Gears nominated for 10 awards

Gears of War has been nominated for ten different awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

The ten categories for are:

Overall Game of the Year
Console Game of the Year
Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
Outstanding Achievement in Animation
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
Outstanding Character Performance - Male
Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering
Outstanding Achievement in Online Game Play
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering
Action/Adventure Game of the Year

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Sphinx5219d ago

Heh, just messing. GOW is a great game and deserves any and every award it gets.

The_Firestarter5219d ago

That's just amazing! How many games lately have gonna this much praise!? IDK, but this is incredible. This news is actually getting me excited for UT3! YEAH!

PS360PCROCKS5219d ago

hell yeah 10 awards? wow that's ALOT, it's a fantastic game like we all knew it would be :)

LuminousAphid5219d ago


Worst multiplayer experience I've ever had.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5219d ago

is going to win it all next year!

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