Press Start: Destiny 2 is cooperative shooting bliss

Destiny 2 is the franchise at its best. With an engaging story, more cooperative activities and better competitive play, Destiny has never felt tighter, more satisfying or more addicting, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes.

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DELTABOY041971d ago

you can tell these reviewers spent no time in the 1st destiny

The_KELRaTH1971d ago

I wonder if they'll re-review it after completing the 12hr campaign and levelled up to 265

Phoxel1970d ago

I wrote this review after beating the campaign, reaching 273 power, completing two of the three exotic quests, completing every adventure, playing plenty of Crucible, and much more.

Phoxel1970d ago

Hi, I wrote this review. I logged 32 days in Destiny 1.

DELTABOY041964d ago

how is destiny 2 a 9.5 while missing many features from the first game, weapon balance issues, lack luster exotics, boring strikes, and no dedicated servers..i like the game a lot for what it offers..but its no where near a 9.5..closer to a 7.5..they didnt add enough for this to even feel like a proper sequel