DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Announcement of Doom for Nintendo Switch was really surprising especialy it camealongside with a short glimpse of a gameplay. Let’s compare that footage to PS4 version of it. One can be told here. Switch is greatly handling this game.

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rivaldoo777425d ago

Wow what a fantastic 3rd party support.

FATAL1TY424d ago

DOOM (PS4): 1080p 60 FPS, Superb graphics ($250), cheaper and much Better... *Perfect price-perf ratio

DOOM (switch): 720p + old gen settings ($350)

Bruh424d ago


Yeah but I can play it on the go without the need for any remote streaming loll

Dumbass comparison, but hey its N4G

FlameBaitGod424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

"Dumbass comparison, but hey its N4G"

I think you should reevaluate calling something "dumbass" when you don't even know that N4G isn't the one writing these stories, people submit news articles from other sites.

dantesparda424d ago

"Dumbass comparison, but hey its N4G"

The dumbass comparison is the dumbass comment you just made . And with graphics quality that low, it doesnt even look better than if it was streamed from PS4 or X1. So, lol at you.

Kingthrash360424d ago

People say "Nintendo has no 3rd party"
Then Nintendo makes an effort to get major 3rd party it's
"It looks ugly at a higher price".
This is the problem with the gaming community. Nintendo makes an effort to appease gamers and even grant the ability to play these games on the go. People still get negative. Mean while MS skip's a full year of bringing games, eliminate's exclusive's, delays 3 games, hasn't announced a new console exclusive AAA ip since sunset overdrive and quantum break at launch unless we include scalebound which was cancelled this year (recore is a AA game), it's new xbox X runs halo wars2 at 4k but at sub 30fps with screen tearing and drops as low as 21fps and it's 500 bucks...and nobody bats a eye.

inveni0424d ago

When I watch the Switch gameplay, I feel like I need to clean my glasses. But I don't require glasses. And then I frown for Switch.

Army_of_Darkness424d ago

For a handheld port, doom looks great!..... That's all I will say.

DarXyde424d ago


It's about preference, really. Better graphics but stationary for PS4, worse graphics but portable for Switch. Just a matter of priorities. I don't know if Doom is the type of game you want to play on the go, but the option is there. Controls might be a fun fit too.

All things considered, Switch is clearly inferior in terms of visual fidelity, but it's not handling the game poorly either. Provided you enjoy Doom, I don't think either version is bad.

BrettAwesome423d ago

My god. Aren't you a bunch of cunts?! The only ones complaining are the ones who never plan on buying a switch anyway. Why do you have such a big fucking problem with Nintendo getting 3rd party support? Are you such a bunch of PUSSIES that you can't even handle the fact that Nintendo has become cool again? Fuck it! I'm gonna buy myself a switch <3 <3 <3

inveni0423d ago

@BrettAwesome, the N4G comments don't prohibit 3rd-party support for Switch. The companies know that internet comments do not a general survey make. They find some devs to give their platform a shot, and then they let the sales tell them if the platform is supported for that kind of game. Not the comments. The sales.

So buy a Switch and buy Doom if that's the game and platform you want. Then, if enough people do the same, you'll get more of what you want. That's how supply and demand work.

As for me, the Switch is overpriced hardware, and the software support is just not there, because fidelity is important to me.

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littlezizu424d ago

It's 30 fps 720p compared to ps4 60 fps 1080p for ps4.
This is trailer footage let DF compare actual game footage then you will know the downgrade

Neonridr424d ago

has the resolution / framerate been confirmed? Or are you just doing what you do and pulling facts from where the sun don't shine?

rulparra424d ago

"It's 30 fps 720p compared to ps4 60 fps 1080p for ps4."
destiny 2 30fps 1080p compared to pc 60fps 4k native full graphics for pc. so what, everybody that likes destiny 2 is playing it on ps4 and xbox.

Taz X14424d ago

Ps4 $300 - Switch $300 - 60fps4k capable PC-???
Ps4-Xbox-Switch- Pickup and play- Very few software compatibility/optimization issues.
PC-Nowhere near as pickup and play/optimized
That's not really the best comparison to make...

Str8Chaos74424d ago

"PC-Nowhere near as pickup and play/optimized" that is total BS.

