Interview with Jeff Strain of Undead Labs: “We’re all about State of Decay 2”

The Founder of Undead Labs talks about his studio's relationship with Microsoft as well as its upcoming State of Decay 2.

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bumbleforce491d ago

I didn't know it had a campaign. That's good. I'm looking forward to this

TheHan491d ago

This interview I feel the interviewer was pushing at things that he shouldn't have such as the relationship between both Microsoft and the developers by asking many times over trying to get a small hint or answer into their partnership. As well as saying that a game that's half way into a decade, 5 years is to fast for another iteration of the State of decay game. I for one think it's been long over do for this sequel and have been waiting on this sense I've heard of the first game back on the Xbox 360, till this generation when I've finally bought the game for my Xbox One. The game is a absolute beast and I can't wait for the Sequel. Hands down the best zombie Apocalypse game I've ever played and to get another with Multiplayer and greater graphics on a new generation is long overdue. No need to talk about DLC when the game isn't even out yet.

491d ago