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HPP: Destiny 2 is a major improvement over the original. Whether its the improved story, loot system, or quality of life changes, there's lots of fun to be had.

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derkasan1504d ago

I'm not too sure if this one will be as popular as the first, but it still looks solid enough.

-GreenRanger1504d ago

All this praise and only a 7/10. Must not be all that much of a great game.

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rocketpanda1504d ago

7 isn't a bad score! Jeez, these children crying that their game isn't an 8 or above. A bad score is a 5 or lower.

Ricegum1504d ago

I think the problem is that the score doesn't match the positivity they have about the game in their review.

FlyingFoxy1504d ago

It's not a bad score at all, especially when you consider 10/10 is practically non existent, one's 7/10 can easily be someone elses 8/10 as well.

FlyingFoxy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Who cares, reviews are subjective. Tons of people play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and it's "only" a 7+ on Steam. Total recall the movie is ranked in the 7's on IMDB, so is E.T.. Hell I've watched anime ranked in the 7's that deserved higher scores.

You can't pay attention to what reviews say, half of them are trolls or are easily offended, plus different tastes.. Too much variance. You'd have to be sheep to only play/watch what certain reviews recommend.

Besides, i don't get why some tend to think 7 is a bad score in the first place, it's so close to an 8.. Especially if it's 7.5..

Warshade1504d ago

I wish they would incorporate a melee only 3rd person class. I might pick it up then.

Daeloki1504d ago

Why would you want a melee only 3rd person class in an otherwise 1st person shooter? Makes absolutely no sense...

Other than that, you already have Arcstrider which is a subclass with a lot of it's passive abilities revolving around the melee attack. Then you have melee weapons (which put you in 3rd person). And there are the supers of Sentinel, Arcstrider and Dawnblade, all which put you in 3rd person with a melee weapon...

Shuckylad1504d ago

I don't worry about reviews scores anymore, putting numbers against a game used to excite me when I was like 12. Now I just want to read an in depth overview about the game and make my own decision from there.

FlyingFoxy1504d ago

Agreed, i only glance over reviews mostly, see what the whining is about, then try and decide for myself.

The_KELRaTH1504d ago

I wonder if reviewers / blog actually play games all the way through. I played D1 and have now played and completed the campaign in Destiny 2.
The Campaign is a lot of fun and there has been many changes - even subtle ones like the way the characters move over obstacles etc. As you progress the worlds open up more areas and more side quests. As you progress through the campaign you get lots of blue and later legendary drops with the few exotics as well.
There are a lot more vendors where you collect area specific loot and when you cash in you will get slightly higher level stuff.

ALL GREAT FUN --- but:-

You have completed the campaign which is about 12 hrs worth
While doing the campaign you have collected plenty of loot and cashed them in
You have levelled up to 265

BUT the vendors max level gear is also 265

This makes collecting loot for the vendors virtually redundant
It also means all the adventures and side quests you've opened up in the maps virtually USELESS too

The game switches from being really entertaining to "whats the point". Sure you might find an exotic drop but as an example I got 2 throughout the campaign so we're talking SLOW.

The problem is the levelling up should have been much much higher ie. 1000 or more therefore giving the vendors, and all the side missions and other activities value.

There's still no Raid / Nightfall match making system

So the fun part of the game is over - in an unfortunately very short time.

Oh weren't all the new enemies great - well sure as long as you didn't play Destiny 1 as they're all much the same AND all fighting in the same areas!

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