Skyrim on Switch Confirmed to Be Special Edition, Pete Hines Comments on Mod Support

According to Bethesda's official site, the version of Skyrim we're getting on the Nintendo Switch is in fact based on the Special Edition.

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CyrusLemont402d ago

Not saying that it won't be but this article and Bethesda's website provide no information that confirms this as the "Special Edition". The website simply reveals that the the Switch version includes all DLC expansions -which is awesome!- but nothing more.

Careful wording here with the use of "Based on" also makes me feel inclined to believe that this article is trying to lure people in for clicks and at the same time cover themselves for providing misleading information.

I'm sure TES V won't be the standard edition as that version is old, but I wonder if it'll be the Special Edition, or an Inbetween Visuals Edition.

wonderfulmonkeyman402d ago

Looking at the footage and how some of the lighting and other effects match what the Special Edition brought over, I'm inclined to believe what you and others have said; that it's an in-between version, though it will likely use Special Edition stuff almost exclusively whereever it's possible for it to do so.

As for mod support; I'm not holding my breath on it, but it would be amazing if it could happen.
I might get an entirely separate memory card just for Skyrim, if mod support becomes a thing on the Switch version.
I know of at least one certain multiple object quest that I'd love to have some damned markers for, or at least an item in my inventory or on my person that would show some signs [flashing lights or sounds or something] when I'm near one of the said objects...

septemberindecember402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Thanks for that notification. I think that the publication saw the Special Edition tag on Bethesda's site and assumed. Unfortunately I'm still fairly new to the posting process, so I don't know how to change this to make it more accurate. Can I change this from news to a rumor? Or does it stay the way it was approved until a report comes in?

KwietStorm402d ago

Headline says confirmed to be Special Edition. Article says "based on" the Special Edition..whatever that means.

wonderfulmonkeyman401d ago

Based on would probably mean it's an inbetween version that uses elements from the special edition, and anything that isn't from the special edition is a custom job to raise it above the vanilla version.

Gemmol402d ago

It is confirm from digital foundry two weeks ago

_-EDMIX-_401d ago

Accept digital Foundry is not Bethesda and they never actually confirmed anything of the sort.

Vegamyster402d ago

Based on the footage I've seen it is using the new lighting, water shaders and vegetation ect, the only thing i saw that was missing was the light rays & the draw distance isn't as good as the PS4/Xone version.

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zivtheawesome402d ago

the site is BS. they send you a link that they claim that confirms it is the SE but it confirmed nothing.

chris235402d ago

were they able to leave all the main quests in the game for it to run smoothly on the world dominating console killer?

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