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Microsoft Reduces Shipment Targets for June

Peter Moore says they're simply being conservative.

In every way, Xbox 360 had outperformed the original Xbox, but despite having a year-long lead on the competition, the machine hasn't exactly sold in gangbusters, as many were predicting. Consequently, Microsoft has quietly scaled back its shipment predictions for June. They had previously aimed for between 13 and 15 million hardware units, whereas now it's simply 12 million, says The Mercury News.

Microsoft exec. Peter Moore, however, says it's the result of the company being conservative, in light of inventory build up at retailers, and to move those consoles would require heavier marketing, which would require more money, and, for now, Moore seems content not taking that step quite yet.

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XboxKing5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

Mercury News did the full story and 1Up gaming is just talking about it, so read this story also.

Raiyel5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )


"He said that inventory built up higher than was prudent at retailers in North America and so Microsoft is going to be cautious and scale back both sales expectations and its replenishment rates. "

plain and simple if everyone bought them then there would be none on the shelves and they would send more.. so obviously they have shipped far more then anyone has bought. I think that's really funny. Finally from the mouth of M.soft themselves they say "Whoa... okay guys, we're making too many of them, let's cut back the stores are flooded"

Case in point. Xbox, good night and good luck, the PS3 is starting to gather momentum and when that beast splashes in late 2007 we'll see some serious waves.

XboxKing5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

Read the full story and it say a little more on why they are cutting back on 360.

Syko5262d ago

It is because there are so many PS3's piled up there is no room for 360's and the Wii's just keep "Falling off the truck"!

Jesus Kid try reading next time please. Left to right, group words together to form a sentence. Tylenol for any headaches, Midol for any cramps.

Sphinx5262d ago

You got me in trouble! I laughed so hard everyone in the office here gave me a weird look. I see a "what are you looking at on your computer" speech coming in my near future!

Booneral5262d ago

A piece of rock gains momentum too when it's falling down, so your point is agreed. PS3 is pretty much gaining momentum going downwards.

ScorpioKyle5260d ago

core systems are rotting on the shelves right now, but i can't keep the 399 units in stock at my store.

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True Gamer5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

I also expected more from the xbox 360, it is just barely selling more than the xbox 1 here in the USA.

mandrake5262d ago

It's not moving quickly enough because $300-400 is still a lot of money for a console. I'm surprised they managed to move as many as they have already.

power of Green 5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

Man i talk to game shop employee's that call me lucky. $400 bucks is a grip of money; the sooner MS shows the masses the 360 is more than a game machine that plays DVD's the better.