Blend Games Preview: Blitz: The League II

Blend Games writes: "Crush your opponents with bone shattering blows or head smashing tackles. No, this isn't Mortal Kombat, this is much tougher, this is Blitz: The League II. This hard hitting game brings more pain than a wrong-doing victim of Dexter. And, of course, there's plenty of "juice" to keep said pain from preventing players from giving 250%. Toss in some off-field antics and a few mini-game and Madden 09 quickly becomes a fading memory.

Being a pro-player in Blitz is more than just handing out kick-butt plays on the field, it's also about avoiding getting caught by the Commissioner for doing illegal "juicing" or behaving recklessly. With gameplay that would probably best be described as pro-wrestling meets football fantasy, Blitz II doesn't hold back anything that the NFL once did back when Midway was in cahoots with the league. This time, there's no image to uphold."

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