 8gb DDR3, what do they all have in common? THE SAME AMOUNT OF MEMORY!

PS4 has faster RAM over X1, so for example, when you load into say... Battlefield, and the textures and objects load before your eyes when your getting ready to load out. On PS4 it loads in faster than X1, but the end result is still the same texture quality.

When you see DF analyze PS4 Pro vs PC on graphics comparisons, you will ALWAYS notice that PC has higher res textures simply because more RAM, or PC draw distance or LOD is better, because it has more RAM!

Now, the Graphics Settings like Textures, Object Count, LOD, etc. (other memory extensive task) on X1X vs Pro will be more noticeable than PS4 Pro vs PS4. PS4 Pro vs PS4 is usually higher native Res or double the frame-rate with pretty much the same graphical quality with minor tweaks here and there.

The biggest benefit of the X1X over PS4 Pro/PS4/X1 is the amount of Memory and is what will separate it from the rest visually :)

Kribwalker401d ago

Yep. It's not just resolution or a few extra blades of grass, it's Medium settings vs high/ultra settings, thanks mostly in part to the extra GPU power and RAM

CP_Company401d ago

yeah,kinda agree.look at DF footage,they are zooming like many times to see any you gonna see that in action? never you are going to see. especially if you don't run the same game on two different monitors and consoles side by side.

xsta1ker401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

you will definitely see big differences between pro & x1x @ full speed you maybe trying hard to convince yourself
otherwise but don't try selling that cool aid here because we aren't drinking.

@ full speed you will definitely see alot of pop in on the pro because of the almost 50%gpu power
and the massive ram advantage of the x1x... the draw distance alone will clearly stand out on the x1x
and not only that all games will run better

strifeblade401d ago

oh yeah- but u didnt need a magnifying glass to spot the difference between an xbox one and ps4, Nice TRY.

porkChop401d ago

Funny. No one seemed to need a magnifying glass to point out the small differences between PS4 and XBO games. The power gap between the X and the PS4 Pro is 1.8 TFLOPS. The difference between XBO and PS4 was only about 500 GFLOPS. Meaning that the gap is now almost 4 times larger, and with an extra 3 GB of RAM as well.

The difference will be clearly visible. That's just a fact. It doesn't really matter though, because the PS side of things will still have the better library of games anyway.

itsmebryan401d ago

Or a set of working eyes you can see the difference. But, nice try.

BrettAwesome401d ago

Gamingbolt sucks catholic ASS!!

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KionicWarlord222402d ago

Of course as expected. The beast has ascended and already made Digital Foundry take a bow and salivate with glee.

Solidifying Xbox One X as the 4K console to get.

It was pretty much over after that statement. But of course there are those on n4g that are some what slow.

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Ju402d ago

BS. Call me when you will be playing Destiny2 and point out those obvious differences without pause and zoom when people have a hard time acknowledging that there is a difference between 1080p and 4K (today). Yes, I want to see those arguments when you'll point out that extra shadow resolution in "real" 4k...and nobody cares. Good luck. Meanwhile we've been gaming in 4K for over a year.

KionicWarlord222402d ago

There will be obvious differences across many games that are directly as apparent as Rise of Tombraider comparison.

Not something that needs to be debated.

Xbox One X is designed to show the best versions of games in comparison to a PC version.

Were as Ps4 Pro is more about resolution bumps. Its not really a horse in this comparison.

Ju400d ago

Yet again. BS. The XoX probably lifts above what a $500 PC does. And the Pro does the same for a $400 segment. And then there will be more expensive PCs which play the game "better". Who cares. It's about that sweetspot where it gives you the best performance for the money. And XoX ain't it. And if it will sell like hot cakes, Sony will probably increase the price advantage by another $50 at some point. Yet, still, the "upgrade" from XoX _IS_ smaller than from PS4 to the Pro. I am looking forward to the arguments we'll be having when games for the XoX will actually release.

You Xboxer get all excited because you were gaming subbar for so long. And sure, the gap is even bigger between XO and XoX.

KwietStorm402d ago

"Of course as expected. The beast has ascended and already made Digital Foundry take a bow and salivate with glee."


iDadio402d ago

I know right, I almost creased up cringing at it haha

OffRoadKing401d ago

You got to hand it to the guy at least he's consistent in his spouting of regurgitated verbal diarrhea.

Blade92401d ago

Get a PC scrub. Your precious OneX still can't do over 60fps for games and run native 4k for every game! 6TF what a joke.

Prince_TFK401d ago

And neither can the PS4 Pro.

TKCMuzzer401d ago

Which of course would be great........if everybody owned a 4K TV. How can I play Uncharted, The Last Of Us 2, God Of War etc etc if its the console to get? If you're splashing out $500 to play slightly better looking 3rd party games which are available on other consoles then maybe you are the one on N4G who are somewhat slow.

xsta1ker401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

@TKC that's a subjective statement tring to claim just because the x1x doesn't have exclusive games
you prefer to play that some how makes x1x not the console to get... thats just dumb you should
think before you post.

thats like me saying ps4 doesn't have halo forza or gears so how is it the console to have it's subjective content
and just states one's preference.

now the true argument would be seeing exclusive games only make up 10% of games on both consoles
what's the other benefits between the 2 consoles much better AAA support that makes up 95% of all games on both systems 4k blue ray backwards compatibility you see how that's a true argument and not a subjective
opinion right... i thought so.

OffRoadKing401d ago

Its rare I call out a shill but my God dude you are the antithesis of the word. Nothings been solidified but go ahead and keep pretending if you say it a bunch of times it will become real.

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400d ago
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Pancit_Canton402d ago

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PS4 Pro Vs Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on the XboneX.

PS4 PRO wins by default. lol

Kribwalker401d ago

Forza horizon 3 on Xbox bs Forza horizon 3 on PS4, Xbox wins by default.
Nintendo switch/Xbox/pc crossplay in games like minecraft and rocket league with even more announced vs PS4 crossplay with pc on a few games

Xbox/switch win by default

401d ago
Kribwalker401d ago


Ironic, seeing as he is using the 6th uncharted game in 9 years in his comparison

P_Bomb401d ago

10 years krib.

One of those 6 games is a vita handheld, another is a standalone expansion to UC4. Not quite the same thing, but I digress.

Kribwalker401d ago


How is it different? You also have GT Sport coming out, another GT game, and then you have another god of war game, which will be the 12th release (including remastered and collections plus psp and vita) since 2005.
You wanna talk Halo Gears Forza, well I see more Uncharteds then Gears or Halo since release, more God of Wars then Gears or Halo, the only one that has more releases is Forza.

P_Bomb399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

It's different because one is a $40 standalone expansion thats included with the UC4 season pass. It even sits tethered to Uncharted 4 on your xmb psn profile which you'd know if you'd played them.

If we're counting DLCs, expansions, or simply every time the name's been attached to software, then count:

Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 4
Halo 5
Halo 3 odst
Halo Reach
Halo Spartan strike
Halo Wars
Halo Wars 2
Halo MCC
Halo Anniversary

as per

So who cares

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Rude-ro402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

nope. But keep hoping.
Core engines... I will take PS4 games as is over 4k Xbox one games any day.
If certain media and fans did not have an issue with the Xbox one for 4 years... very many players will have no issue with 1080p + gaming.
Plus, it is a Microsoft product... I would hold off just due to the fact they have not made a successful hardware product since the original Xbox.

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