Overclock3D: 5-way High-End 1KW+ PSU Round-Up Review

Overclock3D writes: "PCP&C TurboCool, Enermax Galaxy and the Tagan TurboJet. These were some of the very first 1KW+ power supplies to hit the end user market over two years ago. Since then every manufacturer and his dog has wanted to get a piece of the 1000w action, with many companies such as BFG and Gigabyte who have had no previous experience in PSU manufacture joining the fray. Now two years down the line, the market is simply overwhelmed. Just taking a look at popular retailers websites, we can see models from Akasa, Zalman, OCZ and Tuniq to name but a few.

But which of these manufacturers should you choose when specing up your new PC system? As we've shown in the past, all 1KW units certainly aren't made equal and some of the most unsuspecting manufacturers can sometimes surprise you. Today we're going to be taking a look at a handful of the latest PSU's:- some from veteran manufacturers, some from new kids on the block to see exactly what they are made of. Below is the lucky list of contenders:"

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