Taz X14424d ago

I play mostly on PC and I can honestly say this is absolutely correct. From dealing with typical PC issues to dealing with issues on steam, PC is nowhere near as user-friendly as consoles and it's one of the main reasons console gaming exists. A simple example: How many steps does it take to turn on, login and start a game on PC? It's all easy stuff only taking a few seconds each, but at the end of the day, as gamers we can be incredibly lazy lol. Then you have the weird technical issues that pop up all the time. Case in point is Windows' recent game stuttering debacle on PC resulting from their most recent update. These random issues occur all the time on computers. Again, while it only takes a few minutes to correct, it all does deter from being pick up and play like consoles. That's the drawback from having a system that does everything including games.

As for optimization... again, how is what I said incorrect. Look at the big exclusives and tell me they don't look for the best optimizations to get the most out of the hardware. Uncharted 4 is an amazing game on many fronts, technically most of all. While it may not compare to games running on a beast of a PC, for what the ps4 hardware puts out, it's super damn impressive. And while Nvidia has their Nvidia experience optimizer, it doesn't work the best either. Then you also have games like the WB ones which are nearly unplayable and broken from being so incompatible with the vast array of PC hardware.

PC has a ton of advantages such as customization, power (if you're willing to drop some extra cash), a plethora of games, numerous control types, etc. However, ease of use and optimization are not these things at all.

steveo123456424d ago

I thought graphics don't matter anymore?

Or is the excuse to get some hate in too irriestable

Bruh424d ago

The PS4 isn't even 1080p, it runs at a dynamic resolution that scales from 900p to 1080p

morganfell424d ago

I have also heard there is no Snapmap, and Multiplayer is a separate download.

morganfell424d ago

"PC-Nowhere near as pickup and play/optimized "

In what world do you live? The only thing I do to my PC titles is crank up the settings then I play. Worst thing I deal with is picking a controller configuration for Big Screen when the game doesn't natively support controllers, and then it is just picking one from the numerous ones uploaded

dantesparda424d ago


Again, with the stupid sh't, get your facts right before opening up your mouth so you dont look so dumb. But watch the DF and NXGamer videos again and listen closely and watch as both of them say that the PS4 version of the game runs at 1080 most of the time whereas the X1 version of the actually runs closer to 900p most of the time. So yes they both run at a dynamic res. But the PS4 version sticks to 1080p most of time. Also, this Switch version looks like its actually running at a even lower res than 720p and the textures look low res as sh't.

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wonderfulmonkeyman424d ago

Less than 8 months ago, all of the naysayers were saying DOOM couldn't even RUN on Switch.
Now you're all pointing and laughing like hyenas because it's a port? After all the times you've drooled over ports yourselves?
Way to move the goal-posts. Anything to keep that hater narrative up and running.>_>;;

MrFisher21424d ago

The doom we played. Not this downgrade. That's a different topic

wonderfulmonkeyman424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Aside from the map editor and a small downgrade to the graphics, which is honestly so small that it's inconsequential to anyone that isn't anal about graphics, it's the same damn game, and you're cherry-picking to try and make it seem like it's not.
So no, not a different topic. At all means AT ALL; you're all moving the goalposts again.

thejigisup424d ago

still kinda looks like crap. Any game can run on any system if its dumbed down enough

wonderfulmonkeyman424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

No, not really.
It could look a LOT worse, and when the game is in motion and the action is coming hot and fast, you're not going to notice the differences that are there.
You're entitled to your opinion, but it does not objectively look horrible. At all.
Besides, if graphics are a huge deal to anyone here, then go play the PC version instead of heckling Switch owners here.
It would be more productive and entertaining for everyone involved, compared to this ridiculous downplaying session that everyone who doesn't own a Switch seems so adamant to carry to whatever they deem as completion.

Prince_TFK424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

We finally got to play games like Doom on the go, but the fanboys here proclaiming it has been downgraded. What did you expect? For the game to run at 4k at 120fps? Kindda unreasonable you think?

It is a great achievement that games like Doom and Wolfenstein 2 do run on the Switch, which itself is only a fraction of the power of the PS4. Its really annoy me that these fanboy always roam in Switch's article.

I thought the Switch couldn't run AAA games? But now that it does, it is due to the game being downgraded? Lmao...the 180 on this site is just laughable.

