Final Fantasy XV on PC: Has Square Enix lost its way, or do graphics really matter?

FFXV director talks Nvidia GameWorks, the death of consoles, and playing games on robots.

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Adrian_v01404d ago

The headline reads like a Final Fantasy on PC is the atrocity of all atrocities.
Furthermore the article doesn't really make any point to support the headline. It's well written but it's just a lift of facts and interviews but remains pointless in the end.

Also, why does one exclude the other. Are bad graphics needed for SE to keep it's way? Are good graphics a sign that a game will be bad? Square's problem is that the teams of the previous few games were badly put together. For XIII they had an interesting story but chose a bad type of gameplay, for XV they had good gameplay but lacked in storytelling. But looking at the past with VII, VIII on PSx then X and XII on PS2, XIII on PS3 and XV on PS4, Final Fantasy was always known for being in the front line when it comes to graphics, even "before SE lost it's way". One could even say that top notch graphics are one of the series' key parts.

xtheblackparade404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

I agree with the last part you said. Ever since PSX era Final Fantasy games were always the best looking games I had back then (or at least the CGI part). I think somewhere in the PS3 era other games started to look as good or better than FF games, especially MGS.
But in the end for me it's all about fun gameplay in a genre that I like, FF XV isn't in the genres I like so I can't judge it.

As for release on pc, well they've had FF releases on pc since FF7 or 8 I think so that's nothing new. Only question is how well will an action game play on pc? I think it's gonna be extremely hard to make that work on keyboard and mouse but most players will probably just buy a controller anyway.

SarcasticDuck404d ago

completly agree. Btw, since when and why is the PS1 called PSx? I thought that was the name of the emulator.

Lon3wolf404d ago

For a long time:

The PlayStation (officially abbreviated to PS, and commonly known as the PS1 or PSX) is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment.The console was released on 3 December 1994 in Japan

Lon3wolf401d ago

I forgot to add I thought the emu was called PSX-E (as in psx emulator)?

RedDevils404d ago

Who FF15 is shit. That and 13 worst Rpg I had played in a while.

drizzom404d ago

Nah, I cant agree that XV had good gameplay. I like action style games but the one in XV was terrible. Things like responsiveness, canceling, camera work and targeting were really poorly implemented. I didn't feel like I was in any real control over the moves I wanted to do at will with Noctis.

bmf7364403d ago

Its not just about that. Square Enix has spent years building Final Fantasy's name up on PC by slowly porting the entire library of FF games to Steam. But theyre just simple ports of the console versions with a possible graphic tweak like resolution or upped framerate cap.

Theyre advertising FFXV to be the Final Fantasy game meant for PC. Full graphics-setting customization. Nvidia Gameworks features. Support for up to 8K resolution. Mod support. This is the opposite of a nail in the coffin for Square Enix. This is showing that theyve taken interest in a demanding market and are finally able to give it what it wants. A committed PC version of a modern FF title.

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ONESHOTV2404d ago

PC will have both the best graphics this game can offer and the frames to match

djplonker404d ago

True but pc will also have the worst graphics and frames.

(Depending on the pc)

chris235404d ago

graphics don't matter (ask any switch user) but square enix lost its way a looooong time ago. ff15 looked good but played way too stiff and generic.

Takwin404d ago

It was so boring. I forced myself to finish it, but the open world was the most sterile and lifeless thing ever, and the distance between things was huge. I will never replay it.

RedDevils404d ago

Same crap different color.

MonChiChi404d ago

GFX is about the only thing this game has going for it.

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