Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of October 5th

Did anyone else think that the Fracture demo wasn't as abysmal as you were expecting? Sure, it was the epitome of mediocre third-person action with a gimmick attached, but at times it was almost fun. Well the full game is out this week in both the US and Europe and, unless you're a European lego fan with vigilante tendencies, that's pretty much it. Oh, except for basketball. Lots of basketball. Here's the full release list:
US Games

* Fracture
* NBA 2K9
* NBA Live 2009
* NBA 09: The Inside

EU Games

* Lego Batman
* Fracture
* NBA 2K9
* NBA Live 09

Asian Games

* NBA 09: The Inside
* NBA Live 09
* Guitar Hero III
* Guitar Hero Aerosmith

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zimbo0075735d ago

In Japan

anyway nice week for PS3

Agent VX5735d ago

What's wrong zimbo007, you have blocked me!!! LOL... "flaps arms like a chicken" and say's "Cluck Cluck!!!"

You know you have been brutally beat when someone who sends you all sorts of spam private messages blocks you. ROTFLOL...

"V" for victory!!!

The Matrix5735d ago

How/why are the 3 Major(only) NBA games coming out in the same week?

Peter Griffin5735d ago

ah man this chart in 2 weeks is goin to be a pocket raper.

Midnight club
Pacific Rift...i think

El_Colombiano5735d ago

Midnight Club comes out in two weeks!?

gunnerheadboy5735d ago

I'm actually happy no games that I liked are coming out right now. I'm already poor because of R2, GeOW2, Fable 2, LBP, CoD:WaW, Fallout 3 and LBP

gunnerheadboy5735d ago

BTW I can't believe that GH3 JUST came out in Japan.


The Humble WB Batman Collection Bundle packs eight games for just $10

Humble Bundle has just released its new bundle that brings together eight popular Batman games. With every purchase of this bundle, you will be supporting the charity of your choice.

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Garethvk929d ago

I wonder how many already have them.

gamefreaks365929d ago

Yeah, that's a good point. Still, if anyone missed out on them, this is a great deal.

Jeriphro929d ago

Wow. That is so cheap, but I know I personally already have all the games in the list. haha. I guess I should have waited.


Batman Day: The five best Batman games ever released

App Trigger: "In celebration of Batman Day and 80 years of the world's best detective, here are the five best video games starring the Guardian of Gotham himself!"

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Lilrizky1731d ago

without reading it more than half will be arkham games with at least two making the top 3 and 1 definitely taking the no. 1 spot lol

toxic-inferno1731d ago

Only one Arkham game in the list actually - Arkham City at number 1.

And no mention of the Telltale series.

Lilrizky1731d ago

damn, close!

thanks for clearing that up

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Humble Bundle has a LEGO games bundle starting at $1

The Humble LEGO Games Bundle is now live. It features games like LEGO Batman: The Video Game, LEGO City Undercover, LEGO Worlds, and more.

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SegaGamer1876d ago

I only need 3 from that list, so I'm not sure if I will bother buying this bundle. I may have a look on Steam Trades and see if anybody is trading the 3 I need.

RealOldGamer1876d ago

Good deal for Lego games. These rarely go on sale. Plus Steam!