Garethvk424d ago

Considering they have had to lower the graphics, frame rate and omit the map editor I think the first statement is factual. It could not run on the Switch as it was released. Like the Wii before it, many games have to be lowered with content omitted to run on it.

DJStotty424d ago

I think ID have done a great job getting DOOM and Wolfenstein on the switch.

It may not be as powerful as other consoles but its great to see nintendo getting 3rd party support again

Imalwaysright424d ago (Edited 424d ago )


Not true. Shadow of Mordor on the PS3/360 wasn't the same game that it was on the PS4/X1/PC but then again its the only true next gen game in the current generation.


"I thought the Switch couldn't run AAA games?"

Whoever said that doesn't know what a AAA game is.

PurpHerbison424d ago

wAy To MoVe ThE gOaL pOsTs!

424d ago
2pacalypsenow424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Quake 2 ran on the PS1, a 1997 game which at the time set the bar for graphics, ran on 1993/94 hardware. It's nothing new, it was also graphically downgraded.

It's noticeable on the Switch.

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Apex13424d ago

They have done a good job. If this was on Vita it wouldn't be up to par and I bet you wouldn't make such a dumb comment. Dev's have done a brilliant job with the hardware if you ask me

spicelicka424d ago

Except the Vita is $100. An Xbox One can be bought for $200 (CAD), a PS4 can be bought for under $250.....while the Switch costs $400.

For that price you can get a laptop that can run better graphics and you get a computer free.

BrettAwesome423d ago

Wow, you're full of shit. The switch is 300$ and it's portable. And why the FUCK do you even care anyway? Did you buy a switch and ended up hating it? If not, you're just another cunt who can't handle people buying different shit than you

Apex13422d ago

@spicelika WTF is wrong with you as you missed the whole point and spilled a load of BS 😂😂😂

wheresmymonkey424d ago

Yeah hilarious isn't it. An ID tech 5 game running on a handheld and it looks pretty much the same just at a lower resolution.

yeah being able to play Doom (one of this gens best shooters) on the train to work! who would want to be able to do that?

G3ng4r423d ago

The train example again. Do you ride a lot of trains? Mobile seems to be interpreted as playable on a train instead of anywhere you could use your phone.

fathertime4464424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

The drop in res doesn't effect the fact that it's a great game and now it's portable!!
@fatality doesn't really matter that the PS4 is $50 cheaper especially when you conciser the switch is also portable! Your obviously missing the point, doom can run on a switch (downgraded but who cares it's now portable)

Erik7357424d ago

LMAO first we got comments from you about how it couldn't run on Switch now we get comments how it looks

Dude your getting to play this on a portable, where were you bitching about how bad the ps vita looked?

michellelynn0976424d ago

They are getting it and hey, at least this version will be bug free.

Miss_Weeboo424d ago

I guess you are one of the crowd that used to predict the Switch failure (The Switch is DOOMED!)... And I guess now you just have to be satisfy by mocking the graphical quality of a 3rd party game... in a portable console

424d ago
Pantz423d ago

Glad I wasn't drinking milk when I clicked on this.

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Moonman424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Switch version will look better than this footage which was made for a quick trailer. Digital Foundry please. Nobody is expecting PS4 Pro resolution but it will not be compressed as this footage.

littlezizu424d ago

It's 30 fps 720p compared to ps4 60 fps 1080p for ps4.
This is trailer footage let DF compare actual game footage then you will know the downgrade

Vegamyster424d ago

It's not going to look as good as the PS4 version, but like both of you are saying it's taken from a compressed stream, DF/Candylands comparisons will be much better.

michellelynn0976424d ago

Do you have data to back up it is gonna run at 30fps?

Bahamut424d ago

It's fine, just like previous Nintendo consoles, I'll only play first party games on it. Everything else I'll play on my PC or PS4 Pro. No biggie.

superchiller424d ago

And that is the reason the Switch will fail.

-- Too many Nintendo fans will only buy Nintendo's own first party games, and skip 3rd party games
-- 3rd party support will dry up
-- Without solid 3rd party support, the Switch cannot succeed, just like the Wii U before it.

