Here’s Why EA Sports Needs To Give Up On NBA Live And Go Back To The Old-School

NBA Live 18 seems like it can't catch up with a WWG ponders why EA Sports just doesn't try to do something different...

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Yi-Long1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I'd LOVE a new NBA Street, although a HD remake of NBA Street v3 would be fine as well...

Loved that game. EA was on fire back then (NBA Street v3, SSX3, Burnout 3, Def Jam FFNY, etc).

nowitzki20041373d ago

Until NBA Live can compete with NBA 2k, I think EA will spend all the money to keep the NFL license.. I don't think they want to be behind 2k in NBA and NFL lol

TheColbertinator1374d ago

EA should get NBA Street or a new Fight Night going.

Lennoxb631374d ago

Fight Night isn't coming back unfortunately because of UFC.

nowitzki20041373d ago

What? That doesnt make sense. its 2 different sports, and EA has done Boxing much better than it does MMA.

eddieistheillest1373d ago

To the people that do not know, the same team/developers that made the fight night series , make the UFC games . And yea EA can have another studio/ team make a new fight night , but do you guys want an Andromeda version of fight night ?

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Gemmol1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

lot of people do not understand, nba live is arcade basketball just toned down a lot, basically you can get away with a lot of things, if you learn the game mechanics, dunk easily even with defense on you and etc

nba 2k is more of a real simulation, you cannot dunk easily in that game, well you can in 2k10 this why my boy hate newer 2k he would dunk at anytime with Lebron and although you can block, the game would not let you get it as much as you want even if you had good timing..... in newer 2k you cannot just go up for a dunk, there is body physics, just like in real life if you do not have enough space to take off the person body in front of you will stop your momentum from going to the basket to dunk, so you cannot always push your way.......and you cannot do crazy passes like in Live, the computer is ready to steal it just like a person would in real have to use plays to be good in newer 2k versions, to get your guy open, the space needed to do the dunks or get wide open need to make plays where the other team have to double you, and by doing that you have a player wide open at 3 point line to make them pay for double teaming you.........2k like real nba is a chess game, right plays help you win

nba live, you can play with out plays, pick and roll every day and the computer cannot defend you properly

nba live from 2005 and lower were more arcade, remember kevin garnett a big player, even shaq doing backflips before he dunk the ball lmaooo, over the years nba live try to tone down the arcade feel of the game to make it more simulation like 2k, they are not there yet.......but nba live 2018 is the right step, right now they at 2k10 level where its easy to get dunks......if they can keep it up and nail it down in 2 or 3 years they will finally get it on what it mean to be real simulation, and then it would not matter which version you get, both would be good games......but I could not leave.....I love my career mode on nba 2k, building a player up from a super star........working out, grinding in practice, and etc give the mode a RPG feeling that I like and it works so well

for those that are trying to play me in nba 2k, I moved on from ps4 nba nba 2k will be on the switch nba 2k18

C-H-E-F1373d ago

Nba live 18> Nba 2k17 and if you say anything different I know you're a sheep. Plenty of youtubers who are 2k loyal are saying the same thing, even went as far as to say 2k18 < live 18. I played both and I enjoyed both, Live 18 is more difficult than 2k, however the live grading system is more forgiving than 2k18. Live mechanics feel better to me, but the shooting feels better on 2k. The 2k18 storymode (my career) feels worst than live 18 story mode, seems like another cheesy thing. The playground is an interesting concept but we all know will be a laggy mess. Live approach solves the waiting for 40 minutes to run a game with randoms and lose.

They both have pros and cons, both are decent games, if one had everything the other did then they'd be complete basketball games.

If you have the money get both, if not, TRY the demos and make your decision there, STOP being sheep and choose your own path.

C-H-E-F1372d ago

Graphics looks better than 2k, 2k looks ashy af this year sorry nice try.

Gemmol1373d ago

Your comment can come off like a sheep too, few but still devote live fans trying they best like when last live that came out to get people back on to live, i remember seeing them in each comment saying same thing as you, makes me wonder if it's same person with different accounts or everyone work together,

But i respect your differences, enjoy live

iceman061373d ago

True. There are some diehard Live fans that, much like other games,will ride or die with the franchise...regardless of quality. This exact same thing was said when the last Live was released...even back when the "Christ Bynum" version was released. They are just diehards. Good for them...I guess?! Just don't try to wrap poop in a wrapper and claim you have a snicker's bar.🤔😂

C-H-E-F1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

devoted live fan? I'm more 2k than anybody, i'll be buying both, I'm just saying live has a decent product this year stop bandwagoning and try it out alot of people are opting out of 2k this year that I know of because live is decent this year. I find it funny when you call a spade a spade, mofos be d riding trying to sound neutral ahahha, better go somewhere. So yeah stop all that ridiculous jibber jabber. Thanks!

nowitzki20041373d ago

I dunno about NBA Live 18>NBA 2k17

And even if true, who cares, 2k17 isn't the game NBA Live 18 has to worry about lol

MonChiChi1373d ago

I played live demo and did not enjoy it. I would love to have live back like the glory days. I just don't feel. 2k on the other hand has never gotten worse than previous even if they were very similar, this alone makes 2k a pick for me because I know what I am getting. Call me a sheep but I know what I like and what I want and Live is not it.

iceman061373d ago

I will say that live stepped it up in comparison to what it did previously. However, it still lacks A LOT on the floor (where it matters) in conparison to any 2K after 2k13. Call me a sheep if you will, but that's my opinion. I liked what I played in the Live demo, in terms of options and even presentation. However, on the floor, it was a bit stiff and shallow. Part of the reason that many YouTubers are supposedly "jumping ship" has less to do with Live's greatness and more to do with the need for 2K to have competition. They didn't like the changes that VC made to the shooting mechanics (because they were a bit difficult to consistently understand) and some of the legacy issues hadn't been addressed. (passes feeling floaty, steal spamming, turbo boosting animations, etc.) Plus, after not having anything other than 2K, it felt fresh.
I don't begrudge anyone their opinion. If you like Live better, that's cool...for you. But, we don't have to be sheep if we disagree. Imo, Live is a solid start that could provide adequate competition in the near future. It has some interesting new options. (The One mode, skill trees, etc.) However, mechanically, it's not up to snuff as a simulation of basketball. It probably needs another year or two to tweak and perfect.
2K, warts and all, is still a better representation of the sport on the court. The new animation engine has gotten rid of the passing issue. (no more random soft passes) The AI is much more advanced (on both sides of the ball). The option to level anywhere seems cool. You can play the modes you like and still grow your character. If I had the money to burn, I'd probably buy both. I liked both in different ways. If I were forced to choose, it would be 2K this year and it wouldn't be that close.

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BlaqMagiq11373d ago

They need to stop making NBA Live so they can go back to making Fight Night but I know EA is not smart enough to do that.

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