Uncharted 4 Amy Hennig Controversy Highlighted in Book

A new book by Jason Schrier has shed some light on Uncharted 4 Amy Hennig controversy which arose after her high profile departure from Naughty Dog.

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gbsrnctaln2500d ago

Imo Uncharted is beyter without her. I can't believe how much I am enjoying TLL!

Jinger2500d ago

UC4 wasn't even close to as good as 1-3, her absence was obvious.

ClayRules20122500d ago

I respectfully disagree. Uncharted 4's an awesome game "in my opinion" I appreciated the more grounded/darker tone of the game.

I'm surprised when I hear some people say Drake's Fortune & Drake's Deception are better than Uncharted 4. No disrespect or hate to anyone who feels that way, but really? Lol.

lellkay2500d ago

I'm with @ClayRules2012 i LOVE Uncharted 1-3, but 4 and TLL just feel so much better to me.

StormLegend2500d ago

Uncharted 3 was terrible and 4 is miles better.

Jinger2500d ago


The lack of any big notable set pieces, the lack of any mystical parts, the pacing was bad, a lot of repetitive climbing, bad villain, QTE final fight, sloppy story telling with the origin story, I didn't care for the forced in relationship drama...

None of UC4 really struck a cord with me like 1-3 did. The graphics and attention to small details was phenomenal though and the shooting mechanics HAVE gotten better. The level layout was better for combat as well.

AspiringProGenji2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

"The lack of any big notable set pieces,"

- What about Sam's chase in Madagascar? what about the one at the start of the game? The end of the scotland chapter?

"bad villain"

-Wrong! Rafe was pretty good, but that is your opinion I guess

"Final fight QTR"
Wrong again! It wasn't all QTE

And everything is lse is just your opinion too

You sound like an U4 hater with a lack of argument, especially when you say the game didn't have any notable set pieces

The lack of mystical part is true, but personally i did not miss it

Jinger2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


The car chase was the only decent one in the game, but that shit has been done like crazy, nothing like the train or airplane... The beginning of the game was hardly a 'set piece' haha plus those boat physics were laughable... I had one of the boats land on the back of my boat and then just bounce off like I rammed it.

I don't even remember what happened after Scottland so it couldn't have been very good.

Rafe was a terrible villain... Nadine was much better and yes that final fight was basically QTE... having the 'slight' freedom to strafe and block isn't much of anything. Everything else I said is true if you look at it objectively... the origin story was sloppy, how you gunna add an important sibling and rope swing mechanic in an origin story, that was never used or mentioned in any of the other games? There are plenty of ways they could have handled that better. The mystical aspect has been prevalent since UC1, I enjoyed the little bits of it we got in each game. they had it in the MP, but not the story mode?

WePlayDirty2500d ago

Nadine was a better villain? Jesus. Just shut up Jinger. Nadine was there to supply the bad guys to shoot, that’s it. She was also Neil’s ‘strong female character’ that filled the sjw checkmark. Rafe was a good villain. He had a personal vendetta against Nate.

AspiringProGenji2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Thematically this Uncharted game was more personal and more about the greed of the main characters rather than going after some mystical bullshit like previous games. I don't mean to say i did not enjoy that in previous games, but I certainly did not miss it here in U4.

Why did Nadine walked away with all that treasure? Because she was smart and grabbed what she could. The others wanted to keep going and that cost Rafe's life and almost Nate and Sam's too. In the case of Rafe, he wanted to kill Drake's legacy and take all the recognition from this discovery to himself In front of Drake. That is why he lured Drake to the auction in Italy in the first place... in the course of the game Rafe proved to be more than just a cliche villain and he is the best villain in the series to date because of that, in my opinon at least.

and about the rope mechanic, who cares? By your logic, Nate didn't know how to drive a jeep up until U4? Crearly he didn't have to use any rope before and only in one chapter of U2. Does that mean he never knew how to use it? It is called bringing new GAMEPLAY mechanics, like every other sequel does.

Jinger2500d ago



Its not about the mechanic, its how it was introduced (and then over used like a mofo). They could have introduced it outside of the origin story just fine. The fact it was this big thing with his brother, teaching him how to use it and what not and yet never thought during 1-3 about using it or thought about his brother. Its just sloppy writing. It is, but you guys won't admit it.

AspiringProGenji2500d ago

I don't see anything wrong with that.

His brother taught him to use the rope? Ok! And if he never had to used it again until U4, what is the problem? Nate thought he was dead and moved on. Period!

Sy_Wolf2500d ago

Neil Druckmann was the lead on Uncharted 2.

HeisenbergX2500d ago

@Jinger hahah no man.. just no

and no again

XtaZ2500d ago

UC4 was absolutely amazing from start to finish. 1-3 was mediocre at best.


Na uc3 was by far the worst in the series

Ceaser98573612500d ago

UC4 was awesome.. Though UC2 is much better i would rate UC4 2nd after UC 2...