Most diehard Nintendo fans refuse to support 3rd party games on Nintendo platforms, then they complain about the lack of games on Nintendo systems. SMH.

mcstorm424d ago

@superchiller I agree and disagree.

I agree that 3rd party sales need to sell better on the switch but also disagree that Nintendo fans only buy 1st party games. The 3rd partys need to make great ports and when they do sell them at the right price.

Examples of the wiiu were fifa and cod bo2. They were dammed down versions of the ps3 and 360 games but then you had games like NFS that were the best looking of all consoles but it was released 6 months after the ps3 and 360 versions and at full price.

Yet Sonic all star racing looked the best and sold the best on the wiiu and I think it sold more than both ps3 and 360 combined.

Developers need to get the games right for Nintendo players to support them imo and doom looks like this but it needs to be a £30- game not any more.

fleshzombie424d ago


because they are inferior to the same titles on other platforms, there is no reason to buy Doom for switch at the same price you could buy it for PS4 or PC unless you are buying it for mobile gaming...

GordonKnight424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

In the past I did the same, but with the switch the portability and graphics being close to PS4 & X1. I'm now want to buy most of my games on Switch. Especially indies games. Also, games that I missed. Doom is a game I haven't played yet, but now that it's coming to Switch, it makes me remember the game. I think other third-party companies will learn from Bethesda. Bringing their games to the Nintendo switch will bring life back to stale selling game at a higher price.

Erik7357424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Huh? I never saw the gameboy advance playing ps2 games unlike the Switch which is playing ps4 games but maybe i'm wrong here?

wonderfulmonkeyman424d ago (Edited 424d ago )


Just stop.
You have no right nor reason to criticize Switch owners for not buying third parties on said system, when YOU haven't bought a game on a Nintendo system for the past three generations.
And FYI, indies have been making good profit on the Switch lately, and that's a form of third party support, so your statement is an outright lie to begin with.
My own personal list has over 70 games on it, the majority of them coming from indies and bigger third parties.
GTFOOH, hater.

_-EDMIX-_424d ago

@mc- that is not a misconception

factually the percentage of people who buy Nintendo platforms who only buy Nintendo games deeply outweighs other third party games in the Deep 90th percentile all you have to do is look at the top-selling Wii ,Wii U, 3DS games what have you.

That is not even something that's disputable what we're talking about is a fact....

At the end of the day how the games sell will determine if third party will continue support..

Nintendo Gamers actually buying third party games yes will 100% determine future support, its simple business.

I have a feeling the third-party support will dry up because we're barely seeing any real support by the major Publishers as it is. Not every publisher is going to be looking to make a game change engines spend more money removing features in then charge more money because of the distribution method of cartridges that just seems extremely unlikely.

Now consider they have about two years to even get that support before PlayStation 5 in the next Xbox are revealed based on the actual development Community you have to consider many are likely already working on their new Next Generation engines. Consider CD projekt Red and Ubisoft were making engines for their games as far back as 2010.

So desperately begging for PlayStation 4 and XONE games and only getting less than a handful isn't really that much of a victory, especially when those titles that are even coming are changing engines removing features etc so what's the point of hoping and praying for continued support in the next two years if it's similar to this you're looking at what? Three to four games? So what happens when PlayStation 5 in the next Xbox are announced?

They dug themselves into this hole.

423d ago
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MADGameR424d ago

With that weak hybrid console, it won't look any better trust me.

rockwhynot424d ago

@thejigisup "Any game can run on any system." Yeaaaaahhhh no. At 30 fps? Hehe I don't think so.

424d ago Replies(3)
DivineAssault 424d ago

PS4 vs Switch graphics is a give in.. However nintendo can be smart about it and add local MP features.. They should add the original DOOM as an unlockable..

Bahamut424d ago

That's being released separately, actually.

conanlifts424d ago

Is the original doom not added? It was in the pc version in hidden areas to unlock.

Garethvk424d ago

Just really hard for me to get excited over older games and indie titles with graphics below the PS4 to say nothing of the PC and PS4 Pro.

Neonridr424d ago

yes, let's complain because there are more games to play on Switch..

Prince_TFK424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

He complains because he doesn't have have a Switch, so he doesn't care how many games it has.

conanlifts424d ago

Luckily they also announced Wolfenstein 2 as well then.