100°'s Most Anticipated PS3 Games of 2007

Here at we wanted to know which games were the most eagerly anticipated for PS3 in 2007 and so we embarked on lengthy discussions to find out exactly what everyone at thought...

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XboxKing5217d ago

I would have position Killzone 2 as number 2 and position GTA IV as 3rd. I’m not a big fan of GTA type of games. Other wise I would say the list is right on track; I can’t wait to play some of those games.

achira5217d ago

didnt hear about wardevil befor. i am looking forward to it. has someone info on this game ?

NoUseMerc5217d ago

you can go to to get more info on the studio and the game. Its one of my top games I want for PS3. They are also making a movie with the storyline too.

power of Green 5216d ago

Just a little info about this title fight all you want Sony fans i'm three for three, I know DJ remembers the little Unreal T. tiff.

DJ5217d ago

Killzone by E3, I am gonna freak. I know they're using it to smack MS in the nuts and everything, but jezus. Say something!

XboxKing5217d ago

Sony will get that game out this year to go head to head with Halo 3. Right now I think they are just setting back, and seeing what ever they can found out about Halo 3.

DJ5217d ago

MS seems pretty paranoid too since they tried showing only the old footage at first. I'm still wondering what Zipper, Naughty Dog, and Soho are chipping away at right now.

FirstknighT5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

Unfortunatly ZERO sony exclusives made Gamespots most wanted for 2007. IGNs top three only had 1 ps3 exclusive. While the 360 were all over those lists!!! Just more excitement coming from the 360!

Halo 3 has nothing to worry about. It will break records just like Halo 2 did! The Halo 3 comercial brought more excitement than anything the ps3 will have to offer!

Yup I started to flame, whatcha gonna do about it? :p

Rooted_Dust5217d ago

Same people who rated Halo 2 above Half-life 2, when Halo 2 was widley known as a let-down and Half-life 2 was getting all the game of the year awards. I think there's more than a little bias in Game media.

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The story is too old to be commented.