Middle Earth: Shadow of War Casts an Impressive Shadow Over Mordor | Hardcore Gamer

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is gearing up to improve on its 2014 predecessor. Read about how it does at achieving this goal in this preview.

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400d ago
Psychotica399d ago

I really enjoyed the last one and can't wait to try this as well.

SickSinceSix399d ago

Too bad the game's also been overshadowed by the whole micro-transaction thing.

Takwin399d ago

Despite bungling and shenanigans for DLC and microtransactions, I am betting that the core game is amazing, fun, looks great, and still has slick combat. I bet people will get more than their money's worth out of the base game, and that it will be in the 90 range of quality. I loved the original and played on PS4 first then PC once I built my new rig. They made a great game last time, and everything they changed looks like an improvement, especially no quicktime events and the expanded nemesis system.

LastCenturyRob399d ago

First one was great. Looking forward to this!

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