Gears of War 2: They Want You Dead (Horde Gameplay)

GameXtract writes "Gears of War 2 has made an appearance at E for All, and it looks like they have decided to show off the four player horde gameplay. A round of never ending locust madness can make you really piss your pants even when you have four other badass buddies with you. Those baddies want you dead, and they will stop at nothing to get to you. One of the attendees at E for All captured some amateur footage of the horde gameplay, and I must say that this November I will be one busy gamer. Be sure to watch some juicy four player horde co-op after the jump!"

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DavidMacDougall3788d ago

I fought the "Horde" would be like 20 monsters attacking you at once?

Like the rush of z0mb13's in L4D

3788d ago
zethos563788d ago

More and more enmies will attack as the waves increase. It wouldn't be fair having 20 locust attack you at wave 1.


There are only 50 waves.

Bnet3433788d ago

Damn! This game looks so badass. Gears of War 2 baby! Can't wait! Going to kick Locust ass this November! BOOYAH!!!

Ballistic Jay3788d ago

The graphics look really nice, except for the part with wall destruction... that wasn't great. I don't have a 360 though. Oh well i'll just stick with resistance 2.

Dareaver13788d ago

right now there is a video of it on 360's Inside Xbox feature. It talks about the mode at the game convention. it's looking pretty awesome and they talk about it in a little bit more detail for those that are actually interested in the game.

CallOfWar223788d ago

Ever play Gears????? Cuz if you did you wouldn't be saying that. These aren't your p*ssy Resistance enemies 1 shot and there dead. Locusts are actually powerful. Take a lot of fire power to take down. And now they can Revive each other. I kno u puss's can't handle Gears so dont bother playing it. I feel sorry for all those blind fanboys who dismiss this amazing experience cuz they are too cheap and broke to buy a better experience. I still dont get how you guys have fun playing on the PS3 when 90% of the community are mutes.

redgaurd3787d ago

I am a little bit jealous. I don't have a 360 and this game looks hot!
Anyone feeling generous?

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zimbo0073788d ago

It is like fighting 4/5 enemies at once ONLY


the gameplay looks so Lame just like the graphics and AI

AngryHippo3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago ) are such a loser. How do you get in these 360 threads first all the time?! Do you refresh your section every 2 seconds in order to be the first to troll 360 news. Pretty damn sad. Seriously, i think everyone on this site knows you hate the 360, Gears, and that you love Resistance and Killzone 2. How about you do your little posting over at Might help you get bubbles back if you only post positive things in PS3 threads and nothing in 360 threads. Then no one will take away your bubbles. Instead of always posting your extremist 360 hate in the 360 thread. Maybe, just maybe, you won't seem like such a [email protected] as well. Kind of doubt that though.

Anyway On topic, looks like great fun, anyone who is up for playing horde with me when Gears2 comes out message me.

EDIT @ dktxx2 , Sorry, and point taken. Bubbles up.

dktxx23788d ago

Hippo, feeding the trolls just makes them troll more. Obviously they want attention, so try not to give it to them.

zimbo0073788d ago

Man this is horde mode and u barely see 4/5 enemies

It is not like hordes of enemies

It is like a small patch of enemies coming at you


It looks underwhelming . no way to change that

Shroomy3788d ago

Out of what, 50?


OmarJA3788d ago

Zzzzzzzzzzz ... huh? oh it's just gearsssyaaaaawn ... zzzzzzzzzz

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Aqua Penguins3788d ago

how can you say that this doesent look fun? this looks like non-stop action. this is such an improvment over gears 1. if this looks insane, imagine what multiplayer will be like.

MainEv3nt 693788d ago

horde is weak i thought it would be alot of enemies at once like in that co op video of R2

Bnet3433788d ago

Watch the video before commenting next time. You'll notice it says Wave 4 at the top.

Spydiggity3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

but reading, watching, and making unbiased observations would go against what it means to be a PS3 fanboy.

Yipee Bog3788d ago

also looks like you don't need entire clip to kill a guy this time.

Why o why3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

or was this meant to be horde as in a lot of something. Maybe its the level shown and there will be levels in this mode that are more expansive in enemy numbers like we were led to believe