New Nintendo Direct Will NOT Show Mobile Games

The upcoming Nintendo Direct, that is due this Wednesday, will focus solely on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has stated that the company will not showcase its mobile efforts and will opt to showcase those app and games at a later time.

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Gemmol1380d ago

I can't wait to see xenoblade release date to mark the calendar 📅

TallonIV1380d ago

December 31st, 11.59pm :P

Mr Marvel1380d ago

Awesome! I can't wait to see what they have to show.

That's less time wasted, because let's face it, ALL mobile "games" are complete garbage.

wonderfulmonkeyman1380d ago

I'd like to disagree due to one particular game.
Or rather, a game that represents a genre, in my opinion.
Started as a mobile game, as far as I'm aware, and the difficulty and entertainment value are both pretty high up there, unexpectedly.
I've got a few particular songs I come back to it for, on the Switch, and new songs are still being added every so often for free. It's actually pretty nice for a touch-based rhythm game.
Can't think of any others I'd honestly play at this point, but that one deserves a mention.
If my actual phone didn't suck to high heavens, I'd have gotten it there a long time ago.XD

wonderfulmonkeyman1380d ago

Can't say I'm surprised, but that's not really a bad thing either.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1379d ago

Thanks Captain Obvious. Nintendo Mobile isn't Nintendo main priority.