Dutch Charts (Week 40, 2008)

01 (__) [PS3] Fifa 2009 (Electronic Arts)
02 (__) [360] Fifa 2009 (Electronic Arts)
03 (03) [WII] Mario Kart (Nintendo)
04 (04) [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo)
05 (__) [PS2] Fifa 2009 (Electronic Arts)
06 (__) [360] Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway (Ubisoft)
07 (__) [PS3] Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway (Ubisoft)
08 (06) [PC] Spore (Electronic Arts)
09 (01) [360] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Lucas Arts)
10 (02) [PS3] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Lucas Arts)

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MaximusPrime5738d ago


Dutch love PS3 and football. no doubt FIFA 09 (PS3 version) came out top.

PirateThom5738d ago

It did, scroll to the bottom got "All"

1. FIFA 09 - PS3
2. FIFA 09 - 360

zimbo0075738d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

expect PS3 to outsell x360 by big margin in europe this week

Fifa/PES are huge franchises in europe

BTW Uncharted has passed 200k in europe according to ESLA. so around 1.5m in europe by now. It also sold 300k in Germany according to Gamona.de

Fifa 09 was advertised as ps3 exclusive in almost all parts of europe except UK

In Spain,Germany,Italy and France PS2 version outsold the x360 version


LOL what a shame?


x360 never outsold PS3 in europe
the PRICE CUT never made any impact in europe except UK
However UK SPIKE for a week/2 isnt enough to offset the huge differences in other EU territories

www.amazon.fr ??where is x360???and its games

U dont find x360 in there

Sofa King Retarded5737d ago

i hope you own stock in Sony corp. Otherwise your life is just sad

JOLLY15737d ago

The 360 software is doing quite well. I guess (according to nasim) the 360 is constantly being outsold by the ps3. Yet the software sales show that people buy 360 game. Yes fifa sold more on the ps3, but the Xbox versions sold more on Brothers in Arms and on Star Wars. Good Job MS.

lawman11085737d ago

First it's the UAE in the Middle East now this. Just sad how you Sony Homo's try and spin sales. The PS3 has a sucking chest wound and is bleeding out waiting to die. Face facts

JOLLY15737d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

Must be some sort of slam in his country.

Seriously kid what did I tell you about pming me? Don't do it. Your information is wrong and lame. I think that it is great that the 360 got #2 on the software sale charts with no advertising. That is incredible!

New Message:
7 minutes ago | By: zimbo007 | Block

Snuka Puka
here have this tissue

expect massive bump in PS3 HW sales next week thanks to Fifa 09

Too bad x360 version isnt even advertised anywhere in europe except UK

PS3 version will pound the x360 version in Spain/France /germany and italy --regions which make up 70% of eu sales

sucks to be an XBOT


PS3 will get HW boost but too bad no one cares about x360 in europe

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Omega45737d ago

Seems like 360 games are doing better than their PS3 counterparts except for Fifa...at least for now

But considering the 360 is outselling the PS3 WW for a while now including the EU due to the pricecuts the difference is obviously very VERY small

Why o why5737d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

UK and NA ONLY. The rest of europe aint feeling the 360. Also theres not enough exclusives on the 360. Its blown its load and only have Fable and gears in the forseable future.

Not enough 1st party studios to keep up

look at it this way you either accept that the year headstart for the 360 was wasted because the ps3 has caught up or overtaken to the 360 or that the ps3's attach rate is equal or better than the 360's with less units out there

Omega45737d ago

What ever makes you feel better, personally i like to live in the real world rather than a fantasy one like you

"Not enough 1st party studios to keep up" Funny you should say that cause even though MS got far less studios it still manages to put out more exclusives than Sony in a fraction of the time

Why o why5737d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

like what in 2008??

please do tell mr 'reality'...lol

and keep up as in 'you're doing ok now but what next' keep up

White-Sharingan5737d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

"360 is outselling the PS3 WW "

have you been hiding on a rock? this isnt 2006 anymore

sure the sales may be higher worldwide this month but you state for a while; last time I checked 360 got a price cut recently

not a while ago

plus im pretty sure that will revert back to normal pretty soon (360 being last on WW sales)

Agent VX5737d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

Yep, the Danes like their football (soccer). Fifa is looking good this year, too bad its an EA product.

As for Why o Why - Wow, your full of complete deceiption and lies. The 360 for the last few weeks has been obliterating the PS3 in sales world wide.

Last Week Sales
The worldwide sales for the 360 = 178,421
The worldwide sales for the PS3 = 118,720

In each region, the 360 outsold the PS3. This is also true in for the Danes.

EDIT: It is actually funny how I now never see "Console Sales" articles on this site now that the 360 is outselling the PS3 worldwide. They just suddenly stopped. Wonder why that is???

5737d ago
Agent VX5737d ago

Thats funny, I really don't remember talking to you!!! It's nice to see you don't read my comment and then call me a moron.

Believe that I was directing my comment to "Why o Why", but hey, if you have to call someone names for no reason, I don't mind.

Why o why5737d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

that the 360 sales are better than the ps3's. Ur kidding urself fellas but this little sales spike is only that. The 360 needed it MS wouldnt state that Europe is loyal to sony for no reason and since theres more than just the UK in europe its easy to see why they would say such a thing. Every little helps and the little spikes doesnt change the fact that the ps3 outsold the 360 last year (according to MS not the fanboys) and for the majority of this year......suck it up

and Omega4

since i see you have bubbles but have not listed the exclusives you speak of ill condider that an admition of sh!t talking. Just another 'bag of chat'

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zimbo0075737d ago (Edited 5737d ago )

PS2 version is beating it comfortably in Germany,Spain,France and Italy


haha what an embarrassment?


X360 never beat the PS3 in europe/PAL region

I repeat NEVER

the price cut had effect in UK only

It made no impact in europe


U dont find x360 in there

PS3 might have beaten x360 4:1 in PAL region for the week
Fifa 09 wasnt even advertised for x360 anywhere in europe except UK

JOLLY15737d ago

No advertising and it still got #2 on the list? That is pretty impressive I must say. Thanks for pointing that out nasim. With the fact that it beat the ps3 in software sales on 2 other multiplat games it really shows that a lot of people purchase Xbox software.

MaximusPrime5737d ago

its great to hear that whole of Europe is devoted to PS3. Unfortunately, UK yet to catch up.

Im from UK and there are mixed supports. i cant tell which console is on top.

heyheyhey5737d ago

i know man...

i've seen just as many 360-owners as PS3-owners and GAME and the like dedicate the same amount of space to both consoles... so it's hard to notice who's winning

one thing i've noticed though is that WHSmith only stocks PS3 and Wii games... not 360 games

MaximusPrime5737d ago

unfortunately whsmith in my area doesn't stock PS3 games. (who cares? WHsmith mainly deal with magazines and stationaries)

Both GAME and HMV has more PS3 rows of shelves than xbox 360's.

recently in GAME store, PS3 hardware and software were moved from the back of the room to the front, near the entrance. The xbox 360 hardware and software are now in the back. I have noted more PS3;s hardware and software have been sold in my area. Dont know about elsewhere.