Gaming Trend Review: Kirby Super Star Ultra

Every once in a while, great games slip under the radar. One of those games that many people missed was Kirby Super Star, released in North America in 1996. It sold over a million copies in Japan, but was largely ignored on this side of the Pacific for a couple of reasons. One, it was near the end of the Super Nintendo's life cycle. Two, a little game called Super Mario 64 was released just six days later. It's a shame, because Kirby Super Star was a great game that never got its due.

Fortunately, Nintendo felt the same way and released a new version called Kirby Super Star Ultra, with slightly updated graphics, new games, and new modes of play. So, what's the verdict? Does Kirby Super Star Ultra still hold up after 12 years? Did Nintendo mess with the game too much, or did they do right by everyone's favorite bulimic pink puffball?

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