Playing Super Mario Sunshine Today Painfully Illustrates Nintendo's 3D Evolution

As it turns 15, Mike Diver takes a fresh look at the GameCube platformer.

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TheFirstClassic761d ago

"Mario's sole GameCube outing is, as much it pains me to say it, a very bad game."


EddieNX 761d ago

Exactly. All it needs is a Graphics update and a few tweaks.

Imo it's one of those games that was way ahead of its time!

TheFirstClassic761d ago

It's still an enjoyable game to be sure. It has some ehh design decisions here and there, but you would have to be off your rocker to argue that it is a very bad game.

Sono421761d ago

This guy has no idea what he is talking about! the game is amazing! My only complaint is the lack of control options. All Nintendo first party games on the gamecube were gold..

Nebaku761d ago

This article is the definition of changing the narrative to support your opinion. When your main defense is "this game doesn't play as well as it's sequel made FIFTEEN YEARS later", you know you're speaking out of you rear end.

veicht761d ago

Had and have no problems with it.

sonicsidewinder761d ago

I remember that Christmas 2002, getting Sunshine along with Rogue Squadron 2 & Spiderman. Great games!

Cobra951761d ago

As it so happens, I've been playing through it in Dolphin. (I own the GC game disc.) It's still features terrific gameplay. The frustrations of certain sections are dispelled by save states, but frankly, even that isn't necessary for enjoyment. The game is still a lot of fun today, and even looks good. I can't understand what this writer is on about. SMS still stands as one of my favorite games in the genre, let alone Mario games.

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