Leaked listings Reveal Vanquish and Bayonetta Coming Soon to PS4 and XB1

If these leaked listings are to be believed, Bayonetta and Vanquish will soon arrive on the PS4 and XB1.

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prankster101404d ago

Bayonetta 3 Multi-Format baby...

GamesMaster1982404d ago

Really hope so but it wont be right jumping from Bayonetta 1 to 3 without first playing the second.

jagermaster619404d ago

True I have to play the second one first!

gamer7804404d ago

yah, i bought a wiiu pretty much just for that game, bought some other nintendo exclusives of course like mario zelda etc, but that was the driving factor.

indysurfn404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

it's been steady on the Nintendo system.

Lets get ready for all the people that said it was not a hard core game or it sucked now all the sudden saying it is a awesome game. This is why I have all game consoles And pc/android to play on.

So I don't miss some of the best gaming there is. For you peeps that have not played it. Just wait.......and you may want to upgrade your sounds system too.

Bronxs15404d ago


"Lets get ready for all the people that said it was not a hard core game or it sucked now all the sudden saying it is a awesome game. "

What are you talking about? Last I checked Sony and MS fans were pretty upset about Bayonetta 2 being a wii u exclusive. Since they played the first game, and it was good, naturally they'd want to be able to play the second. I didn't see anyone saying it was a bad game....?

darthv72403d ago

If true... will these be remasters of the 360 or Ps3 versions? I'm leaning towards the 360 only because the PS3 versions had their issues in comparison and the current x86 designs of the xbo and ps4 should allow for a nice smooth port.

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-Foxtrot404d ago

Maybe Bayonetta 2

...I know...but still...stranger things have happened.

rainslacker404d ago

It's possible Sega could buy the publishing rights to it for other consoles. They still own the IP. Probably would cost a lot considering NIntendo financed the whole 2nd game though.

goken404d ago

i wonder how it will work for xbo? since they gave off bayonetta for xbo n 360 just a couple of months ago on Xbox GWG

naruga403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Bayo 1and 2 would be excellent ...i havent played 1 as it was a bad port on PS3 and i kinda predicted that there will be a remaster-definitive port

DarXyde404d ago


You could always, you know, play the second.

GamesMaster1982404d ago

There is no way in hell I'm buying a Wii U just to play one game. As i'm not a fan of other Nintendo games so too me it would be a waste of money.

DarXyde404d ago


By accepting as much, there isn't much merit in complaining then, is there?

It is a situation you COULD remedy, but have chosen not to. Guess you're not playing the second game then.

Eiyuuou403d ago

I have a WiiU but I refuse to buy it. I don't support such practices regardless of who does it. Be it Sony, MS or Nintendo.

Bayonetta 2 should have been multiplat.

DarXyde403d ago



The argument can be made that Rise of the Tomb Raider or Street Fighter V wouldn't have been made (or at least not for a while) had they not made some type of deal. In the case of Bayonetta, it's simple really: they lost SEGA as a publisher because SEGA decided to scale back on titles they publish. If you cannot secure a third party publisher, you go first party. And if you go first party, unless that first party publisher is VERY generous (spoiler alert:they're not) you should not expect a game to release on multiple platforms. It was a business decision that wasn't borne out of partiality or obstinate developer deals; Platinum literally just needed a partner to make the game. Nintendo answered the call.

So if you're so intent on ignoring it for that reason, and others refuse to buy it accordingly, you cannot complain if the game going forward is exclusive to one platform or it isn't made at all.

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InKnight7s404d ago

Yeah Vanquish deserve better treatment from the industry.

SuperSonic91404d ago

Yeah Vanquish needs better exposure on PS4

Relientk77404d ago

Bayonetta 3 better be on PS4

Vegamyster404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

It's going to depend if Nintendo is funding it like they did with 2.

MADGameR404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Nintendo is not good for Bayonetta. They are holding that franchise back with the low res PS2 graphics. Sega will make SO much more money if they go multiplat more importantly, on the PS4.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory404d ago

Bayonetta 2 was a drastic improvement to Bayonetta.
I owned the X360 version of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 make that game look dated.

And saying Nintendo is not good with Bayonetta is false.
They included her in Super Smash Bros, She has two version of Amiibos and became popular with Nintendo fans and grew a much larger fanbase with Nintendo.

Nintendo has done more for Bayonetta than Sega.

Vegamyster404d ago

Bayonetta 2 never would have been made if it wasn't for Nintendo according to Atsushi Inaba, the executive director at Platinum Games. Bayonetta 1 did not sell good enough for Sega to invest in a sequel and obviously neither Microsoft or Sony were interested in picking up the tab, saying Nintendo is not good for the franchise is completely untrue.

DarXyde403d ago


What you wrote is pure nonsense. Nintendo is the BEST thing to happen to Bayonetta 2 at least because without Nintendo, there would BE no Bayonetta 2. SEGA didn't want to publish the sequel in accordance with a ramping down of games they published. SEGA had nothing to do with Bayonetta 2.

In principle, exclusivity holds EVERY game's potential back, especially with how similar console architecture is nowadays. Porting games nowadays is cheaper than ever since not nearly as much work must be done.

I find it funny how you talk about its "low res PS2 graphics" when the game looks great and runs better than it did on PS3, despite the Wii U having a pretty lousy CPU. And yes, the original Bayonetta runs better on Wii U than PS3. Obviously, would Bayonetta look and run better on PS4? Definitely yes. And when the original is released on PS4, we'll see exactly that. But the sequel runs better on Wii U than it does on PS4. In fact, one might say that it doesn't run on PS4 at all (hyuck hyuck hyuck).

You're probably trolling, but you sound so ridiculous that it'd be criminal if anyone agreed with you.

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awdevoftw404d ago

Vanquish will be mine again!!!!!!!!

Outside_ofthe_Box404d ago


Please be true! I never got to play Vanquish because I couldn't get my hands on a physical. I've always wanted to play that game.

DarXyde404d ago

You'll love it.

As a person who doesn't like shooters much, Vanquish was really that awesome.

steveo123456403d ago

Recently completed it on PC, its a cracking game totally non stop. Hope you get the same 4k/60 loveliness pc did, cant see why not

kneon403d ago

Really? I got bored after about 30 minutes and never played it again.