HomoLuden2500d ago

Totally agree. The first three games were simply better. UC4 was borefest excpet for 3 chapters. Too much talking and walking through on interactive environments. Even TLL is much bette than UC4. UC4 really left me sad and bored.

WelkinCole2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

U4 was better without too many set pieces. By U3 I felt like the formula was getting old and if they continued with U4 it would be a mistake because you will basically play another Uncharted but with just better graphics which would have been a really sad way to end Nates story/legacy. GOW ascension for example many people were already tired of the same formula by then.

I also like the more personal story and scaled back set pieces which allowed me to enjoy the scenes/environment more. It really gave me a sense of wonder exploring the amazing locale they created.

The extra time focused on the personal interaction fleshing out more of Nates past and how it shaped him to relationship with his loved ones were really nice touches. It just felt the characters,story and world was more fully fleshed out instead of just another action adventurer Uncharted with non stop action/set pieces and funny banter. It was fitting because it was the end of Nates story. The pirate theme was fitting as well as the sword fight to end it. The Epilogue was the icing on the cake.

Takwin2499d ago

I liked 4 a lot more than the other 3. It's like they perfected the formula and sent Nathan out on the highest of highs. Luckily, they didn't skip a beat in TLL, which was amazing.

rainslacker2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I dunno....after reading the quote in the article I can't see how one can say it'd be better under Henning. A surprise twist that Sam was Nate's brother? Seems rather contrived, compared to Nate just assuming his brother was dead, and him reinventing himself at a young age to avoid having to deal with the seperation from his brother. His reasons for coming back make more sense with Sam always being his brother, rather than him deciding to come back just because his old partner happened to still be alive.

You say you had a problem with the forced relationships, but I find the supposed Henning version being less appealing than the way it ended up.

I may have agreed if Sam was actually the villian, which is kind of how the original reveal teaser made it seem. But the quote in this article sounds more contrived than what UC4 ended up being.

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Genuine-User2500d ago

Yeah, I agree. Amy wanted the first half of Uncharted 4 without any gun combat, she wanted the team to focus more on the driving segments with huge emphasis on melee combat.

alstruck2500d ago

I disagree with everyone.. I really like every uncharted games with or without Hennig, except maybe the vita one just because the small screen doesnt make sense in an uncharted game..
First one was great. 2 is better. 3 is just as great. 4 is a bit different, but still really great..

OB1Biker2500d ago

I think this is the important bit:

'One part of the story is indisputable, however: in March 2014, after meeting with Naughty Dog’s copresidents, Wells and Christophe Balestra, Amy Hennig exited the studio and didn’t come back. Hennig’s creative partner Justin Richmond left shortly afterward, as did a few other veterans who had worked closely with Hennig. “It’s something that happens at different levels,” said Wells. “It happened to happen at a fairly high level. But we have turnover for various reasons throughout the studio. And Amy’s a friend of mine, I really miss her and I wish her well -but things weren’t working out. So we went our separate ways, and we had to pick up the pieces.'

ClayRules20122500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

"Some say the Uncharted 4 team didn’t get the staff and resources it needed to survive, because The Last of Us and Left Behind had vacuumed up so much of Naughty Dog’s attention. Others say that Amy Hennig had trouble making decisions and that the nascent game wasn’t shaping up very well. Some who were working on Uncharted 4 wished that there was a more cohesive direction. Others thought it was perfectly understandable, considering how small the Uncharted 4 staff was, that the game hadn’t coalesced yet.

Several people who have worked for Naughty Dog say Druckmann and Straley stopped seeing eye-to-eye with Hennig, and that they had fundamental disagreements on where to take the Uncharted series. When Hennig left, she signed a non-disparagement agreement with the studio that would prevent both her and Naughty Dog from making negative public comments about what had happened, according to people familiar with the arrangement."

That was an interesting read.

No matter what happened, it's still sad at the end of the day. I genuinely wish Amy the best of luck with her new Star Wars game ( for EA ) and inspires all within the development team, and they make a wonderful game for all us gamers. Also, I hope Naughty Dog continues to stay humble/allow everyone to keep giving creative freedom on ideas & give constructive criticism to help the high quality games they make that much better for the fans =)

OB1Biker2500d ago

Check the reddit source, that's more interesting

stokedAF2500d ago

The reddit article's source was the book mentioned lol.

stokedAF2500d ago

"Druckmann and Straley stopped seeing eye-to-eye with Hennig, and that they had fundamental disagreements on where to take the Uncharted series. When Hennig left, she signed a non-disparagement agreement with the studio that would prevent both her and Naughty Dog from making negative public comments about what had happened, according to people familiar with the arrangement"
I thought this was fairly obvious but it's nice to see it said somewhere else. I don't blame the people that followed her, I probably would too.

alstruck2500d ago

So the point is she needs a rest from uncharted, and do something else like EA Starwars Adventure thing.. best of luck for her, and I think starwars games needs big talent like her to make a big jump..