First Wii Mod-Chip Created

Wiinja is the first ever mod-chip created for the Wii. According to the creators, you can't run import games, but only backup copies of games in your own region.

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Syko5223d ago

Is this even true? I would definetly get one if it is safe and not detectable by NINTY. Sorry but this is the disadvantage to having a console not online. there is no incentive to buy the games if you know you dont have to. Count me in on this one or mabye the next batch of chips if they work as advertised. I can get the ISO's right now!! Giganews FTW!

TheMART5223d ago

Yes it's true. It's because Nintendo almost left the Wii the same protected as the Gamecube.

They changed very minor things. As if they ask to modchip the thing.

Well the Wii actually is a Gamecube, but just beefed up Gamecube hardware.

BB5223d ago

The website is supposed to be, but for some reason, nothing comes up at the moment. That's why I linked to the place where you can order the mod chip in the article.
As for getting the mod chip, I'll wait until someone figures out a less intrusive way of playing backups. I'm sure there will be something SD card related.

eclipsegryph5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

I marked this one down as Lame by taking the good ol' Moral High Ground stance, in that a mod chip like this equals simple piracy, which I just consider to be bad form.

It works for some, but just not for me. Too much murky legal and ethical muck for me to wade through.

Odiah5223d ago

I spit on your grave if you do.

BB5223d ago

This news isn't a question in morality. It's just to announce that someone has finally been able to create a mod chip.

eclipsegryph5223d ago

As my title states, it really depends on how you view it. Just because a mod chip CAN be made, doesn't mean that it SHOULD be made. While I'm sure that there are plenty of people who would love to be able to backup their game investments, I think we all realisticially know that the majority of the users of this chip will simply pirate games - copy their friend's game, or rent a game from GameFly and do the same thing.

I think that's where morality comes into play in this - just how is this advance in technology going to be used, and will it be morally satisfying? Me, I don't want to break any sort of waranty I've got on my console, so I'll use it as is, no chip for me. Some people will use this chip and consider the ability to backup their game investments as more beneficial than their warranty. And then there will be... the others.